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Repercussions of the Israeli Attack on Iran

Updated on November 15, 2011

Iran and Nuclear Weapons

Ever since the state of Israel was created in 1948 by a United Nations mandate, the Middle East has always been in a stage of ferment. The Arabs have not reconciled to the creation of a Jewish state and have tried all means at their disposal to wipe Israel of the map of the world. However 63 years down the line the Arabs are nowhere closer to their objective and in the bargain have been repeatedly defeated in wars and lost more of their territory to Israel. This has fueled a feeling of despair bordering on hopelessness and the Arabs are looking for a decisive way to defeat Israel.

Iran though not a Arab nation is now overtaken by religious extremism. Their basic hatred is for the USA, which supported the Shah of Iran for decades. I feel that they basically would like to strike at the USA, but as a lesser evil they feel that in case they attack and obliterate Israel,it will serve some purpose. Hence secretly Iran has been developing nuclear weapons, this has become apparent after the release of the the report of the International Atomic Energy Commission.

The development of these nuclear weapons is certainly cause for worry not only for the USA and Israel, but the entire world. The reason is simple as Iran egged on by an extremist Islamic philosophy is more likely to use these weapons at the first opportunity, regardless of the consequences. The state of Israel is thus threatened. Topping is the fact that Israel is isolated in the Middle East and even their earlier friends Egypt and Turkey have drifted away. Even the USA may not bank roll Israel for ever and hence one can see that a feeling of insecurity pervades Israel.

Israel would thus like to strike at Iran's nuclear installations to insure that the weapon system is not made operational. The thinking is that it will give security to Israel for at least another two decades. Though in the long run this attack may turn into a Pyrrhic victory as the hard line Islamic groups will never forgive Israel and the chances are that the the state of Israel will face further terrorist activity for a long long time.

This attack will also make the USA and the West, Iran and hard line Muslims enemy number one. Theories of Jihad against the 'decadent' west and the USA will ignite further violence. Thus all in all the situation is a real pot boiler. From the Israeli point of view, this could be a life and death struggle as Israel realizes that it is a small country and just about 2/3 nuclear strikes will erase Israel from the map of the world. Hence an attack on Iran is a dire necessity from the Israeli point of view.

England and France are countries with a long history of colonialism.This fed their great power status and now that the colonies are no more, they are reduced to second rate powers. This attack on Iran will ensure that another power center does not emerge and they can continue as powers for some more time.

In real terms the Iranian's have bitten off more than they can chew. Bellicose statements against Israel and threat to use Atomic weapons against Israel have shown that Iran is an unstable nation. This has also alarmed Russia and China who realize that nuclear weapons in the hands of an unstable nation is no way they can exercise themselves as world powers. Thus they are unlikely to back Iran in case an attack is mounted on Iran.

In the short run the attack will serve its purpose, but in the long run extremist Muslims will use this attack as an another example of Zionist expansionism and western and USA perfidy and thus a long and violent Jihad will be in the offing.


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    • profile image

      Adnan A 5 years ago

      Dont forget Israel has its Nukes which it is denies but Israel's denial mean it is really working on nukes. However everyone looks the otherway.