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How close are we to the Rapture and Tribulation? Judge for yourself! Read on!

Updated on April 25, 2012

A Great Prophet has all the answers!

There are many false prophets and often they have 70% of their prophesy that is accurate, however only 100% truth can be true prophesy. Only those who are spokesman for God himself, who are His voice, can be true prophets! If you want the truth then read on, if you want lies and deception- then read Nostrodamus and the like!

My favourite book of the bible has always been Isaiah because Isaiah, a prophet of God, spoke prophesies that have already taken place, and prphesies that are in progress NOW and transforming (as you read this) into future prophesies! These prophesies are so close to fruition that we are almost touching them!

Isaiah's prophesies are straight from God therefore accurate and true. God created Judaism when he provided Moshe with the Law, however, modern Judaism is far from that now, it is the Judaism that came from Rabbis who decided to produce their version of how Judaism should be. It is this new Judaism that was to be protected at all costs so any biblical references to the future Christ period,christianity and the Gospel message of life after death, judgment, repentence for sin, resurrection to eternal life etc had become a threat to these Yavneh Rabbi's of old. These Rabbis prefer to follow Babylonian paganism and introduced this into modern Judaism, which is still being practiced today.

Threatened by God's prophesy of a coming Christ they decided to distort the written word of God and in some cases removed certain passages of the bible that referenced to Christ Yeshua or they found ways to deny/reject God's prophesies by placing false interpretations to the scriptures, to deceive the people. Not only did Jewish Rabbi's fear God's word but also ungodly men such as Constantine the originator of the Catholic and non-catholic orthodox christians also attempted to twist God's words including misinterpreting the meaning within Isaiah's book to mislead the people! However, God already knew Man would attempt to BLOT HIM OUT this was one of the prophesies, THAT THERE WOULD BE A GREAT TURNING AWAY - AN APOSTATE GENERATION WILL ARISE DURING THE END TIMES! This has happened! And continues to happen!

God preserved not only the Bible which consists of various ancient scrolls and parchments written as books and letters but he preserved the contents of these biblical scrolls in many ways, one of which was duplicated copies of relevant 'End Times' prophesy scrolls such as the writings of Elijah (see my hub) the writings of Enoch and the writings of Isaiah. Many ancient writings coincide with the scriptures in content such as the writings by the Essene Sect of Israel, many of these compliment the bible such as the scrolls found in the Qumran caves of Israel and many have significant historical links such as the writings of Josephus or on the Maccabees. There are other writings that are said not to be inspired writings however, some of them help a great deal to understand the inspired writings by linking particular events and therefore when read by God's people 'led by the Holy Spirit' even these writings can be seen as significant in God's plan. Everything that occurs in this world is according to God's plan!

God preserved these writings for a purpose - for a time like NOW! The time is ripe - when the GREAT APOSTASY is NOW! When people reject the bible as being just a story book, or considered to be altered by men, GOD has provided the hidden scrolls mentioned in scripture to Daniel and Isaiah for the TIME IS NOW! Isaiah 30:8 "Inscribe it on a scroll, that for the days to come it may be an everlasting witness."

Daniel 12: 9 "the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. .."

When the shepherd boy found the scrolls in the Qumran cave there was one specific scroll that was found intact and readable - THE SCROLL OF ISAIAH!

Why would God preserve this scroll and why did he reveal it for this generation? Because it holds all the prophesies relevant to all nations and all peoples of TODAY!

Read for yourself! But now we will journey through the first few passages of the book to find out what it tells us about the Rapture and The Tribulation.

Remember isaiah is God's mouthpiece-he speaks on behalf of God, so what you read is what God is saying! There are odd exceptions when Isaiah says something about his own awareness of his lack of holiness when in the presence of God, and other such examples of Isaiah speaking. But the majority of the book God speaks.

The book of Isaiah starts in Chapter 1 verse 2 with God referring to his people Israel who have "rebelled against him and do not understand Him or his plans. He calls them a sinful nation who have forsaken the Lord!" He also says, "They have spurned the Holy One of Israel and turned their backs on him."God was stating a prophesy, that the people of Israel were to reject Christ Yeshua BEFORE HE WAS EVEN BORN ON THIS EARTH! Isaiah wrote this scroll in 760 BC (BEFORE CHRIST). Here God was saying that when Christ walks in the Land of Israel to speak to his people that they will reject him - and indeed turn their backs on him by putting him on the CROSS!

Since Yeshua was placed on that cross, Satan, using mankind, has plotted to create a worldwide apostasy that involved rejecting God and Christ! It involved every possible plan to reduce God to a mere myth and to ascend humanism to great heights of power that pushed God and his word - the Bible into the background! However, This plan has failed as God has preserved his word and is savouring his time to re-enter the limelight - on HIS TERMS-WHEN HE IS READY!

One of the prophesies found in Isaiah's writings states just that. It states that God will remove his holy presence from the earth (that includes his people who are sealed by God with the seal of protection and salvation - The Rapture) Then Yeshua will return to conquer the enemies of God (The end of the Tribulation). These events are described in more detail in The Book of Revelation (last book of New Testament).

Isaiah wrote his scroll around 760 before Christ was born on Earth. He prophesied Christ Yeshua's birth and death and Yeshua's collection of his people to take them out of this world before God brings his wrath upon the apostate nations and apostate people who chose to reject Yeshua, they chose evil instead! They were left to suffer God's judgement and wrath in the years of the Tribulation mentioned in the Book of Revelation. There will be exceptions however, as many people who sat on the fence (at the time of Rapture) who did not accept Christ as the son of God and saviour of the world, who did not have God's seal of ownership, or protection but also refused to follow Satan's ways, may come to realise their folly (once believer's were taken out of the world-at the Rapture), they will realise that through Yeshua, was the only true way to eternal life and salvation from this evil world. Their complacency held them back from making a decision to follow Christ and they now realise it was a costly mistake.

To say that following Christ and being 'born anew' is foolish, that evolution is the right way- to say good people are a hinderance to the advancement of humanity would be mere foolishness now, when they stand alone in a Godless evil world where there is no escape. All these people can do now is hope and pray that God will preserve them until the end. He will expect a price to be paid, as these people had plenty of opportunity to receive God's gift of salvation and eternal life through Christ but they chose to reject him over and over again! Now they may have to prove their loyalty by dying for him. Read about this in Revelation - the mark of the beast and what happens to those who reject the beasts mark! They who are left on earth now experience a world of pure evil because God's holy presence has been removed - that is God's holy Spirit, and his chosen people have all left to be with him!

The world will be a dark place, no love, no care, no compassion, it will be a world of pestulence, disease, wickedness, immorality, brutality, violence, no justice,in fact it will be a repetition of the days of the mediaevil period of torture, debauchery and every type of filfth and evil religious deception imaginable! The Tribulation will be a whole lot worse than the world today (even though a lot of the mentioned sin exists today) the difference is there will be a worldwide aura of evil and darkness with all of the positives removed from the earth!

There will be many Jews left in the 'on the fence situation' at the time of the rapture, many will be left standing, bewildered that they were left behind, but realising they had rejected the Messiah that God had promised, for the counterfeit Elijah, they have been waiting for and was now stuck with! What to do, they say?

God has chosen 144,000 Jews to remain during the Tribulation to witness for him, they become sealed by God as they made a decision to reject the false messiah for the real one Yeshua! Readings found in Revelation.

Now to continue the adventure through Isaiah!

We saw how they spurned the Holy one of Israel - Yeshua. In the next few verses we read how Israel has joined the apostate world, they have become as Sodom and Gommorah, they follow New Moon festivals (when they should be solar) they offer meaningless offerings (they continue to sin openly and guiltlessly) they offer fruitless prayers, then in verse 16 God says, Make yourselves clean,...stop doing justice...defend the fatherless and the widow... verse 21 " the faithful city has become a harlot...she was once full of justice...righteousness used to dwell in her...verse 25 I will purge away your dross and remove your impurities, I will restore your judges as in days of old, your counsellors as at the beginning. AFTERWARD you will be called the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City.

This is a promise to Israel and its people that God will bring back the righteousness of Israel and the promise continues in Chapter 2. Isaiah had a vision of Israel - the mountain of the Lord-this vision is for the last days! The very 'near' future when Yeshua returns to reign over all nations for a thousand years - this is when this vision becomes a reality!

In chapter 2: 17 is the start of reference to the Tribulation period, we get an inkling of what is to occur. "The arrogance of man will be brought low and the pride of men humbled, the Lord alone will be exalted in that day....v19 Men will flee to caves ..from the dread of the Lord and the splender of His majesty, when he rises to shake the earth.....

We read in chapter 3 how God will remove all support and supply from Israel (this is on the brink of happening now - as Arab countries negotiate embargos against Israel, and various publicity propaganda to entice hatred towards the nation Israel and Jews. God removes this support because although angry with his people Israel - he also still loves them. To show them the way back to righteousness is to turn them back to him and acceptance of Yeshua as their Messiah and savior. To achieve this the Jewish people are taken to a low point, where they feel vulnerable, helpless and hopeless, God removes all support to achieve this 'brokenness' which leads to calling on God to intervene. New 'born again' believers have all gone through this learning process and maybe continue to go through it, it removes pride and self preservation and the concept that man is able to deal with situations without God's intervention, it is to be replaced with humility and dependency not on man but on God! when we are at our lowest ebb that is when we tend to turn to God most for his support! This is the plan behind his words in Isaiah.

Oh Israel return to your God, return to righteousness, and accept Christ as your Messiah!

It will be, for Israel a time of sifting out the wheat from the chaff! It will be their chance to make amends, to return to their God.

Israel DO NOT take hold of the deceptive prophesies that distort God's word.

People say that all will be well in Israel that God will intervene -nothing terrible will happen to israel -as all Israel will be saved. Yes God will save all Israel but Israel is a nation as well as people. The outcome on the nation of israel and its people will depend entirely on the road the people of Israel wish to take. The choice is the wide road to destruction or the narrow road to Yeshua and salvation.

Chap 3:14" The Lord enters into judgement on the leaders of his people..." All of chapter 3 refers to events that take place in the Tribulation we know this because chapter 4 leads into the description of Yeshua as the Branch of the Lord and speaks of those who survive the Tribulation and will be called 'holy'. The whole chapter 4 speaks of the cleansing of the land in preparation of the Lord's reign over the nations.

All the above was an introduction to Isaiah's prophesies of the rapture, Yeshua and the Tribulation. Chapters 5 onwards reverts back to the beginning and speaks of Israel's iniquity and Isaiah is then told to speak to the people - which he does in more depth in the following chapters. We will skip some of the chapters and I will quote only specific pieces relevant to this hub.

Isaiah was given an important message by God for his people Israel! It is important for today! NOW! "Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving, ...... until the cities lie ruined and without inhabitant until the houses are deserted....This occurred prior to Yeshua's birth when the Babylonians took the land, and it happened again after Yeshua's crucifixion when the people were scattered throughout the nations.

God used the enemy nations to fulfill his plans, the same will be repeated soon. God uses Israel's enemies to bring forward the fulfillment of his prophesies. Yeshua came and spoke to his people Israel, many followed him, the disciples (apostles) spread the word to the gentiles and the followers of Yeshua grew worldwide, however, then deception entered through Constantine and many followers of Christ Yeshua, followed this false religion and joined the Great Apostasy of today. See Isaiah chapt 9.

However, many Jews chose to reject Christ Yeshua, God is still angry with the events going on in Israel and he says in verse 11 that "he has strengthened Israel's enemies, that enemy nations have joined forces against Israel ( that arab nations who hated each other have now become allies - with one purpose - to destroy Israel). These names are named as Palestinians (Philistines) and Syria (Arameans). Verse 12.

Chapter 9 verse 12, "Arameans from the east and philistines from the west have devoured Israel with open mouth".This is a prophesy that has taken place, these two nations have spoken out atrocious lies against Israel and succeeded in turning many nations and peoples against God's people and the land of Israel, the land that has been chosen as God's Holy place where one day Yeshua will be seated on a throne on this Holy Mountain to reign over all nations!

Moving to verse 13 God points out that His anger has not subdued because even though nations rise up against the people of Israel and they are being bombarded by rockets daily from Gaza and Syria, the Jewish people still do not turn to God as a nation for his help or to repent! The leaders of Israel are being misled by false prophets and false teachers.

10:5 the chapter of punishment and judgement and new beginnings (readers who have read my hubs on the meaning of God's number choices throughout scripture will understand the meaning of numbers 10 and 5.) God sends Syria and Palestinians, under Syrians command, to attack Israel as a judgement (as God did when he sent Babylonians in to do the same thing). Throughout scripture, historical reference to the judgement and punishment of Israel is specific to all believers not just Jews - as it is God's way of purifying his people in readiness for the holy place to come. We cannot enter God's future kingdom unless we are pure and holy - those who are born again have been cleansed and made holy through acceptance of Yeshua as their savior, we have become as white as snow. However, Jews have rejected Yeshua and therefore, as God's chosen people, to set an example to the world - who have also rejected Yeshua as the savior of the world, God has to ensure that his people Israel are also cleansed and made ready for the new kingdom. This is done by the purification through persecution and in some cases possible death (martydom).

10:6 God intended for Syria to punish not destroy them, but Syria went further and destroyed the people! Therefore God destroys Syria. This is a pending prophesy!

Many secular Jews i.e Tel Avivians (particularly the young people of Tel Aviv are fearful of the future, knowing it is pending WAR! The young are taking drink and drugs, involved in ritualistic perversions and turning to idolatry for their comfort when all they have to do is return to their forefathers faith in their creator God! Return to Hashem, ask him to forgive you and help you to understand the WAY to receive salvation!

These verses also reference to the antichrist and beast period within the seven year tribulation period mentioned in Revelation. We read of the boastfulness of Syria who boasts of destroying Israel and its people. The boastful one we know to be the false messiah that stands in the holy place as 'the messiah' and deceives many. see Rev.

God says in verse 16 he will "send a wasting disease on the warriors (against Israel) and Israel will be set on fire (a purification of Israel by God) verse 20 the survivors of Israel will no longer rely on him who struck them down (the false messiah) but will truly rely on their Lord! The Holy One of Israel! A remnant will return to the Lord. Destruction will take place in the whole land.

This has to happen when you think of how Holy and Pure God is that His land Has to be also Holy if God is going to dwell there. And He will! Obviously, he will have to purify the land by fire.

Verse 25 God promises the Jewish people, " Very soon my anger against you will end and my wrath will be directed towards their destruction. Israel's enemies.

We see today that Israel's enemies are fighting each other and hostility is rife. Nations are killing their own people! Is this an inkling of what is to come? Is this the build up of a reinforced joining of nations to attack Israel or is this the time when God says 'Enough!

These are the choices God gives us and Israel, 1) to turn back in repentence and submission to God and he will turn their enemies onto themselves as he has done in the past Jewish history or 2) if they continue in their rebellion he will allow the continuation and the final attack on Israel.

Whatever decision is made by the people of Israel or God, the time is very near for the start of the tribulation period when God will punish Israel, and the evil dictator that takes rule over the nations will attempt to destroy the people of God. During the seven years there will be many events that take place before Yeshua returns to take his place as Judge. These seven year events will be more horrific than any other events in history so far. A succession of plaques and punishments will fall on all those who rejected Christ Yeshua and God.

After these events on the seventh trumpet (Rev) during the silence period, Yeshua will return to sit as Judge, as stated in Isaiah chapter 11, and he will return with him all born anew believers all those who left in the rapture. And those who were 'in Christ' raised from the graves at the same time will return as part of the remnant. Others, also raised from the graves will be judged.

Yeshua will then judge all of the non - believers and decide their punishment accordingly.

The believers will be rewarded accordingly and then the land of Israel will EXTEND ITS BORDERS to GOD'S original areas given to ABRAHAM and this land will be divided amongst God's people.

Nations will come to the Holy Mountain to seek advice and to worship.

For a thousand years true peace on earth will exist with Yeshua as the king of the nations.

There are many more relevant verses in Isaiah that expand on this introduction to end times rapture and tribulation and the millennium period. There are many verses referring to Yeshua throughout. I suggest you also read The Book of Revelation to cross reference what you have read in Isaiah.

Isaiah 13 Refer to Babylon in the book of Revelation not the ancient Babylon - it refers to the tribulation period. Evidence of it referring to last day events are when reference is made to the sun and moon darkens - this is always a key link.

Chapt 13 verse 12 "I will make man scarcer than pure gold." Never happened historically so a future event.

Chapt 16:5 "In love a throne will be established; in faithfulness a man will sit on from the house of David - Yeshua!"

Happy reading!


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    • profile image

      robert croeson 

      4 years ago

      You going to love Jesus just to look at em , you couldn't ask for a better king

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The age of hypocrisy is definitely occurring. The choice movement condemns God any time it meets someone who will not agree with them. I am not opposed to free will, but fear that their so called choice is out to destroy mine. Most of the time this has nothing to do with God and I wonder why they blame God. The desire to follow your faith and protect our sanctuary's will be in jeopardy next. Already, we have hypocrites who claim to be people of faith in high places but our opening our doors to the wolves. I think God listens to everyone and when he no longer hears the voices of compassion but condemnation his lessons to the World will soon be arriving.


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