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Disinformation : The state of the art kit ex evil design tool room--->

Updated on May 14, 2012

Indiscriminate following

Acquaintance and fellowship have greatly nurtured human culture.Presently there are many bugs in the discipline .Ever Since civilization initiated, the art of treachery too did.'If one cares not another dares to rob' is a historical saying.And it has become pivotal nowadays.

Media is the villain here. TV, Internet ,Press or any media for that matter have their own share in dis-informing people,implicitly or indirectly. This modern art is being perfected to the standards of a globally integrated evil designers industry inc.

People can't help indiscriminately following the malign media until some international forums set out against them incorporating serious debate among elites and commons alike on an unbiased platform. No doubt ; politics ,religions and corporates will lobby up against the interests and welfare of the layman who invariably fall pray to their vicious interests and exploitation.

Corporate criminology

I need not elaborarte as this link unveils ................


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