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Free Victoria’s Secret Secret Rewards Cards are waiting for you – no purchase necessary!

Updated on March 5, 2016

So here’s the deal, twice a year Victoria’s Secret runs a Secret Rewards promotion where they ‘advertise’ giving away these Secret Rewards gift cards with a purchase of a certain amount. These promotions usually run towards the beginning and end of the year (doubling your free shopping opportunities). Truth be told, the fine prints says there is no purchase necessary. Instead, you can mail in an entry – once a day during the promotion period – and receive a Secret Rewards gift card by mail. The fine print states to allow a minimum of 15 days to receive the Secret Reward gift card in the mail and a certain day is given when you can begin finding out the amount on your Secret Reward gift card. To find out the amount, you can go online or ask a store assistant on or after the designated ‘revelation’ day. Bonus: Angel and Pink Nation members are often given additional days for entry so that’s more gift cards to come your way.

Considering these gift cards range anywhere from $10 to $500, you’ll be getting back the little change you spent on the stamp and envelope in just one secret rewards gift card and if you mail out an entry each qualifying day (which is usually a total of over 20 days) you’ll be guaranteed to reap $200 total in gift cards! To maximize your chances of receiving a higher valued secret reward gift card, mail an entry everyday (except Sundays and any holidays you may run into). Mail only one entry a day, multiple entries will not be used toward future days and multiple entries are determined by postmark dates. So, pace yourself and patiently mail out one envelope per qualifying day. You are usually given a certain timeframe when to use the reward cards, so expect the store to be a little more busy than usual during that timeframe– but freebies are worth it right?

Here's how to enter free by mail:

On a 4” x 6” sheet of paper handwrite (no typing or photocopying) your name, address, date of birth, and email address.

Stamp a no10 envelope (which is your most commonly used envelopes with no window) addressed to yourself. Meaning top left of the envelope is blank and the middle of the envelope will have your mailing information.

Put your sheet of paper and self-addressed, stamped envelope into another no10 envelope and address accordingly (meaning you as the sender and Victoria’s Secret as the receiver).

Put your envelope in your mailbox (don’t forget to raise your mailbox indicator) and you are all set!

Here’s a link to the Official Rules which includes the address of where to send your entry, the timeframe for entries, the date to find out the amount on you rewards card and the timeframe to redeem your secret rewards gift card. Remember, the promotions happen twice a year so be sure to check the Terms & Conditions just in case there are any changes between one promotion period to another.

Think of all the possibilities of these free secret reward gift cards: you can stock up on bras and panties, lotions, body sprays, perfumes, and those addictive Victoria’s Secret Pink sweat sets. You can give these secret reward gift cards out as gifts, or just treat your friends and make it a girl’s day (or night) out!

So the five things to remember:

Review official rules

Mail out entry once a day during entry period

Wait at least 15 days to receive Secret Reward gift cards

Go online or visit store to find out the amount on your Secret Reward gift card on or after the designated ‘revelation’ date

Go shopping and use your Secret Reward gift cards during designated period


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