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” Gendercide ” Sex in Numbers

Updated on April 12, 2010

I’m so pleased to hear that the Australian Government will not be lifting a ban on baby gender selection technology. If the ban was removed, parents could abort a baby because they wanted a child of the other sex

“We had scarcely sat down in the kitchen .. when we heard a moan of pain from the bedroom next door … the cries from the inner room grew louder – and abruptly stopped. There was a low sob, and then a man’s gruff voice said accusingly: ‘Useless thing!’” … “Suddenly, I thought I heard a slight movement in the slops pail behind me, .. to my absolute horror, I saw a tiny foot poking out of the pail. The midwife must have dropped that tiny baby alive into the slops pail! I nearly threw myself at it, but the two policemen [who had accompanied me] held my shoulders in a firm grip. ‘Don’t move, you can’t save it, it’s too late.’ .. ‘But that’s…murder…and you’re the police!’ … “The little foot was still now. The policemen held on to me for a few more minutes. ‘Doing a baby girl is not a big thing around here,’ [an older woman said comfortingly.] ‘That’s a living child,’ I said in a shaking voice, pointing at the slops pail. ‘It’s not a child,’ she corrected me. ‘It’s a girl baby, and we can’t keep it. Around these parts, you can’t get by without a son. Girl babies don’t count.’” ~ Xinran Xue Journalist, Broadcaster & Writer


Sex selection abortion is not only confined to parts of China.  The selective ‘culling’ of baby girls goes on in South Korea, India and some former communist countries.  In some parts of India, sex selection abortion of baby girls equals the statistics in China and is markedly worse among the rich and well-educated. 

Boys are more likely than girls to die as infants, so to make up for the wee shortfall, between 103 and 106 boys are born for every 100 girls. When China brought in the unmerciful one-child policy, it was carried out relentlessly to help control its population - at the same time fertility rates were low and sons were preferential to daughters. Over the years, the gender imbalance has become increasingly obvious: Between 1985 and 1987, 108 boys were born for every 100 girls in China; between 2000 and 2004, 124 boys were born for every 100 girls. Tibet appears to be the only region in China that has a natural sex ratio of births i.e. in every society that has a record of births, between 103 and 106 boys are normally born for every 100 girls.

CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) has predicted that in 2020, one in five young Chinese men may not find themselves a bride, because of the projected shortage of young women. To emphasise this dilemma even further, China will have 30-40 million young men (under 19-years-old) more than women of the same age.

In a society where there is a predominantly male population, an increase in criminal activities and an overall breakdown in social normalcies is inevitable – the natural order of things may cease to exist. To make matters worse, female suicide rates in China are among the highest in the world, and it isn’t any wonder given the guilt and profound grief they must experience after aborting their baby daughters. China Doll

“There’s no difference between having a girl or a boy - girls can also continue the family line.” 

It is extremely depressing that families believe they are economically better off with a son.  I don’t mean to impose my beliefs and values on others, but Gendercide in my opinion, is bloody insane!


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    • mdlawyer profile image


      8 years ago

      Great that you focussed on gender injustice. In spite of the fact that we are in the 21st century, gender bias still exists in one form or another, even in the advanced societies. It is curious to think that it may be there in the nature's plan, and as such it sticks on, though many work against it.


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