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What Consumers Will Buy this Black Friday

Updated on November 10, 2011

shoppers are not spending what they used to for this big shopping day

Black Friday this year will not display the consumer hysteria of unrestrained shopping.
Black Friday this year will not display the consumer hysteria of unrestrained shopping. | Source

Black Friday is historically the biggest shopping day of the year

As we move past Halloween and into the holiday season, people are asking what they should buy on Black Friday to get the best deal for their money on the most popular shopping day of the year.

This year is going to be a little different from years past as stores understand consumers are not going to bust out the credit cards and start doing a massive amount of charging to make the holiday all that it can be and more. Even cash is going to be held in the wallet or bank more than usual for the extremely popular shopping day.

The outlook for spending this year during Black Friday is looking for the bargains. Consumers and customers are going to be searching for the bargains. This is the list of what consumers will be buying this Black Friday

Clothes and fashions

There is a preference for the inexpensive as well as accessibility in fashions this year. Retail consultants and marketing specialists have admitted many customers will find an enormous amount of mark downs because retailers are attempting to compete with discount stores instead of each other.

Because there hasn’t been a must have item for this year yet, things have reverted to a shoppers market which is great for those shoppers that will brave the Friday after Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Retailers have identified they are going to have slower sales than historically seen on this date and have limited their inventories substantially. However, this means they will run out of sizes and colors for specific styles which can end up costing them money in the long run. Traditionally retailers are earning some times as much as 40% of their yearly sales for the Black Friday promotions and early bird sales.

There will be an enormous amount of markdowns on our way to the official December 25th. Many finance experts in the industry have indicated we could see markdowns are far down as 60%. Though, with retailers not overstocking you may not find that specific item you are looking for by waiting for the big markdown as the season progresses.


Computers or laptops specifically at bargain basement prices are generally purchased on Black Friday. In spite of this, we may not see as many of these as in past Black Fridays with the Tablet out in the open more this year than any other. Currently only about 1 in 10 households owns a tablet. This is the type of purchase that is definitely not a “must have” necessarily. It’s an extra which means a lot of consumers may or may not buy.

Amazons Kindle is hot this year along with the Tablet. Yet, both of these are not anticipated to have their prices reduced by much on Black Friday.

There will be bargain basement deals on the desktop. It’s predicted that this year you will see an “all in one” desktop at the big outlets for under $200. This is what is thought to fly off of the shelves more than anything else in computers.


HDTV is still smoking hot and another coveted item on Black Friday. Many families that wanted an upgrade to the flat screen HDTV have already upgraded which may account for slower sales in television on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

In order to get buyers into the stores retailers are going to show some great price declines and are hoping although you may have upgraded the family set, families will consider an additional one for the kiddies or the bedroom. Prices are supposed to be super-hot for the 42 inch LCD TVs with HD at around $249. This is another item believed to continue to drop as we draw closer to Xmas.


Toys are always a big darn deal on this time of year. Toys R Us had a spectacular deal with their $50 gift cards with Xbox 360 purchases last year. Parents should be told they won’t find the same deals this year. Giving money away to get parents in the door worked last year, but they aren’t planning on repeating the process. Inventories are smaller and have been scaled down from where they were last year so the push to get excess out the door and off of the shelf isn’t there this year.

If you happen to be searching for popular toys like LeapPad Explorer you certainly want to buy early. These are not expected to see huge discounts close to the holiday.

Video games

No new games are being pushed out this year by the major gaming console designers. There will be price cuts on consoles already in stock. No crazy camping out overnight crowds is likely this year. Older bundles such as DSi and related DS consoles will be deeply discounted making now the time to buy these.

Wii is getting prepared for the release of Wii U so the Wii console should be off of the shelves with a lower price tag. Many Wii bundles will include a $50 gift card on the $149 price tag.

This is a brief overview of what consumers will be buying on Black Friday. This is the outlook for discounts, sales, what is hot and what is not. Thinking of battling the crowds this Friday after Thanksgiving? Consumers are mixed on if they will get out and about as much as previous years and lukewarm about the amount of money expected to be spent. Willing to meet consumer half way, retailers are offering some deals and many are opening their stores even earlier. Some will be open at midnight on Thanksgiving night.


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      this is true. buying something they like as well as getting "your moneys worth" are both important.

    • profile image

      Family2011 6 years ago

      I have decided to buy some used electronics from eBay. My boys are trying to save some money so I can purchase what they want later on. I am trying to show them how important to take time to choose what you really will be using, a lot of time, kids go and buy toys and games that they would play with it for short time and then it's in their toy box.