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Making Video Your Personal Marketing Goldmine

Updated on January 30, 2011

Charlie Bit Me

Video Sharing Boom

There are now millions of video clips on video sharing websites all across the Internet. Most of these videos are created by average folks with video cameras. Some are just teenagers acting crazy in front of the laptop.  Still others use the video clips as a form of video blogging. Then there are those videos that are created by professional corporations to advertise something they plan to sell such as a product or service.

I am sure you have noticed the advertising being placed right on the video by the video sharing services. This is how they make revenue. They get a bunch of free videos given to them everyday and they get hundreds of thousands of visitors watching and seeing those advertisements. So that may be great if you are a video hosting service, but what about the video makers themselves. Is there a way for them to generate income from a home video? The answer is yes, and there are numerous methods to do it.

The process is called video monetization. The way most folks make money from their video is to receive advertising fees from a party that wants to have their advertising on or near the video. Most companies are not into video production, so they are clueless what to do to make a popular video. Even the big companies can not create a video certain to be popular. If you have a video that you posted just for friends but it ended up being popular, then you've got a marketing goldmine on your hands but don't know it yet.

Do you think the mother of the English kids had any idea that the video of infant Charley biting the finger of his big brother would get tens of millions of individuals watching it? Of course not. It was hilarious and she posted it. Someone discovers how funny it is and tells other people. This is called viral video status. That family lucked into a video goldmine and now they are making advertising revenue from it.

Some middlemen known as affiliates market products that they only get a sales commission on. They look for these type video clips to advertise on all the time.  The point here being, is that if you've got that video that receives hundreds of views a day, then there is revenue that could be made from it.

Gaga for viral

The question that comes to mind is if it is possible to engineer one of these viral video clips. So far no one has been able to hit home runs that get millions of views. Those video clips tend to be spontaneous type events with comedy or music stars like Lady Gaga. But that doesn't mean that it is not doable to engineer a video that will get sufficient views to act as a marketing goldmine. Products such as video marketing goldmine bonus by Sean Donahoe do just that. Most videos never gain any ground. They are seen by friends and then sit dormant. This is because they aren't getting found by individuals searching because they are not labeled in such a manner that a search will list them. It even then requires more than that. If the video is not in the top 10 of a listing then, realistically it won't get many views either.

There is the tactic of pure volume. When you upload enough of your home video clips, odds are you will get one or two that could be monetized into a video goldmine. The greatest part of this, is it doesn't cost anything to do this. You will be shooting the movies anyway and the video sharing is always free.


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