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writing a check Filling in thje blanks

Updated on May 4, 2009

filling out your checks

At first glance I thought that someone was kidding asking about writing checks. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

While checks are pretty self explanatory lets start with the date. If you are late making a payment don’t think that predating the check will make any difference. They are going to go by the date received not the date on the check.

Don’t think that a post dated check won’t be processed if it is sent to your bank early. In most cases they will process it without holding it until the date given. They may call you if the check is for a large amount but don’t count on it. If you don’t have sufficient funds don’t give the check or get a written statement saying the recipient will not deposit the check until the listed date; make sure that the note is signed and dated.

Filling in the name.

Use the full name rather than any initials if the check is stolen it is very easy to alter initials, such as S.C.E for Southern California Edison could very easily be changed, If there is a large space after the name draw a line through it following the name.

Filling the amount.

In the first space where you enter the amount as a number it is better to use the prime number followed by the cents as a fraction with the dividing line going all the way through any remaining space.

When entering the amount on the line as a written number just remember that it is much easier and less space consuming to write a number like "nineteen hundred" rather than "one thousand - nine hundred" Fill in the cents as a fractional number and carry the dividing line through any remaining space.

Signing your check.

It may seem sloppy to scrawl your name recklessly but it will be harder to forge than a very neatly written signature. Just make sure that what you write on the check matches what you did on the signature card that your bank has on file.


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