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Updated on May 26, 2014


How can we stand around, and allow our country, our world to demolish what our past revolutionaries, adversaries, and missionaries have fought and died for. We sit around and complain of the hardships of one another, and mostly of ourselves, but yet we do nothing. There is one fact, and the fact is we have issues that require attention for the people of doing.

The fact that our kids are growing up unguided, misled into a world of sadness, where smiles are lost. Obligation, responsibility, and accessibility are some of the characteristics of this movement. Our dedication to this world , humanity, and everything that comes with life has come to a halt. Kids are enduring the dangers of life at early ages, in which we as adults should be protecting them. We are not doing so, and our experience of being a kid was not the same song that is sung today.Support for our youth is more evident than it has been, and Guidance is relivent for the times to come. We should understand that this change has come for us all, and as overwhelming to us as it is; this fight should be fought from us all.

Not a war with another country, which is old news, but a war on wrong and right, ethics, and compassion for life.It's more than complaining or shaking heads in mismay; these days are cold and life seems faint. We are looking for happiness in the wrong places, with the wrong state of mind. Looking for love, but fall short in relationships of all types. Patience venturing to irritation, and inevitable dysfunction of families coated with phony friendships.

Where am I earth or the front gate of hell?


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