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" All my people love me"

Updated on April 4, 2011

“All my people love me”

“All my people love”, I did not say that, Gadhaffi did. I saw a video on

CNN in which Gadhaffi, the Libyan president, said “all my people love me.” I pondered over his comment and I wanted to add my comment to the video but the comment link did not work for me.

The world is recently witnessing unrests in various countries. The unrest is a big challenge to world leaders, especially those leaders and nations that have the interest of others at heart. It is a fact that not all world leaders felt concern and sought how to solve the problem in order to restore global peace.

Unfortunately it is most African leaders that failed to stand strong against Gadaffi and tell him, bluntly, to step down for the interest of peace. It is not a surprise that African leader would be the last to take any action against the government of Gadaffi because most of them are birds of the same feather. Most African leaders have one thing in common which is the African spirit of sit-tight-in power.Although, it can be argued that democracy is still young in most African countries and their leaders are still learning how to overcome that African spirit and practice true democracy. No wonder when things go wrong like abuse of public fund or during elections in countries like Nigeria, the culprits would claim “our democracy is still young,” or “we are still learning and we will get there. We are trying.” Let us hope that the upcoming April 2011 elections in Nigeria will not be the same old story.

The truth is that democracy in Africa and some other continents will forever remain young. Their democracy will never grow that is why it will not be fair to use the concept of young democracy to deny citizens their right in such countries. I said that their democracy will never grow because their democracy can never be as old as American, French, or British democracy so it will forever remain younger than the democracy of the developed nations which the corrupt politicians compare themselves with. That is why it is not fair to commit crime on the pretest of “young democracy.”

Nothing would stop a day old democracy from putting things in order and work towards doing things in the acceptable way. The sincere world leaders know that unrest in any country is a threat to global peace, unity, and justice although some of these leaders choose to keep quiet because of their selfish interest or because it is not there peace that is directly threatened. Yet they failed to learn that someday that which they ignored can come upon them.

Gadhaffi has spent over 4o years on power and he is still willing to fight and die in office or to kill innocent citizens so that he can remain in office. I have asked, what is he doing with power that he will not let it go, even after many years? Is he the owner of Libya? No wonder he called them, “my people.” He claimed that the call for him to step down is not from his people but from external forces. If he is right, then it means that his people are afraid to speak and others decided to speak fro them. But he is wrong then it means he people learnt from the Egyptians and that helped them to overcome their fears.

It is clear that Gadhaffi lied when he said, “all my people love.”  Is he trying to tell the world that he is so perfect  while the world knows that everyone has an enemy, even the saints have enemies because if God has enemies then who is Gadhaffi that all Libyans will love him?

Gadaffi lied by his claim that is why the world should not take his words seriously especially his claim that his people want him to remain in power. Gadaffi cannot possibly please all Libyan at same time that they would want him to be their life president. The truth is that he has to step down even if it is a minority group in Libya that wants him to leave because he has held onto power for so long.

The African union should be the force to spearhead such war for peace but they have proven to be toothless while they wait for UN and other countries to fight the good fight. What, then, is the work of AU if they are not bold enough to fight a good fight and stop the death of innocent civilians? May be it is because they are not well organized to function as a unit or maybe they are birds of the same feather in the matter at hand.

Now that UN has answered the called, I read some people say on CNN posts that the west is only interested in the Libyan oil. Well, if there are right then they have to ask themselves, “is it better that innocent people die and their fossils be used as a future oil, or is it better that lives are saved and those that help you share what you have?” whatever will be there answer, I know that life is worthless without liberty and that is why some men have fought over the ages to give liberty to men. Nations survive without oil but man can not survive without liberty. This is because in liberty you can find human right and in human right is the right to life. The west have to do what they should do to restore global peace and those that think that oil is the reason should know that oil will not buy the lives of those that died in the cause o justice. UN shall fail, if the failed to act like it did because that is why UN was established after the events of the Second World War.  However, UN should not only act in Libya but also in other parts of the world that needs the help of men. I know, just like I wrote on CNN, that the task is not easy especially with the increase in unrest and other natural disasters but it is a battle that must be won. The strength of UN is on test and it have to should that it pass the test that will bring glory to humanity.

 Gadhaffi has a greater price to pay even if he steps down. Gadhaffi! You may be right that all your people love you but they now want you to step down because they love you. So step down to prove your love for you people. If you insist to remain in power it means your people love you, like you said, but you do not love them.

N. K. David

 Author of the book

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

 Published by author house UK Ltd and it is available worldwide online stores and on the publishers website.

It’s a most read for all humanity


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