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women at war with their beliefs about money

Updated on November 20, 2011

we are what we believe

5 beliefs that I've had about money:

1 Money is the root of all evil, therefore spiritual people avoid it. I am above the fray. I live my life on a higher plane. My goals are to be a better person, even a pure person. My treasures are in heaven, not on earth.

Therefore I don’t think about it, and don’t want it.

2 Having, making money, or wanting it is dirty work, called money-grubbing. Related to Number 1, but more practical. It keeps me from staying with a good paying job. It forms my decisions about when to work, where to work, what kind of work to do. And often it makes me resent having to work at all. Having to spend my time doing useless (to me) things in order to make money when I should be enjoying life. I was a single mother too, so when my kids were young I wanted to be with them, not selling cars or being in somebody’s office.

3 People who have lots of money are wicked and greedy people. They have taken advantage of others to get where they are, if not downright cheated, lied, and made other peoples lives miserable to take what is not rightfully theirs.(Well, maybe this does describe the 1% after all!)

4 Many people in the world don’t have enough to eat, or have electricity. Therefore it’s wicked of me to have more when so many have less.

5 Freedom is more valuable than security. I realized this was a negative belief when it kept me from taking care of myself financially. So I’ve traveled, learned, enjoyed - but didn’t buy property, save money, or make enough money to live more than hand to mouth.

I am baring my soul about these things because I think that I must not be alone with these ideas. Straightening out our minds and emotions relating to finances and money must be a common problem. Of course the next step is to know the 5 “remedies” if I, we, want to be financially secure on our own and in our own right.

I'll make that another hub. Comments?

Occupy Madrid in summer 2011

Occupation of downtown Madrid 2011
Occupation of downtown Madrid 2011 | Source


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    • connecttoheaven profile image

      connecttoheaven 6 years ago from oregon

      thanks nell, sounds like a good life you have, in the woods of england with family and with lots of ideas to keep you entertained. best wishes

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, this sounds like me! lol! we have hardly anything as in moneywise, but as long as I have enough to buy food etc, I don't care, I have a lovely view from my house, wildlife! so much better than money, you have the right idea, also I loved your bio, are you a left handed person by any chance? ha ha! very similar to me, apart from the traveling, as money does come into that, cheers nell