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Life of Maragret Sanger: Hitler’s Heroine of Heinous Crimes

Updated on November 8, 2015

Mother of Planned Parenthood

Margaret Sanger, mother of Planned Parenthood, initially intended to acquire support for abortion to consequently annihilate whomever she deemed unworthy of survival. One of Hitler’s admiring affiliates, she established roots in America which encouraged his own beliefs in ethnic superiority.


How It All Started

Sanger’s parents were Catholic. Her mother bore eleven children, lost an additional seven, and passed away when she was 49. Sanger had to help with the family, and therefore was probably resentful. This sheds some insight upon her rationalization for destroying abundant families. However, this does not indicate her perspective is justified, rather the contrary.


How It Continued

Sanger was a nurse and championed birth control, in essence, to control birth through selective breeding. She encouraged this as a way to prevent the “necessity” of abortion. She witnessed poverty and unwanted pregnancies, and she wanted to prevent unintentional pregnancies. Only when it maintained what she considered the perfect circumstance, did she encourage permission for a baby to live. Additionally, only if the baby had the potential to be what she cogitated as perfect and worthy, then she deemed the baby to be a valuable asset to society. She was a mother of two children whom she must have considered perfect, otherwise she probably would have killed them through abortion. She supported the murdering of other babies, but not her own?!

Sanger & Hitler Similarities

Sanger and Hitler had so much in common, from their desire to generate and control the “perfect race”, which is impossible because only God is perfect, to their methods of extermination. They both shared passionate beliefs from eugenics to euthanasia, and sterilization, as well as the same racist intentions of murdering whomever they deemed useless.

Hitler & Sanger


Shared Beliefs

Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler Shared Same Beliefs
Sought power
Sought control over birth
Used manipulation
KKK supporters

More of her Hidden Agenda

In "My Fight for Birth Control", Sanger claims to be "part of a secret society of agnostics and atheists waiting for the coming revolution." For heartless supporters of satanic occults, abortion accomplishes several goals including ritualistic sacrificing of unborn babies, and promotion of promiscuity without consequence.

Sanger Speaks to KKK


KKK Supporter

Some people claim that she was not racist, yet if that is true, why did she speak so contently at KKK meetings? Therefore, it's not too surprising that Sanger initiated the Negro Project with the intention to deplete the African Americans.

Shame on the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institute proudly displays a bust of Sanger in the Civil Rights vicinity near Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Several black pastors have sent letters delineating their disapproval. They stated if Sanger had it her way, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks would have never been born. The Smithsonian has responded that they don’t approve of her support for eugenics, yet they supposedly respect her sponsorship of birth control. Justice is dead when babies are monstrously murdered.

Hillary Clinton Admires Sanger


Admiring Fans

In 2014, Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be Catholic, yet contradicts Catholic doctrines, won the Margret Sanger award. Hilary Clinton who blatantly admires Sanger, won the Margret Sanger award in 2009.

Unfortunate Legacy

Even though she is now dead, Sanger’s legacy unfortunately lives on through her detrimental affect and brainwashing of abortion supporters. Her influence is directly responsible for aborting babies, and the continuance of this terrible crime. Her voice and perverse views speak, bluntly and disgracefully, as they are captured throughout her many publications.

Sanger's Fear of Diversity

Similar to Hitler, Sanger represented the fear of diversity which fueled her approach toward misleading indoctrination. Her unscrupulous ideology must be perceived with transparency to consequently expose her objectives. Furthermore, her lies should not be accepted, but rather repudiated. Planned Parenthood continuously supports Sanger’s heartless, racist philosophies, and continues to carry out her original, malicious endeavors. She proudly continues to have a manipulated following who are her steadfast advocates in immoral exploitations. It must be stopped!



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