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(Warning) Viral Dollars: Do Not Join At All

Updated on May 17, 2019

Viral Dollars: Make Big Money Performing Tasks? Errm Not Really

What Is Viral Dollars

Viral Dollars is a new website touting how you can make a boatload of money by signing up for an account with them. They claim you get paid by performing various tasks, mainly:

  • Referring- You have to refer others to Viral Dollars. You supposedly get paid when you refer others to signup for an account.
  • Testing Products & Tasks- Supposedly members also get paid for testing out products. Alternatively, you can make money by uploading a video to YouTube talking about how great the site is.

Bear in mind that it's one thing to talk about how you can make money, but it's a completely different thing to actually getting paid money. Just because the site says you can get paid to do such tasks does not mean you'll actually get paid.

The Signup Process: Quick & Easy

The signup process is easy. It takes literally only a few moments to open an account at Viral Dollars, but this isn't necessarily anything special. Let's face it, these days it's easy to signup for an account at any website that requires you to have an account.

You provide a your full name, email address and choose a username. You also choose a password.

Warning: If you do signup for an account, don't use a password that is used elsewhere. Make sure the password is completely different than all your other passwords. Personally, I do not trust Viral Dollars and I firmly discourage you from signing up for an account.

Bloated & Exaggerated Claims

There are so many bloated, exaggerated and BS claims all throughout Viral Dollars. newbies and veteran online-earners alike could easily be taken by such claims; A lot of people actually would probably be tempted to use the site, but don't because there is a good chance you'll end up regretting it. That said, some of the most bloated claims we've come across include:

. Earn $500 today

. Earn $10-$15 for inviting friends

. Shady testimonials from members earning thousands

. Paying loads of cash with "payment notification" on signup page

Yup, the site somehow claims you can make $500 today, as well as $10-$15 just for inviting friends. Oh, let's not forget to mention the shady testimonials with numbers boasting of earnings of over $8,000 and $172,000 for a few members. Head over to the signup page and you'll see what I think are bogus "payment notifications" of members who have been paid within the last few minutes; By the way, keep refreshing the page and you'll keep on seeing people getting paid $100-$300 or more.


Remember the old saying about if something is too good to be true, then it probably is? Well, in our opinion that is definitely the case when it comes to Viral Dollars. Those claims are extremely bloated and highly exaggerated.

Paid Video Testimonials

This is a dodgy one. Check out their testimonials page, and have a look at those two videos. The people in the videos take on paid gigs on Fiverr. They accept payments to provide testimonials on things or to kind of serve as a spokesperson. Either way you spin it, it definitely looks like Viral Dollars paid for video testimonials.

Why in the world would they do this? One would think Viral Dollars would have mentioned that on their page. At the very least, they could admit they paid for video testimonials and allowed those in the video to review their platform in exchange for an honest testimonial. But nope, no disclaimer of any kind; At least not at the time of this writing.

Their YouTube Welcome Video

Speaking of video, let's talk about the shady welcome video they have published on YouTube. If you look at a lot of the comments, they look like from accounts that were setup specifically to leave positive comments on Viral Dollars' video. Some have no or just one subscriber, and virtually no activities. To us, that looks dodgy. Anyways, the video can be found below.

Welcome To Viral Dollars Video

The Earnings Calculator Is Laughable

Viral Dollars has an earnings calculator you can use. Go ahead and use it, but don't be taken back by it because it's clear to see it's all smoke and mirrors. In fact, if you have plenty of experience with making money online, then you'll easily find this "earnings calculator" to be laughable.

According to their calculator, if you have just one follower on social media, then you can earn $5 per day. Wait, $150 per month with just one follower? With 100, the calculator suggests you can earn over $700 per month.

Yes, it sounds good. That's it, it only sounds and looks good. We highly doubt you'll be banking that much. By the way, Facebook won't let you share direct referral links to Viral Dollars, and rightfully so.

Complaints On Social Media About Payment Issues

We also want to point out that there are quite a few people on social media that complain about payments. Heck, go to their Instagram page and you'll see just how many people are calling it a scam.

The bottom line is it seems that Viral Dollars ropes people in with hopes of making big bucks, but have no intentions on paying out. In fact, it's evident they are trying to "rope" people in because on their social media pages they have photos with captions reading "live the life you dreamed of," which is a subtle hint to join Viral Dollars (which you shouldn't).

Viral Dollars: The Good

Honestly, right now there isn't anything good we can say about Viral Dollars. We're sorry but in our opinion this site is not one that you should join.

Viral Dollars: The Bad

We don't even know where to start. Basically, the bad includes:

  • Payment issues
  • Bloated claims
  • Paid video testimonials
  • Unresponsive support

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Guys, you will likely regret joining Viral Dollars. Once again, we strongly discourage anyone from joining because the last thing you want to do is to give any kind of personal information to a potentially dodgy company.

Final Verdict: Not Worth It

Bottom line is stay away from Viral Dollars. It's a shady company and good luck finding anyone who has actually been paid the type of money they tout. Find a bunch of people who have been using Viral Dollars for the last three months and see if they are proving they are earning. We highly doubt you're going to find anything.

The video testimonials are from paid spokespeople off of Fiverr and the figures are bloated. With no solid proof of earnings, we strongly discourage anyone from giving Viral Dollars a try.

Our Star Rating Of Viral Dollars

1 star for Viral Dollars

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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