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Gold Makes Cents!

Updated on March 25, 2010

The Midas Touch!

 Gold is glowing as either an investment or as a commodity! Prices have risen so high that we should take a second look at this luminescence.

Gold- buying stalls have sprung up en masse at shopping centres, hoping to draw the gold from our hands and fingers with the magnetic lure of fast cash. Time to scour through the drawers for the discarded remnants of broken relationships, passe fashion, or forgotten scrap!

The fever is high to have the Midas touch! The clever ones are buying up second hand gold (and silver) before the next leg up in the current gold boom. Gold is at an all time high but not many are aware of the implications of  this.  Dealers and astute scroungers are competing feverishly where there’s a hint of sparkle,  for unsuspecting sellers unaware that the price of this precious metal has risen to over a thousand dollars an ounce.

With this renewed spotlight we need, then, to see gold as more than a luxury consumer good. Whereas gold jewellery can lose at least a  third of its value the minute it walks out of the shop, gold bullion has risen in value over a period of years, spiking markedly in  the last couple. In times past, it was used as a currency, a tangible and universal money that was easily recognisable across the world. Gold sovereigns buried for hundreds of years in Spanish galleons still hold their value today, which serves as the impetus for scavenger hunters to keep up the search.

As an investment, or for fast cash, gold is a shining light-or could well be for those with a keen eye to spot the gleam from the chaff at the trash and treasure markets. There’s gold in them thar piles of pre-loved!!


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