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Florida Sinkholes. Why Sinkholes are Eating Florida.

Updated on April 26, 2013

What is a sinkhole? Can I get Sinkhole Insurance?

Florida Sinkholes! Sinkhole pictures! Guatemala Sinkholes!

What exactly is a sinkhole? Can I get Sinkhole Insurance? How are they formed. Where are most likely to occur? Should I worry?

What is a Sinkhole?

A sinkhole is a natural hole in the Earth’s surface caused by rock material dissolving beneath the surface. Sinkholes may develop gradually over time or quite suddenly.

How are Sinkholes formed?

Sinkholes are usually formed where the rock below the surface of the land is limestone or other type rock that can be dissolved by circulating ground water. As the rock begins to dissolve, caves, caverns, holes, and other spaces begin to develop. These sinkholes can become quite large while the land’s surface remains intact. Eventually though, the surface will collapse when it lacks sufficient support from below.

Sinkholes can also be formed by the activity of humans. Examples are cave-ins of abandoned mines, sinkholes in urban areas due to a water main break or when corroded sewer pipes burst. Some sinkholes are formed by changing water drain patterns that cause the supporting material under the land’s surface to drain away.

Famous Sinkhole Photos

The State of Florida and surrounding island areas are famous for sinkholes. Florida has more sinkholes that any other state in the USA.

The Great Blue Hole, located near Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Northern Michigan is also famous for sinkholes. In August 1998 a 16 year old boy survived a 200 feet in Lachine, Michigan. A majority of sinkholes in AlpenaMichigan are also found underwater. Many divers explore these on a regular basis.

Guatemala Sinkhole

In the middle of the night on July, 2011 residents of a Guatemala suburb heard a loud sound they thought was a cooking canister explosion.

In the light of day they found a 3 feet wide, 40 feet deep sinkhole directly under of the bed of a local woman.


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