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2016 - All Americans Left Behind

Updated on August 18, 2016
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John Ceccon is a comedian, actor and producer from San Diego. He has performed nationally and has been seen on HBO and Comedy Central.

Last week, I made what was perceived to be anti Hillary comments on a friends Facebook post. All I did was point out the fact that the FBI concluded Hillary Clinton lied on several points regarding her private e-mail server, the handling of classified material. This caused a barrage of hate thrown in my direction from an assortment of left-wing lemming millennials. I was called a racist, misogynist, Nazi, stupid, ignorant, among other things. Thankfully, I'm a white American male, and a comedian - it's damn near impossible to offend me or hurt my feelings. So, let me straighten out all of you narrow minded, partisan, Democrat AND Republican dummies who are stuck in a red or blue rut and are incapable of having a single thought that is their own.

I left the Democratic party after 40 years because of Hillary's candidacy.

I have been a life long Democrat.I grew up during the Kennedy era. John Kennedy was the last real Democrat. I voted for Bill Clinton both times, and I voted for Obama both times. Recently, I left the Democratic party after 40 years, and current Democratic party that nominated Hillary is the reason I left. This will be my 10th presidential election and the first time I will vote as an independent, if I vote. I will not vote for Hillary. I'm now being called a traitor and Trump supporter by my family and friends. To claim that not supporting Hillary is a proxy votet for Trump is just ignorant and typical of how polarized this country has become. To have an election where we would be choosing the lesser of two evils would be a breath of fresh air for the 2016 "All Americans Left Behind" presidential election. We now have to choose between an FBI proven liar with so many shady dealings that they are too numerous to count. It appears that the Clinton's, and the Clinton Foundation (Bill along with Hillary) have become incredibly corrupt since Bill left office.

Is Trump the Washington DC Apprentice?

Trump - Lets forget for a second that he says a lot of stupid things that comes off as racist, misogynistic, and intolerant. Lets forget for a second that at least once a week he sticks his foot in his big fat mouth. Let us NOT forget the one thing that seems to escape Trumps biggest supporters - he has no idea how Washington works. He is STILL speaking in generalities regarding his "plan" to make America great again. He is THE Washington Apprentice. I will not vote for him or Hillary. On the day that Donald trump announced his candidacy for president, if I were a betting man, I would have bet you $1000 that Donald Trump would never be nominated as the Republican candidate for president. The drive behind Trump's surge is the same animal that drove Bernie Sanders popularity. The American people are pissed. They feel that their elected officials are no longer representing them and an 86% disapproval rating for congress backs that up. Trump has repackaged that fact and presented it as a government that is bought and paid for by corporations and special interests, while painting Hillary as someone who was born and bred of the very system Americans are dissatisfied with. Fear of terrorism is at it's highest since 2003. A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that 79% of respondents believe a terrorist attack is very likely in the next few months. Seven in 10 Americans consider the Islamic State also known as ISIS to be a major threat to domestic security, according to the study. The number was an all-time high. Trump will use this like octane boost in his campaign.

Will Hillary have the last laugh?

Hillary - With the exception of people who are only interested in having a woman in the While House, even the most staunch supporters of Hillary have to be squirming in their seats right now. Although it doesn't appear Hillary had anything to do with it, the recent revelation that the DNC worked to undermine Bernie Sanders presidential run will resonate with Sanders supporters as just more shady dealings associated with anything Hillary. Nobody really knows where the Bernie votes will end up, but many of them have already said that they will not vote for Hillary. However, Hillary's biggest problems fall into two categories - her trustworthiness, and likability, and both are on the downward slide with not much sign of recovery. In an Aug. 8 Huffington Post poll 55% of those polled viewed Hillary unfavorably. Yet 80% of those people said they would still vote for her over Trump. On July 5, FBI director James Comey announced that while there would be no criminal charges brought against Clinton, she was far less than truthful when asked about her handling of classified material and emails. When asked point blank by Congressman Trey Gowdy if Hillary had in fact lied to the American people about her handling of classified emails, FBI director Comey confirmed that Hillary had lied at least 6 times. Adding insult to ignorance, Hillary still maintains that she did nothing wrong and questions the validity of the FBI's findings.

It now appears that the DNC, headed by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, have become an extension of the Clinton presidential campaign.

Bernie - What can you say about Bernie. He was bent over with his political pants around his ankles. Standing behind him; Hillary & Bill Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile, all of them high fiving each other like football players after a Superbowl winning field goal. Well, we just don't know, and we will never know just how much the sleazy underhanded tactics of DNC head honcha Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile (whose connection with the Clinton's goes back to 1992) hurt Bernie's campaign. The end result appears to be that the DNC had been serving as an extension of the Clinton campaign. Clinton supporters will brush Bernie's candidacy aside by saying he never had a chance, or that his politics are too socialist for this country. These same people thought Trump never had a chance either.

Congressional approval rating is at 13%. That is the lowest it has been since I've been alive - and I'm 59. 2016 - Throw the Bums Out.

Congressional Approval Rating. Most of the voter discontent in this country revolves around this simple fact - Congress is to blame for most of the problems plaguing this country, not Obama, or the next president. As of this writing, Congress (the House of Representatives & the Senate) have a 13% approval rating. Translation #1 - only 13 people out of 100 think these elected Bums are doing a good job. Translation #2 - Both, Republicans AND Democrats are pissed. These are the people making our laws and policy - not the president. Neither Donald Trump or Hillary can do anything about this frightening fact. In November, voters will most likely vote for the same Congressmen and Senators incumbents, many of them running for a 4th and 5th term. Neither Hillary or Trump can do squat about Congress. Most of them were there before Hillary/Trump, and most of them will be there in 4 or 8 years. Why is America's fury not being directed at those who are causing all our problems? Why do we keep reelecting these same failures?

Copyright 2016 John Ceccon. All rights reserved.


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