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How to Save Money on Trains

Updated on July 18, 2017
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Traveling is maybe one of the most beautiful opportunities we have. When traveling I also love to review hotels, restaurants & attractions!

People often travel for pleasure or working reasons. Buses, trains and planes... or justy your car: you can travel in many ways. Trains are actually one of the most popular solutions for frequent travelers, as they are generally fast and they also offer solutions for those who travel more than one day a week... planes are more popular among people who just need to do an occasional journey (the same trains are also suitable). Trains are also really good for people who have little time, as they do not require check-ins and security measures you can find in an airport. Whatever is the reason you are going to take a train, there are various advices you can follow in order to save on ticket prices.

Use Train Booking Apps

Trainline is one of the most popular train booking apps in Europe
Trainline is one of the most popular train booking apps in Europe

Train booking apps are actually similar to those used in order to compare hotel prices: you just put your name and your departure and arrival dates. These apps usually also allow you to link your fidelity cards, so you can access special prices offered by train companies and earn points. The app compares offers from different train companies and show you the cheapest rates according to your flexibility and comfort needs: if you just want to travel without caring about 1st class or options to change your ticket, you will surely spend the lowest for your journey.

There are various types of train booking apps: the most famous one in Europe is Trainline, which is also one of the most appreciated tools by travelers in this area.

Anticipate Your Booking

Do you plan your trips or you just decide at the moment?

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If you anticipate your booking, you usually get super bargains: if you are sure you are going to travel the next month, booking your train tickets today may be a good solution, as super bargains are usually taken in little time by people who have planned a journey: you are just going to join these people in order to save on your train tickets. Remember these offers usually do not allow you to change or refund your tickets, so be 100% sure before booking, otherwise your money will be lost.

Purchase Tickets Stock & Subscriptions

Almost all train companies offer you a way to save on your travels if you are going to use train every day or really often: subscriptions. With a subscription you have unlimited access to trains for the destination you have chosen. For people who do not travel every day but still have a weekly journey and are willing to save money on trains, purchasing tickets in stock may be a good solution: for example, some train companies low you to pre-pay 9 tickets and they give you a free extra one, so that you are going to get 10 travels.

Ticket stocks and subscriptions are useful for people who often go to the same destination
Ticket stocks and subscriptions are useful for people who often go to the same destination

A final advice you can follow is subscribing to loyalty programs of train companies: for every ticket you purchase you are given some points you can then convert into free tickets or other kinds of rewards. If you often use trains, this may be a good solution for you. Pay also attention to special offers for young or old people and for students and you will be able to enjoy your journeys without spending a fortune.

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