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The Faceless?

Updated on March 24, 2014

A Case Study #1

Here we are, pondering over the questions of what made yesterday reality today? The decisions decided by those elite upper class individuals who believe they are smarter than we, the less fortunate, as they would say. Yes they have made their fortunes by education and playing the game, or by a mother or father passing it down to them from the blood line for their name to live on over many others who dwell in the kingdoms of their hold. How long will we let their greed and pompous attitudes dictate our futures?

Are we not of the same species as they? Can we not live among them as equals? Why must we live as we do on the tail end, as they succeed further more into riches and us into the pits where the pigs swallow in their own pin? How can we let it continue? Are we not of the same species as they?

Let’s examine a few facts that lead me to ask these questions. Don’t go anywhere after you read the articles in their entirety, because every side deserves a swing of their sword. These parties are front and center in the fight to mold America., To lead direction and fairness in the balance they see fit, as you will read in the link from Wikipedia about Libertarianism. So, we have a clear definition of the three top players in the political arena, and you will see that they are pretty much the same with little differences, at least this day and age.

We can be a United States of understanding and knowledge if we value our species and adapt to the lives of everyone else, even with the differences of ideology and spiritual beliefs. We are still a young nation fueled by idiocrecy blanketed by greed and selfishness, because we have begun to forget our roots as a nation and those who made sacrifices years ago for our tomorrow today. Are we yet again that giant falling asleep?

Now, it’s not just the self-righteous politician who believes they know what's better for us then we do. We also have religious institutions that contradict the true biblical doctrine. The mainstream media that gets bought to spread an agenda. Our educational system that has already been proven not to work, and last but not least the FDA, which allows harmful chemicals and material objects in our food sources. For more information please read their rules and regulations regarding their guidelines concerning our health that is recommended by their cohorts, whoever‘s calling the shots.

I could keep going on with explaining political parties from different sources besides mainly Wikipedia, but this article would be as long as the bible, or Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The point to this article is to remind everyone from all political parties, ethnic groups, education level, religious beliefs, whatever, that we are all different in many ways, but still of the same species. If we cannot find a balance on how to tame our beastly instincts towards one another, then we will destroy ourselves before we even see if the Rapture happens, or by the devastation of mother-nature.

This writer can openly and honestly say that I love this world so much, and I hate it all the same, but I am compelled to live, love, learn, and teach every day for the growth of our species.

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