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10 Obnoxious How-To Videos That Just Shouldn't Exist

Updated on September 6, 2015

#1 How To Walk In High Heels

Some women love wearing their high heels. And some women look fantastic wearing them. But let's face it, high heels are not mandatory in life. If you need a video to show you how to walk in them; then you probably just shouldn't be wearing heels in the first place. Get a grip and buy some one inch loafers.

#2 How To Rap Freestyle

Come on, the definition itself says "unrehearsed" that means you go with the flow. There are no directions here. That's the whole point. If you need a video to show you how to rap freestyle, then get off the stage! (Drops mic)

#3 How To Be Taller

Calm down, you are not getting taller. As a short person myself, I got quite excited to see this headline but alas, there is no magic here. The answer here is posture. How to get taller = Stand up straighter. That's it. No video needed folks. Sorry to burst your bubble on that one. If you really want extra height you could always watch a how-to video on how to wear heels and get some height from there...

#4 How To Cheat On Someone

Why do these videos even exist? Who are these people that create these? If you think it's acceptable to teach others how to be unfaithful to their partners you need to be deported to the Black Hole of Calcutta. I'm assuming that the creators of these videos either got away with cheating before or have been cheated on themselves. Either way, teaching someone else how to do the deed is despicable. Get a life buddy!

#5 How To Not Look Stupid

I don't think that people who look stupid actually wake up in the morning with that intention. Creating a how-to video on this seems stupid. That's all I have to say about that.

#6 How To Make Fruit Salad

I posted a picture of a fruit bowl the other day on social media and one of my friends had the nerve to ask me for the recipe. Was she kidding? I looked it up and sure enough there are videos on how to make a fruit salad. Spoiler Alert!!!! You cut up fruit and put it in a bowl. The end.

#7 How To Boil An Egg

I can understand some people needing to know how long to boil an egg for, but a video showing how to boil an egg is ridiculous. A step by step video? If you can't figure out the actual mechanics of putting eggs into water, turning on the heat and allowing the water to boil then you probably shouldn't be using the stove in the first place. Make yourself a salami sandwich instead.

#8 How To Binge Watch A TV Show

I just don't understand why we need a how-to video on this. Isn't there just one step to binge watching anyway? Pick a show and watch all the episodes. Does that count as two steps? Heck, my Netflix automatically plays the next episode so I only have to push the play button once. Anyone want to make a video showing me how to press play?

#9 How To Create A Messy Bun

The whole idea of the messy bun is that it's messy. It's messy because it's something we do to our hair as we're running out the door to go meet up with friends or go to the grocery store. We can successfully complete this look while jogging to our cars, while coming down the stairs, while sitting in the car or outside at the park. No mirrors needed, it's allowed to be "messy." But apparently, I've been doing it wrong because there are literally hundreds of how-to videos on how to create this "messy bun" look. The once carelessly tossed up messy look now has step by step instructions. I think if you need a how-to video to teach you how to make your hair look messy, then maybe you need a bob.

#10 How To Food Prep

This food prep craze that everyone is so absorbed with has countless how-to videos. We're really not talking science here - do you want to know how to food prep? You make a large quantity of food and you separate it into containers for the week.That's it! That's all there is to it. People have been doing this for centuries without actually labeling it as "Food Prep" It wasn't even associated with a healthy lifestyle before. Let's be clear here, it's just as easy, if not easier, to pack 5 slices of cake as it is to pack 5 salads. Busy moms have been preparing casserole dishes and placing them in the freezer ahead of time for decades, it's not a new idea. If you need a video to teach you how to boil 10 eggs and then place two in each plastic container, then I feel sorry for you.

Have you needed to use any of these How-To videos before?

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