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How and Why Micheal Brown Was Killed

Updated on February 9, 2015

Reports by police officers affirm that Micheal Brown an 18-year teenager was short at by a Ferguson police officer because of the alleged involvement in a robbery incident. This robbery incident according to the police officers involved theft of a box of cigars worth $48.99. In addition, Brown and one of his friends identified as Johnson Dorian had also been involved in another robbery incident where they had allegedly stolen a box of swisher sweets from one store in Ferguson on the same day. Mr. Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Brown had respondent to a 911 call from the area, which had reported an “armed robbery incident” during the daytime. The caller described the suspect in the incident and the officer, Mr. Wilson was asked to go and investigate the matter.

Upon arriving at the scene, Wilson, a veteran police officer encountered face to face with Brown and his friend in the streets exactly at 12.15 p.m, another officer arriving few minutes later. The officer caught Brown and tried to take him into a police car. However, Brown tried to run, an act, which mandated the police officer to pursue him. He opened fire at him, shooting him on the face several times. In a court proceeding, Johnson, the person who had witnessed the killing and who was walking with Brown confirmed the theft of cigars by Micheal Brown. This information was very interestingly among the public, since Brown had always been known for being gentle, social, person who had many friends, a boy who loved sports, one who worked hard in class, and one who had a focus to succeed in life. Brown was an aspiring rapper who at one time, sung about “smoking weed from age 9”. This and other songs such as getting out of the hood, Feds, Swishers and cigars depicted him as a boy who could have been possibly involved in drugs.

Despite all these, the manner in which the killing was undertaken was mysterious. For instance, there was no videotape, which indicated the occurrence of an “armed robbery” in the said store, although Johnson confirmed of having gone to the store. In addition, Micheal had held his hands up at the time of his shootings. Though the caller had reported an “armed robbery incident”, the police officer did not find Brown with any firearm. According to analysts, the suspect could have been tried in a local court so that he can receive justice, commensurate with his actions and behavior.

The kind of punishment in this context was too harsh for this kind of crime. Mr. Wilson had acted on hearsay instead of on reliable evidence. Further, shooting the suspect on the face and in daylight heightened the intensity of the mystery of this incident. The fact that the police officer had shot him despite his surrender caused public anger, leading into protests by people who were chanting, “don’t shoot at me”. President Barack Obama supported this attitude where in his response to the public protests against this killing asserted that, police officers had no mandate of using excessive powers in their work. In addition, the president also mandated the attorney general, the county of St Louis, the Department of Justice and FBI to undertake independent investigation and ascertain the link of racism in this killing.


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