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Components of Mark Goudeau's Crime

Updated on August 23, 2014

The Crime committed by Mark Goudeau can be classified as a felony since it is a serious legal crime (Burgess et al, 2013). In the perspective of U.S, the punishment for such a crime is death or more than one year’s imprisonment. Mark Goudeau was imprisoned for 438 years as a punishment for his series of crimes. In particular, Mark Goudeau’s case is classified as a violent felony since it-contained force; he was actually forcing his victims to do his will and those who did not comply were murdered. In this case, the perpetrator is a first-degree principal in this felony.

Components of the crime

According to Burgess et al (2013), there are various components, which must be extant for a person to be declared as guilty of a crime. These elements include conduct, intent, causation and concurrence. If these elements are not present in a particular case, then such a case will be deemed weak. Intent simply relates to when a person had a clear intention of committing a crime and that his or her mental capacity was geared to the same. Mark Goudeau had a clear intent and mental capacity of committing murder, rape, assault and other crimes that he committed before being arrested. Conduct refers to the actual actions committed by the offender. Among the evidence for his rape actions for instance is the finding of his DNA in some of his victims. Some of his victim’s possessions were also found in his home. Mr Goudeau was also connected with the series of crimes since his intent and conduct resulted to the various crimes committed by him.


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