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Updated on November 25, 2011 - Donate your Boat

Do you have a used boat, sailboat, yacht or marine vessel that you would like to get rid of soon? provides you with an option that helps you and also helps someone in need. You can donate your boat, receive a tax deduction and savings, and help someone through charitable giving.

Boat Angel is a 501-C-3 Non Profit boat donation center. They accept donations of all types of fishing vessels, motor boats, jet skis, sailboats, sailing vessels, yachts and just about any type of watercraft in an attempt to maximize charitable money going to needy charities.

You can give and donate your vessel even if it is not in running condition. They will make arrangements for pickup at no cost to you.


Boat Angel Supports Mercy Ships

Angel Ministries also supports Mercy Ships. These hospital ships brings medical attention to thousands of people in need. This organization provides medical help and services to poor people throughout the world. This is one example of how the funds raised are used to help others.


If you have a vessel to give, the process is fairly straightforward. First you can call their toll-free phone number or complete their 'Quick Response Donation Form' that can be found on their website. The organization will contact you and send a package requesting photos of the boat. Next the vessel may be listed for sale and you can contact them to arrange pickup. These services are provided free of charge to the vessel owner. Even if you feel that your watercraft is not very valuable, it may still benefit someone in need.

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