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Wells Fargo Online Banking

Updated on February 27, 2012

With the development of modern technologies, including computers and the Internet, it becomes easier and easier to manage time and efforts toward the control of personal and/or business finances. Many banks offer the full range of online options to access the accounts via World Wide Web, and conduct many actions within seconds anytime anywhere. Wells Fargo bank, being one of the biggest U.S. banking and financial institutions, has also created a special online instrument for its clients to access and manage their money through the system of Wells Fargo online banking. Naturally, it has its differences and similarities with other internet banking tools. Still, the popularity of it is growing as more and more WF bank clients find it convenient and useful.

Now, here are the actions the user can do and the main tools provided to the users through Wells Fargo online banking:

· Monitoring Accounts. A Wells Fargo banking account, investment account, or loan or line of credit lets you to sign up for free online access to it. There is no need to go to the bank every time you want to check the account. You can always access it free and in a secured way anytime, anywhere with internet connection. Therefore, you can check current account balances; verify withdrawals, deposits, transactions and payments; view the details for your loans, including interest rate, escrow information and payment due date. Also, there is a too to view, print, and download online statements (up to seven years), and, of course, there is no fee for switching to WF online statements. By getting online statements you can use them for taxes, keeping records, and more, since they are absolutely official; you also decrease the risk of mail fraud and identity theft that might take place in case of the paper delivery; you preserve the environment saving the paper.

Users can also check images online: view, save and print scanned images of the both sides of checks they’ve written. Another great instrument to control your finances is checking deposit details. The important deposit-related information will be stored electronically for you to access it anytime you’d like. And one more thing, Wells Fargo online banking has a tool of alerts for its clients to be informed about their accounts. Whenever account transaction takes place, you receive a free, timely notification to your email or mobile device. You can also set the alerts for all kinds of issues regarding your account: deposits, credit payment due dates, brokerage payments going through, and many others.

· Managing Finances and Paying Bills. Bill Pay tool lets you pay the bill in minutes doing it online and being much easier than writing checks and mailing them. Any company or individual in the U.S. you’d want to pay by a check can be paid online or through your mobile device. Emails reminders and fast online payments help you to avoid fees and mail delays. You can also transfer money between you checking or savings accounts, or to the other Wells Fargo account owners. All transfers are made immediately. There is an option of automatic recurring transfers to be set available. WellsTrade online brokerage allows you to invest independently online using the best screening, research and other tools easily accessed and managed through this system.

· Receiving Free Online Reports and Resources. With these great options you can always create a budget, control the spending and meet your financial goals. Wells Fargo online banking system allows you to track all purchases and payment you make with WF credit cards, checks, check cards and Bill Pay.

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