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The Oldest Profession!

Updated on January 22, 2017

Tis said one of the oldest profession is prostitution
In itself it's an institution
Only means for many to earn their bread
As by society they are torn and shred
To be in in their place one and all dread
In an overpopulated country like ours flesh trade
In my opinion official it should be made
Rules and regulations for its conduction should be out laid
So the concerned are not unjustly harassed and raid
But are fairly for their services paid
If prostitution as an industry is recognized
It can be included in the taxation when revised
This will give sex workers security
Other's to deal with this section of society maturity
All will be licensed and medically certified
Then no more of Aids for people to be petrified
To talk of human rights
It should be for all even for those who work by the night
Every human deserves human respect
Why not to them when it's even given to a murder suspect !!



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