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10 of the World’s Weirdest Criminals

Updated on March 1, 2015

There is not one person who would wish to be a victim of any crime, no matter how petty it might be. But as scary as most criminals are, there are those that are just plain weird and crazy.

Here are some crime facts that can leave you scratching your head.

1. At the Los Angeles airport back in 2002, customs officials apprehended a man who came from Thailand because he tried to smuggle at least 50 exotic birds and animals. The craziest part of it was they found a pair of pygmy monkeys inside his underwear!

2. The rapper P. Diddy, while he was away, had an unwanted guest in his house. The intruder surprisingly didn’t take anything of value. Instead, he just ate P. Diddy’s food, drank his booze, and slept in his bed. It pays to have a really good home security solution.

3. A 42 year old man went around Mayfair, Pennsylvania and harassed women by exposing himself to them. The weird part of it is when he offers them money to put Swiss cheese on this thing.

4. In Sweden, customs officers noticed a woman who has been repeatedly scratching her chest. Raising their suspicion, they interrogated her and found out she had live snakes in her bra. She was trying to smuggle the reptiles.

5. In Japan a man was arrested for throwing urine at a woman. What he did was he drove by the victim and threw a cup filled with his urine at her. Surprisingly, there were other similar cases in the same area and the man confessed to at least 10 of them.

6. A woman got off her car in front of her apartment. Two guys approached her and demanded for the key to her car. She handed it to them and the robbers got inside the vehicle. However, the car had manual transmission and the suspects only knew how to drive an automatic. They fled but got caught later.

7. One night, cops responded to a call about a burglary in a restaurant. They had a hard time finding the suspect so one of the cops decided to inject a bit of humor in their search. He shouted, “Marco!” although it was not the name of the burglar. To their surprise, somebody in the dark yelled back, “Polo!”. The suspect was caught.

8. Three burglars broke into a home and found a jar. They peeked inside and thought they found cocaine. They took it home and started snorting its contents. Later did they realize that the jar was an urn. It contained the ashes of the homeowner’s dog.

9. A man was running from the cops. He jumped over a fence and right into a nudist beach. The cops easily located and subdued the suspect as he was the only one with clothes on.

10. A guy on a bike snatched a woman’s smartphone. What he didn’t know was the woman was in the middle of demonstrating the GPS feature of her phone when he took it away. He was soon found by the cops and arrested.

Just always be careful.

Weird or not, criminals are still bad news. So always be on the lookout and follow safety practices wherever you may be to avoid becoming a victim.


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