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Why are there so many examples of rich wealthy millionaires who have everything but are unhappy people?

Updated on January 4, 2011

A Millionaires unhappiness

There are a few main types of Millionaire. You have the millionaire who is fortunate enough to find themselves born into money passed down through previous generations.You have the millionaire who has been even more fortunate to have a lucky windfall on the lottery for example and then you get the self made millionaire you has gone from having nothing to becoming a successful buisnessperson and with it getting the financial reward and millionaire status.

I will now explain the reasons why in my opinion all three types of millionaire find that their wealth brings them unhappiness.

The Born into money millionaire

A person who is born into money in as far as money isn't an issue can grow not a having a true appreciation on the value of money and material items. Lets just say from the moment your born you can have anything within reason you want well that could lead to that person becoming spoilt and possibly having a lack of inspiration through out the rest of their lives. why would an heir to millions want to study when they have the knowledge that money is readily available so why work for it.After all we all need goals in life to spur us on to better things.Of course this entire opinion all depends on the upbringing and the morals that the parents are instilling into the inheritor of their money.Unhappiness could develop from become depressed by not having any sense of real direction in life.

The lottery millionaire

The lottery millionaire.There you are going about your daily business doing the 9 to 5 walking the dog taking the kids to football at weekends then all of a sudden Bam!!! your numbers have come up and you have hit the jackpot.You was going along OK in life but could do with a little more money(Who couldn't).Then all of a sudden you have this new found wealth.Questions run through your mind (what will i buy first)(how much shall i give my mum)(i should resign from work)(shall i tell people I'm a millionaire or should i keep it secret).This has a massive impact and massive potential changes to life.Say for example your a typical family person with 2 kids and a 3 bedroom house. Well you want a new big house but its a long way from where your kids go to school what about ds and their school friends?you want to go on a trip round the world can you really drag the kids round with you?you want a Big house and a porsche on the drive but then the neighbours will know?If you give your parents some money then you have to give your wife's parents some money and then your brothers and sisters and friends and on and on the things spin round in your mind.

Now a level headed sensible person would have a time out and not let the money burn a hole in their pocket but oh the temptations because you have never had this problem before.If you wanted anything before your win you would work extra overtime to try and get the extra things in life you want now all of a sudden you can have these things its like a gift from above.So in the wrong hands this could once again leave us with an unhappy millionaire.

The self made millionaire

The self made millionaire.Through hard work the self made business person has built a business through sheer hard work and hopefully a dedicated workforce. The business is going well the boss is happy and the staff have respect for their boss for pushing the business in the right direction.The Bonus word is used freely by both staff and the Boss alike.Then a big order comes in. Its the best order the company has had in its history the Boss and staff think this could be the making of the company and hopefully secure their jobs and be a sign of things to come in the future.

Once the order is completed and the money is gathered in, the Boss realises the big profits have taken them to millionaire status that's when things change.And this is when they get THE GREED BUG.

They are no longer happy with the profits they had before the Big order every job now has to return massive profits or they are not happy. They push their workforce harder, the Bonus word is now a thing of the past a bonus will not now be seen until they have another massive order.The company becomes a money making machine the boss becomes obsessed by profits and more money, the staff moral is down the boss dosn't trust the staff, the boss is no longer interested in the original clients and workforce that helped to get the business to this new found level.They then become self obsessed with making money and not only affects their work but also their personal life.This is when an unhappy millionaire is created.


Of course not all millionaires are unhappy but money is to be treated with respect and there are many other more important things in life for example our health and family.I consider myself to be one of the richest people alive because i have a beautiful wife 2 boys and 2 step boys and i have my health and i wake up everyday just happy for that.Now if i did win the lottery then that would just be the icing on the cake.




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    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Thanks MR.POINT OF VIEW, your right money cant fix everything no matter how much you have!!Drop by again sometime

    • MR.POINT OF VIEW profile image

      MR.POINT OF VIEW 7 years ago from Planet Earth

      This is a must read. You have made clear something I have thought all along, money can't fix nor save the human condition. Great Hub!

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Thanks hubpageswriter for you comments and im glad that some people are on my wave length.Keep dropping by my friend

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      This is a great hub indeed. Like you too, I think I'm rich in my own unique ways as well. Money is just money and it's what we feel inside that matters. The average or poor ones (not all) would think that being rich would make them happy, until they come to a point where the level or richness still could not fulfill their hearts happiness. This is a good thinking hub for me, hub up.:)

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Hi, and thanks for the comment im glad you enjoyed.

    • ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

      ROMANCER OF LIFE 7 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      I like this hub! Very interesting and very insightful. You pinned the tail on the donkey with this one.