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Trump Family Has Deep Seated Roots With The KKK

Updated on April 4, 2016
Who Is Hiding Behind  the Mask? Is that you Fred?
Who Is Hiding Behind the Mask? Is that you Fred?

KKK Ties that bind and hoods that hide

Despit his denials, there are some dark shadows lurking in Donald Trump’s past, going back to his father’s affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Donald's connection with current Klan leader David Duke and questions about his father’s bias towards blacks.

It is not at all unusual that sons emulate the actions of their fathers. It is reasonable to assume that many sons do in fact absorb the behavior traits, habits, social behavior good and bad from their fathers. If you have doubts about this, think of your own father-son relationship. Have you picked up any of his characteristics and ways of thinking . Have you ever wondered, when confronted with certain issues: what would dad do in this situation?”

Similarities with your father as far as some of yourbehavioral traits and reactions will manifest themselves on occasion, especially if you have maintained a close relationship with your father during your formative years. Fred Trump, the family patriarch was the source of the family’s first wave of wealth and the person who brought Donald into the real estate business he had founded. You can’t help but wonder how much of an influence Fred Trump had on his son during the years they spent working side by side teaching him the business.

Here is where things get interesting. Fred Trump was thought to have ties to the KKK although, according to then police Commissioner, Joseph A. Warren, he was "never officially charged” as a participant in the 1927 KKK riot against police in Jamaica, NY. That confrontation involved 100 policemen and klansman who were clad in their iconic white costumes. According to police accounts: "The Klan not only wore gowns, but had hoods over their faces almost completely hiding their identity."

There is More

The 1927 incident was not the only controversial action involving Donald Trump’s father Fred. He was involved in a racial discrimination incident when he rejected black applicants for his housing project. Apparently, some black families had moved into his development prompting The senior Trump to pressure those families to move out of his Queens development.

The Trump family has not responded to questions about these findings.

Opponents of the brash billionaire from the Bronx have found these allegations disturbing, in light of the Donald's announced policies on immigration and Mexican illegals.

It is interesting to note that in the late 20s, the FBI began a widespread crackdown on the klan for their activities against minority Jews, Blacks and Catholics. Bob Jones,, the charismatic grand dragon of the North Carolina Ku Klux Klan was arrested.

From that point on, the Klan was put on notice that their actions would no longer be tolerated. That action saw a mass exit of the membership, with many joining the ranks of the Republican party whose ideology at that point in time more closely resembled that of the Klan.

CNN news recently reported that the anti-Semitic former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, gave Republican hopeful Donald Trump a rousing endorsement because of for his immigration policy proposals. Duke also stated that “Trump is "the best of the lot."

About The Klan

Founded by a group of Confederate offices after the end of the Civil War as a social club,the organization began posturing themselves as defenders of “true Americanism and initiated a “hate campaigns against Negroes, Catholics and Jews Many were conservative Christians who stood against the Pope, repeal of prohibition, sex, birth control and sunday work which are all points very reminiscent of today's far right wing.

Could his father’s beliefs and behaviour have carried over into the character and behaviour of Donald Trump? We can’t say that with absolute certainty however many of his ideas fit nicely into the principles held by the old KKK. Hopefully it is not true. What do you think?

Do The Trumps Share Their ORTHODONIST?

I'm better than you pop ... and richer too
I'm better than you pop ... and richer too

Are father and son similar

Do You Think Donald and His Father Share Similar Ideas About immigration and race?

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