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Medical Professionals You Would Not Want To Go To

Updated on June 14, 2018



This nazi doctor loved torturing people, he operated on people without using anesthesia. He often removed their organs, amputated their limbs, and injected dyes into eyeballs He even tried sewing twins together to create conjoined siblings.

Although he was declared a wanted Nazi war criminal, he was never captured and brought to justice.

Harold Shipman

Shipmans mothers death left an unforgettable image in his mind - of her being administered morphine to relieve the pain that she experienced during the later sages of her condition (terminal lung cancer).

This image later became his modus operandi with which he claimed almost 250 lives all of whom were vulnerable elderly women.

4 years after his conviction, he committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell at Wakefield prison

H. H. Holmes

In Chicago at the time of the 1893 worlds fair, Holmes opened a hotel with murder in mind. He took an unknown number of his victims from the World's Fairs" hotel and killed them there.

On being convicted he gave various contradictory accounts of his life, initially claiming innocence and later claiming that he was possesed by satan, who made him commit the crimes.

Holmes was later hanged at moyamensing, also known as the Philadelphia County Prison.

Charles Cullen

Cullen killed up to 40 patients during his 16-year's of nursing career.When questioned the reason behind the murders he claimed that he gave the patients overdoses so that he could end their "suffering" and prevent hospital personnel from "de-humanizing" them.

When questioned further he the told the detectives that he had blacked out memories of murdering most of his victims. He said he could not recall how many of them there were or why he had chosen them.

Cullen is currently serving a sentence of life in prison without parole for over 100 years, to be served consecutively with his other sentences in Pennsylvania.

Lainz Angels of Death

Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Mayer, and Waltraud Wagner murdered their victims by pinching their noses, and pour watering water into their mouths until they drowned.

They continued killing until finally they were caught after a doctor overheard them bragging about their murder at a local tavern. Although they confessed to only 49 murders over six years, it is estimated that they might be responsible for as many as 200. In 1991, Wagner and Leidolf received a life sentence, whereas Mayer and Gruber received 20 years and 15 years respectively for manslaughter and attempted murder charges.


Petiots murders were first discovered when one of his neighbors in Rue Le Sueur complained to the police about a foul stench along with large amounts of smoke that appeared to be emitting from the chimney of his house. Fearing a chimney fire, the police summoned firemen, who entered the house and found a roaring fire in a coal stove in the basement scattered with human remains.

On being questioned Petiot claimed that he was "the head of a Resistance group" and that the remains were of germans and traitors of the country.The French policemen, embittered by years of Nazi occupation, believed Petiot and allowed him to leave.

later after further investigation, and discovery of large quantities of chloroform, digitalis, strychnine and other poisons, plus 50 times a typical physician's stock of heroin and morphine were found in his Rue Caumartin apartment, he was apprehended on Paris Metro station 31 October 1944. Among his possessions were a pistol, 31,700 francs, and 50 sets of identity documents. He was later given the death sentence and finally beheaded on 25 May 1946.


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