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Voucher Codes in Ireland

Updated on February 12, 2015



Online Vouchers for My Irish Friends

Researching promotional codes internationally, I would like to point out a website geared for helping the online shopper who lives in Ireland. This website is HalfDiscount. An extension of coupon deals around the world. With online coupon saving sites for Australia, Canada, Deutschland, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

These websites not only provide a service for the online stores, but also for the shopper who wants the best deal on the products or services that they are searching for. They make their money as an affiliate and totally free for the shopping to use and save on their purchases.

Naturally, I do write more about coupon codes from the United States site, because that is where I live. However, the great thing about the internet is making friends all over the world. My Irish friends would love to know where to save money with discount codes, voucher codes, how to get free delivery and the best deals available.

Keep in mind that voucher codes do have expiration dates. Any products that added here with a voucher code are good for the time this article is published. The discount pages will always be available with up to date codes that are checked by the staff to make sure they work and not expired.

How Do You Search for Stores with Voucher Deals?

One the Coupon savings website, open the tab at the top of the page for Stores. This will show all the stores available with special savings offered to you. Most people like to look for a certain product (which you can type in on the search bar) or category. But some people have favorite online stores that they like to shop at. This area will have a listing from A to Z. See if your favorite store is available with voucher codes.

Below are some of the stores that we see internationally that is also available for my Irish friends.

Stores From A to Z

Apple Store
Nike Store
Google Adwords

How Do You Search for Categories with Voucher Deals?

When on IrelandVoucherCodes, open the tab at the top of the page for Categories. It will lead you to the page with list from Art & Literature to Telecom & Technology.

Overall, if you want to save on your online purchase, make sure there is a voucher code that can save you money on the purchase.

© 2012 Sandy Mertens

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