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How to Find Beta Game Tester Jobs

Updated on November 23, 2016

If you love playing video games for fun and can play non-stop for hours, you might not know that in a way, you are learning a lot about gaming and may, therefore, be a great candidate for video game tester jobs.

Video game testing is an odd but highly lucrative job. It entails having to play the same game over and over again to test for bugs, glitches, and general game development errors. And once such errors have been rectified by game developers, a game tester has to then re-test it all over again.

You may be at home working at it all day or may have to sit shoulder to shoulder with someone you’ve never met before in a game testing room filled with testers, each of them equipped with a TV, console, and PC.

They are mostly snack munching energy drink sipping young guys, all trying to earn the good money that comes with game testing jobs.

What Does Game Testing Involve?

Video game testing is not about playing and having fun all the time, although this comes very close to it. The hard part is that you must be patient, hard-working and persistent, and be good at following laid down instructions whilst keeping to deadlines.

The great part is that if you can work fast and smart, you get to enjoy the rest of your working hours playing games to your heart's content.

Young video game enthusiasts aspiring to become video game testers all think game testing is simply playing the games and not much else but there is an actual process involved that includes:

  • Being relegated to certain parts of the game such as graphics, sounds, gameplay, screens views, etc.
  • Taking different paths in the way you play in order to find hard to detect bugs.
  • Upon detecting a bug, you either enter the problem, its path, and/or its severity etc.. or search the database to see if it has been entered.

That's basically what video game testing jobs involve.


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Video Game Tester - Making Money On-line Testing New Video Games

Who Qualifies for the Job?

A beta game tester must have the knack of paying close attention to gameplay features and storyline details while playing.

The game programmers will be the ones to determine what game testing jobs you get and can be anything from the Xbox to Playstation and Game boy, etc.

For those who only want to test the Xbox games, for example, employment opportunities are limited because the competition for testing Xbox games is really stiff.

If you apply for other games that doesn’t have much competition you are more likely to get a game testing job easier and faster.

But game testing is really all about earning extra money and enjoying yourself while doing your job.

What You Can Earn as a Video Game Tester

Those aspiring to become a video game tester are by and large gaming fanatics who have mostly played all the major games for Playstation, Xbox, and PCs among other gaming consoles.

If you are a game loving young guy and you are willing to work a few hours a day, you may make about $20 per day, and work for only three days a week.

You can earn a minimum of $60 depending on the video games you are asked to test.

Learn Game Development and Design

If you find it hard to get game testing jobs at any time due to stiff competition in the industry or are waiting to get old enough before being eligible to even apply for game testing jobs , you can spend your "waiting period" learning about Basics of Game Design and Fundamentals of Game Development.

Sharp smart kids like you who love playing video games but are too young to get tester jobs should start learning about the gaming industry as early as the ages of twelve, so that by sixteen, they’ll be geniuses in their own right and will have a skilled knowledge of the video game industry.

Imagine the skills you will have acquired by the time you are eighteen. The ‘sky will be the limit’ for video game testing job offers.

With the knowledge acquired over the few years of learning this highly lucrative career, job opportunities for making money on-line or off-line will not only include video game testing, but also game design and development jobs, which will become almost totally outsourced to mostly young people in the "not too distant future.

© 2012 viryabo


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    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Technically speaking, there are 2 kinds of testers: opinion testers, and quality testers.

      Opinion testers are the kind where "we need about 20 people to test this new game / hardware we got for an hour or two"

      Quality tester is what you're talking about, and often, it's actually TEDIOUS, as you are out to RECREATE bugs, not merely to play. Transient bugs are impossible to track. Reproduceable bugs with the steps to reproduce them is what programmers need to squash the bugs.

      Often, it means doing things nobody had ever thought of to do. The BF3 "bug" where you can ride the observation drone as a flying platform / elevator is one such "bug" that slipped through.

      Input into the game itself is minimal to none. All you get is a minor mention (only if you're inhouse) in the credits. And pay... well, depends. :)

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 5 years ago

      Thank you for this insightful information on game testing KSchang. And thanks for the visit.

    • profile image

      Tyler Simmons 4 years ago

      Hello im 14 and play a lot of games over and over again i play about ten or more hours a day and i pay great attention to playing games im a terrific player at anygame i play and i adjust to anytype of game so i was wondering how am I suppost to get this job

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 2 years ago

      Hello Tyler.

      Getting game tester jobs is getting more and more competitive. And because you are 14, it's not likely you can get one now.

      Spend a couple of years learning game development in your spare time. It will help you have an edge over others when you finally apply for game testing jobs.

    • IndieWatch profile image

      IndieWatch 2 months ago from Minneapolis

      Interesting article! The games user research field also presents some good opportunities for those willing to work with that professionally.

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