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10 Ordinary Things Which Can Be Used As Deadly Weapons

Updated on December 22, 2015

There have been a lot of hot air floating around about gun control issues in America and now it as blossomed across some European countries. Guns are dangerous weapons when handled or used incorrectly and as such will cause grave damages or the lost of lives. For persons who wish to defend themselves but refuse to carry a gain, here are several everyday items which can be modified or used as they are as a deadly weapon.

Deadly Weapon
Deadly Weapon

1. An Expired ID Card or Credit Card

Your Id is simply that, an identification card. It is a piece of plastic which possess common attributes about yourself and is also fitted with your picture. They don't last forever and they all come with an expiry date. The credit card is the love of the females and leave it to them to max out in minutes. But what the Id and credit card both have in common is that they can be used as a deadly weapon. All you need is an expired ID or credit card and simple file down one top and side edge enough to cut with. Once you have created this weapon of mass destruction you just need to slide it in your wallet and there you go. Just don't believe you can "cut cost" with this sharp card.

2 Spike Heels

Have you ever seen some of these Eiffel tower looking spikes which these ladies seem to fancy these days. These shoes are not just expensive tilters, these spikes are what Bush must have been looking for when he proclaimed weapons of mass destruction. Men like to see women in spike heels and women love to see themselves in them. It seems to "lift" their self esteem a bit as it portrays to look and feel. But spike heels have a deep and darker side, a dark secret kept hidden for millions of years until recently uncovered by a ....Well, seems like i went off topic, that line was suppose to go in my conspiracy theory article. But lets get back to spike heels. Spike heels can be used as a weapon just the way they are without modification. All a woman needs to do to defend herself against an attack is to simple slip them off, grip the show with the heels exposed and put on some major blows to her attacker. If she wants to go a bit further, she can use modified shoe heels with blades!

3. Hair Spray

A woman's handbag is the fortress of everything, including I pads, pillows, puppies, clothes, kitchen utensils, you name it and a woman has it in her huge handbag. What many women also carry around are hairsprays. Many hairsprays contain substances which allows it to be flammable, such as Cyclopropane, Acetone, ethyl methyl ether, and diethy. Once your hairspray is compact with these components, you are a walking fire-starter. So suppose some lunatic begins to chase you breathless one night shouting "Mary, you ain't no virgin", with a red cross in his hand and a large knife. The first thing you should do is to verify is remark! Second:call the police: Third:grab your hairspray and have a lighter or a match ready to fry his face off!

4. The Trusty Weather Umbrella

The news said it would be a wonderful day for the rest of the week, cool and calm. You notice for the past several days a particular person keeps walking to and fro with his umbrella. No matter what manner he is dressed, he has his umbrella. Well let me let you in on a little secret, that umbrella is not just an umbrella, its a dangerous weapon which that person holds and is ready to strike at anytime. Many umbrellas have been modified to fire shots and other things. But a good umbrella can be used to ward off simple attacks and you could do a little damage with this simple tool also. If you are under attack and you have an umbrella in your possession, don't just back it out and use it to wack the attacker. First open it out and try to ward off or block any missiles being launched at you. The attacker will try to grab the open umbrella, rip off the clothing from the umbrella and you will have many wires dangling. Now you can launch your attack with your naked umbrella, if it is sturdy enough, you can do some serious damage.

5. Belt

One thing for sure is that as simple as the belt is, it can cause some major damage if handled correctly. People who do figure out the belt can be used as a deadly weapon always use it the wrong way. When you are using the belt to defend yourself. You need to wrap the end without the buckle in your hand and use the buckled end to do the assault. There are some very tough and heavy belt buckles out there that can create a good blow to ones head if used the right way.

6. Eyeliner/Pen/Pencil

Just about anything which can be sharpened or has a point can be used as a deadly weapon. Even for many women who may not have a pencil in her huge handbag will most likely have in her possession an eyeliner with a sharpener. The eyeliner can be sharpened to a deadly point just like a pencil and can be used to do serious puncture wounds to the organs of your attacker. So if you are cornered and have no way of subduing your attacker, begin to charm the hell out of him then tell him you want to look good for him by applying some makeup, get out your lipstick so as to not to arouse suspicion. Then draw for the deadly eyeliner and give him a hole somewhere God never made one.

7. Shoe Lace

Shoe Lace is what makes a shoe worth wearing. They also make great strangulation cords. The thing about shoe lace is that they are not easily broken unless they have begun to rot and weaken. If someone else is being attacked and the attacker is sitting on or standing over that person, you can deter the attacker by using a pair of strong shoe laces to warp around the attackers neck and pull on the two ends of laces has hard as you can, once the attacker feels his breathing being cut, he will leave the victim for a while and try to secure his own life. He will obviously turn to you so you must also be prepared to defend yourself with some Simple defense Techniques.

8. Sun Shades

Sun shades makes us look like we are cool, even hides the eyes of those perverts and stalkers who are steering you down from behind those dark horizons. But the Sun shades can be used as a weapon to inflict some really nasty wounds. So lets look at making a deadly weapon from a simple sun shade. Steps:

  • 1. Pop out the lens from your shades.
  • 2. Rub them up and down on the asphalt (road) on both edges until they are sharp enough to cut flesh.

You have just created a deadly weapon out of a simple sun shade.

Deadly weapon from the frame
Yes the frame can also be used as a deadly weapon, especially those thick plastic ones. All you need to do is rub the frame arms on the asphalt also until pointed and sharp. or simply use a lighter to melt it down a bit first. Once you reach the desired "pointyness", you can do a lot of real damage with these.

9. Stockings

One good thing about stockings is its ability to stretch and accommodate various sizes. I think that sentence came out wrong, but stockings really do just that. Stockings are worn by many women in the office and many women who do a lot of "night work". The stocking on its own can not do a lot of damage, but if you combine something with it! Watch out Goliath, David is reborn! You can place something hard on the toe area of the stocking, do a choke tie on that area and use the stocking as a momentum driver to spin and hit the attacker with. So you could put in anything to use as a weapon in the stocking, a watch, stone, a bunch of keys, broken bottles, etc. If the attacker gets a good blow, it will deter him and probably save your life.

10. House or Car Key

If for some reason you are being attacked and your attacker is powering over you and you happen to have hold of your car or house key, all you need to do is grip the key fob and use the key to stick him in the neck or ear. You would be surprised at the level of damage a simple car or house key will do if used the right way with the right amount of pressure applied.

Concluding This List

So don't believe because you are not in possession of a nuclear bomb or an assault rifle you cannot defend yourself. When under attack, keep calm, try not to panic too much, look around, there may be a common item nearby which you can use as a deadly weapon.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 16 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Clever as usual. Very fun. Who needs martial arts when we have Clive?

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 16 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Hee, another hoot! All of your ideas are good but why not carry a gun. Gotche!

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 16 months ago from Nibiru

      @eric, my kingfu is wack....can someone say hong kong fui

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 16 months ago from Nibiru

      no alwaysexploring,,,,,no guns...that makes it too easy, you want a little torture in it right

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 16 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Remind me not to go out with you for a burger. I'd be too afraid to eat. :)

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 16 months ago from Nibiru

      LOL@billy, don't worry. I will make it painless!!!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 16 months ago from Shelton

      my goodness what a list.. you can use them to protect yourself too voted up and awesome

    • RandaHandler profile image

      Randa Awn Handler 15 months ago from USA

      Great creative list! Funny how you’ve managed to make weapons out of everyday things! Good tips!

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 15 months ago from Nibiru

      hey RandaHandler, thanks for stopping by. Yes, everyday things are deadly weapons too.

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