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The Twelve Keys to Being a Millionaire Before Age Forty

Updated on July 14, 2016

How to Being a Millionaire Before Age 40?

How to Beign a Millionaire Before 40?

Achieving be a millionaire before age 40 years is a real challenge. Very few manage to achieve this goal and often not by not having the right tools but because they really do not have the right attitude and conviction necessary. To become a millionaire there is no magic recipe but if there are a number of factors that are repeated in the study of many cases of successful millionaires like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Tom Persson (Heir of H & M), Sean Parker (Napster) between others. If you are ready to start the path then check the next twelve tips that could change your life:

  1. Save to invest. The only reason to save money is to invest it later. Put it in a safe and untouchable account. Never use these accounts, even for an emergency.
  2. Make extra money. Investing is the key to success to become a millionaire and you should make more money from your investments to your work. If you have extra money you will not make investments.
  3. Do not brag about your money and continued working. Not bad waste your money on luxuries until your business and investment insurance are producing multiple revenue streams.
  4. Do not waste your time, because time is money. Money knows no clocks, schedules or vacation, every minute you stop you think of it as wasted money. Money loves workaholics.
  5. Think about that being a millionaire is a real option. Think as if you were a millionaire. Removes all negative thoughts that keep you from your way and overcome all obstacles that will not be few. As the law of attraction says if you think about being a millionaire and you feel a millionaire then you will be.
  6. Find more of an mentor who is successful and a reference for you. Most of us limit ourselves to the ideas of a group of people whether they are friends, family or colleagues. Find your mentors and study them. Most rich people are very generous with their knowledge and resources.
  7. Think of millions rather than thousands. The biggest financial mistake I ever made was not thinking big. There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people who do not think big.
  8. Be persistent and optimistic. You'll have to be willing to suffer more from a bad time but you should always keep your optimism and good persevere, always remember clearly your goals to achieve.
  9. Follow the money like a bloodhound. The first step is to focus on increasing your income. Begins to follow the money and that will force you to control your income and see opportunities.
  10. Be recognized for your work ethic. Fret always be a good example in front of the people around you.
  11. If you choose go into debt sure to invest in something profitable. The rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow their cash flows. The average people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer.
  12. Dreaming with money. Millions of people want economic freedom, but only those who make it a priority have millions. To be rich and stay that way you have to do your priority and dream about it every night and even during the day.

I recommend you use and apply these 12 steps every day and so in the near future you will realize that you are on your way to being a millionaire. Put aside the people who say that your financial dreams are by greed. Avoid make you rich quick schemes, be ethical, never give up and once you make it, helping others to arrive there too.


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