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The Myth About Making Money On Your Computer From Home

Updated on December 1, 2012

What a success story. There he was living in a mansion, six porches in the driveway, a yacht with a jacuzzi filled with models, HIS OWN JET SKI!!! Just a year ago he was unemployed and thousands of dollars in debt, so close to being homeless. Then he discovered a way to make money from his own home. Not only did it get him out of debt, not only did it give him a source of income that meant he would never need a real job again, but he was able to make so much money that he became rich in a matter of months. He decided that he had to share his amazing method with the rest of the world so that anyone else, even you, could also become a millionaire by working from home. He already passed his secret along to a few other people, and now they are also rich, with their own hot tubs, mansions and jet skis. They never thought that they too could become a work from home millionaire, but within days they were pulling in thousands of dollars a week, and withing six months they were ready to join the same country club as Donald Trump.

He was so determined to teach you his method for making millions that he produced his own infomercial, paid for his own radio commercials, his own print ads, and his own website that proudly reprints the front page of a newspaper reporting his rags to riches story. ( Must have been a very, very slow news day. ) All you have to do is PAY $50 for a DVD that teaches you his method. By this time most of you who are reading this are suspecting a scam. And you are right. If I am making millions of dollars online and suddenly have this urge to spread my method to the rest of the world so they too can make millions, then why am I not spreading that method for free? Don't I have the money to press and release those DVDs for free? If I already paid for a half hour infomercial, then instead of a half hour of showing off my wealth and testimonials from the others I taught my methods to, why not instead spend that half hour teaching the method, thus skipping the extra step of mailing you the DVD? I paid for a website but can not reveal the method on that website? I can't just put the DVDs onto Youtube instead of selling them? I could sell the DVDs for $10, and instead I am asking $50. That is nearly five times the profit right there above the expense for producing, pressing and mailing the instructional DVDs. If I am so rich then why would I need an additional profit from DVD sales?

You know what, forget the millions. Forget making thousands of dollars a week. I don't want a jet ski anyway. Can I make a few hundred dollars a week, enough to quit my job and work from home? Hell, I would be happy if you could make $100 a week from home. Maybe the guy in that infomercial is not really rich. Or maybe he is rich, but just earned his money from selling the DVDs instead of through his amazing work at home method. The infomercial has been around for a year or more. If it was a fraud then wouldn't the television stations stop broadcasting it? Wouldn't jet ski guy be in jail right now? Even if his method makes a fraction of what he clams it will, I could have an income stream that would help in between real employment.

The answer is no to everything. No, it is not technically fraud. When you send him your money you do get a DVD. It does teach a method for making money online. And his use of the words "You could..." before any sentence claiming potential profits gets him off the hook for promising you would be the one that made the money. And no, you probably will not make any money using his method. What he teaches is something a lot of other hucksters are teaching in their "make a fortune online" courses. Let me save you a lot of money and teach you the method right here for free. You will supposedly make a mint by placing Google adds online.

What does that mean? It means opening an account with Google's Adsense. You also need either your own website, or a blog that allows Adsense. Hub Pages, the site you are reading right now, allows me to place Adsense on this article. Here is how it works. You may have noticed whenever you use Google those paid advertised links that show up among the search results. Every time you click one of those links Google gets about a half cent from the website your navigating to. Since billions of people use Google each day, the .001% who click those links results in millions of dollars for Google each day. Adsense allows Google to place those same links on websites. The websites get a one third split from each click, or about a cent every time six people click the link. Adsense is good for Google because it is available on millions of web pages and blogs. The .001% who click Adsense a day result in Google making a few million more a month. But for the individual who placed the Adsense? More likely about five cents a month. A really good website or blog that gets a lot of traffic could potentially generate a few hundred dollars a month through Adsense. But if they are getting that much traffic then they don't need Adsense. They can attract direct advertisers to their website. Adsense is not a total waste. It does generate some money. Just not Jet Ski money.

So if you can't make a fortune from placing Google ads, then how? Not through EBay. That is another myth. Well, actually, there is a way to make a small fortune through EBay. By selling courses that teach you how to make money on EBay. There is really no technique that can give you an advantage on EBay. Either you have something someone else wants to buy, or you don't. Lets say you do find a lot of junk in your attic that sells well on EBay. Lucky you. But you probably could have sold that "junk" for more money outside of EBay had you known the right place to sell it.

Let me explain what EBay is. You ever go to a yard sale, see a lot of worn out records, yellowing books, board games with pieces missing, tattered clothing, and other very used brick-a-brack you would only think of buying because they are only selling it for a few cents? And then you spot it. Something you know is worth a lot of money, but is being sold by the clueless owner for next to nothing. That issue of Spider-man #1 among a pile of comic books. That Willie Mays rookie baseball card. That long out of print Beatles Live album. Those Disney wind-up toys from the 1930s. That first edition of The Sun Also Rises signed by Hemingway himself. You find something you know is worth a lot of money, and instead of alerting the owner that he is giving away something of value for a $2 price tag, you quickly buy it, even shamelessly haggling down the price. Well, EBay is that same yard sale, only this time simultaneously millions of persons spotted the same valuable item, and now each of you are offering money for it, trying to outbid each other. The yard sale with a fail safe to keep the seller from being ripped off.

But this all depends on a couple of things. One, you are selling something that a lot of people want, and are willing to buy used because it is no longer available elsewhere. Two, that those lots of people, especially those with a lot of money, happen to be using EBay during the auction. The problem is that it is very unlikely you have anything in demand lying around your attic. That junk you are trying to sell on EBay just may be nothing more than junk. And even if you do have something of demand, you may end up with low bids. Here is one problem. You are selling that collectible hard to find pink frog Beanie Baby. There are five people on EBay with deep pockets willing to pay thousands for that Beanie Baby. But then four other people put their own pink frog Beanie Baby up for bid at the same time. The deep pocket guys know enough to pick the Beanie Baby with the lowest bids, and they each end up going for separate Beanie Babys, and therefore having no reason to outbid each other. The more aof the same rare item that is up for bid, the less money is to be made. So on the one hand, EBay can act as a more successful version of the Yard Sale, but on the other hand, it is not likely that you can make a fortune, and it is hit or miss that you will see any substantial money.

But don't despair. There is a way to make a fortune on the Internet. Own a successful website. There have been many rags to riches stories of individuals who started their own website and went on to make tons of money. Perhaps the most inspirational of these stories was of 17 year old Ashley Qualls who on a whim founded, a website that provided free layouts for your Myspace page. Just a little project to impress her friends which surprisingly pulled in millions of visitors a week. And with that much traffic she was soon approached by a firm that places advertisements on websites. Before she knew it she had signed a deal that was earning her tens of thousands of dollars a week. was making her so much money that she famously turned down an offer to buy her site for 1.5 million dollars and the sports car of her choice.

Qualls was lucky. There have been countless websites created over the years with hopes from each that they will get a huge volume of traffic. Many of these websites were founded by major corporations who could afford top notch programmers and tons of prime content, along with the funds to promote the new site on a large scale. But the majority of these websites have seen little to no traffic other than the friends and family of their owner. Generating traffic has been a huge problem for all new websites, even for the big corporations. Even more perplexing is trying to figure out what exactly will draw millions of visitors. No sooner was a huge success then hundreds of other websites popped up that also offered free wallpaper for your Myspace page. But by that time Qualls' website was the established go to site for that function, and all the new sites just saw a tiny fraction, at best, of the same traffic. Clone sites make up most of the Internet, founded by those who try to copy what was already successful. But unless the clone site is vastly superior to the original, the end result is usually no traffic at all.

The best way to establish a successful website it to be the first. The first Amazon. The first EBay. The first Craigslist. The first Facebook.Then you have to be the best at what your site does. Do not allow any competitors to build a better site. There were many video sharing sites before Youtube, but Youtube was the first to offer title and subject searches. The other sites only thought about hosting a video that could be embedded on a blog. Youtube thought about sharing those same videos beyond just one person's blog.

Beyond the lottery of creating a winning website, there are other opportunities. Starting a successful blog for one. Not as easy as it sounds, because who the hell wants to read something you wrote. Well, maybe if what you wrote was well written. And if you can keep that up for blog after blog then you may find a fan base. The problem is, even if you are as good as Hemingway, how do you get people to read your blog? To make matters worse, almost everyone with computer access has their own blog, some of them more than one. That is a hell of a lot of blogs for your blog to be hidden in. Successful blogs generate nearly as much ad revenue as successful websites, if you can figure out how to make them successful.

The only sure fire way to make money online is selling written articles to websites looking for content. See those articles on the Yahoo front page? They have dozens of new ones each day, each written by someone who was paid to write it. But here is the bad news. They don't pay that much. Usually less than $10 an article. And they expect you to be Hemingway. You could accept an assignment to write an article and after hours of work have it rejected because one of the other dozen writers who accepted the same assignment wrote something the website liked better.

And then comes the bottom of the barrel, here on HubPages and elsewhere like Yahoo Voices. You are paid by the page view, which means that for every five computers that link to your article you get a penny. Sometimes Yahoo Voices offers you a few dollars for your article, and HubPages allows you to attach links for AdSense, Amazon and Ebay which may or may not generate a few cents more per article a month. If you write a hell of a lot of articles then maybe, maybe you can eventually make a few hundred dollars a month. There are even some who claim they have made a lot more. I have about 30 articles on HubPages which generate about 30ยข a day. That is an average. Many articles generate nothing. The articles here are a combination of assignments rejected by other websites, some experimental articles written to see if I could somehow generate more money on my Amazon link, and occasionally an article like this one that I just felt like writing. I have no idea which ones will generate traffic, and which ones will remain unread. If I could figure that one out then I would be one of those guys who claims to be making thousands from sites like HubPages.

We are still years away from the average person making money by working at home. There is money to be made online, but as I pointed out, it is hit or miss. And you are more likely to make hardly anything for hours and hours of work. Meanwhile there is the dream of a work at home office. It makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of companies that hire workers just to sit in front of a computer all day. If you have a computer at home and can link up to the company's network, then why not do the same work from there? It would save you a hell of a lot of money on transportation, and save the company on office space. There are a few lucky individuals who do have a work at home office, but in those cases the individual was already an employee for that company. After years of employment they convinced their company to allow them to work from home. No one is really hiring anyone off the street to do the same. Not yet anyway.


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    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 

      5 years ago from South Wales

      An eye opening look at the scams that people try to pull, stethacantus. As soon as I click a get rich quick advert and see the multicoloured wording of how easy its going to be, I nearly throw up. Voted up and useful and will follow.

    • profile image


      5 years ago from UK

      What a superb hub. For years I have laughed at those 'get rich quick' schemes. Although I will admit to actually purchasing what turned-out to be a really profitable scheme advertised in a UK PC magazine. In fact, when I was tidying-up a month back, I found it again.

      From memory, it was a 'Make money from selling PC kit' scheme with a pricetag of £90. Myself and a friend invested £45 each and what turned-up was a superb manual on business techniques. One plan we put into action was advertising a PC in the local press. We had 3 to sell, but placed one advert. Each person who came to view, came on a different day and viewed a different PC. We also used the same trick to sell 9 monitors.

      I have also managed to get hold of (for free) the 'Google cash program' which at 356Mb is quite a download. If you are interested in how SEo works and the importance of content creation, then it is a good read (if you ignore all the 'By doing this you will make loads of cash' suggestions.

      Strangely, my most successful Hub on here for traffic is one I created on Private Parking Companies. I wasn't after making a fortune from Hubpages, but am earning over $2.00 a month which is way above my expectations.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Google AdSense is so damn hit or miss. I know of a couple of popular websites that stopped subscribing to it because no one was actually clicking the links. On the other hand, there have been quite a few mediocre blogs that reportedly made a lot of money through AdSense. I myself have wavered between months and months of no money, to an unusual month where the AdSense made money, to another month where I only made a few pennies. It is just so random if anyone will bother clicking those links. And quite honestly, Google has made no effort to make those AdSense links appealing. As far as I can tell, the only people who click those things do so because they mistakenly thought they were part of the article.

      It is worth having AdSense because, what the hell, you may as well. It's free money when they do work, so why pass that up. But they are not reliable enough to make a living off of. Perhaps some day when AdSense finally enters the 21st Century and puts some flashy graphics on those ads.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Actually, you can make a lot of money practically overnight on the internet with no effort at all. I did not mention Youtube in this article because currently Youtube is not promoting themselves as a money making venue, nor has there as of yet been any major Youtube scams from con men selling "Make Millions on Youtube" courses. Although I suspect that scam is on the horizon. BUT, if you were to upload a video ( or series of videos ) onto Youtube that turn into major viral videos, Youtube offers to share in the ad revenue, and you could receive a substantial amount of money. The catch is that your video has to be 100% your content. You can't upload a clip from your favorite movie and expect Youtube to pay you for it. And even if your five year old's birthday party video becomes viral, you could be screwed if your family is singing the copyrighted "Happy Birthday To You" song. Also, much like blogs, it is impossible to predict what video will go viral and what video will get no views at all.

      I like to also point out that you cold do a LOT of work and have a lot of perseverance and still get nowhere, even if your content is superb. That is what is frustrating about the internet. A lot of real overnight success stories that fuel the scam artists, and how arbitrary real success seems to be.

      I like to think of it as those poor '49's, the millions who went through hardships migrating to California in 1849 to pan for gold, only to discover that most of the gold had been dug up by the '48's. The only guys to get rich off of that fiasco was the men who sold the 49's supplies, and also encouraged them to head west and dig up their fortune. Jet Ski guy is the modern day equivalent of that, minus the hardships of travelling thousands of miles on foot.

    • dailytop10 profile image


      5 years ago from Davao City

      Honest words about making money online. In my experience, there's no better way to earn through the internet other than to apply for an online job. Google Adsense is the second. I've earned a considerable amount from some of my sites while enjoying so it's virtually effortless. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sidewinder6661 profile image

      Leese Wright 

      5 years ago from Manchester, UK

      A refreshing and honest article about making money online. There are so many people that get pulled in by scams and wanting to get rich overnight when the truth is, you're not going to get anywhere without a LOT of hard work and perseverance.

    • NathaNater profile image


      5 years ago

      Good explanations on how the money making thing works on the Internet and a refreshingly honest approach.

    • movingout profile image


      5 years ago from Georgia

      Very informative!Voted up!


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