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10 Reasons Why Being Short is Awesome.

Updated on August 22, 2015

All my life I have been picked on for being tiny and short. The name calling: shortie, shrimp, little one, baby, midget, the list goes on. I never understood why we got picked on so much, do average and tall people have nothing better to do than to point out our height disadvantage? Do they not see how cute we are? Do they not realize that if we get angry, although we might look like chipmunks, we are at the perfect height to kick them in their kneecaps? Well, I'm hear to reassure you that being short is not all bad. There are plenty of positives to being short! Here are 10 reasons for why being short is AWESOME!

#10 Everyone assumes we're younger than we are

People seem to automatically connect height with age. Therefore when they see a person who is smaller than them, they assume they're younger too. This works well for the ego! I work with a group of women who are all at least 4 inches taller than me, and I once had a client tell me that she could tell I was the youngest of the group because I was so cute and bubbly. Truth be told, I'm 13 years older than those taller ladies. 13 years! That's a big difference. I figure as long as people continue to associate height with age, I'll remain in the younger half of the group!

#9 You can still fit into your clothes from high school

This is true, you can still fit into your clothes from high school. This is great for two reasons. First, if you're a hoarder like myself and still have a stack of clothes from back then, it saves you money on buying clothes. And those big baggy sweatshirts that we used to wear that were way too big on us, are a perfect fit now! Second reason this is great is because this style is back! So if you're lucky enough to have any of your clothes from your high school days - get them out! While average and tall gals are spending money buying new clothes that look like they're from the 90's, you'll be strutting your stuff wearing real vintage clothing that fits perfectly!

#8 Angles

Think selfies! Everyone looks their best in a selfie if the camera is held high and angled down. It slims your face and body. That's our angle! People look at us in the same angle a good selfie would be taken in. The worst selfies are the ones that are taken on an upward angle, this is how everyone else looks to us. But we have the advantage, we are a walking perfect selfie!

#7 We're cute!

Let's face it, short people are cute. We're adorable. Little dogs, kittens, miniature pony's, tiny frogs and short people - all cute! I even had a person very unhappy with me once until she met me and said "I was ready to come in here and hit you but looking at you now, you're so cute, I'm not even angry anymore." Think about that. We're so cute, we take away people's anger. Tall people can't do that. They just can't.

#6 Bathtowels

How great is it that bath towels are huge on us? We can use them horizontally or even vertically! While average size people stand around shivering with a towel that only covers half their body, we can be assured that when we get out of a bath or pool, we'll have a large fluffy towel to wrap completely around every body part! Sometimes even twice.

#5 We can be carried anywhere

Short people are easiest to carry. If you try to carry someone who has legs as long as your own, you will not only look ridiculous, but you will most likely stumble, knock her into walls and even fall. Short people can easily be carried because we're compact. And the best thing is that you can fall asleep on the couch and be carried up to bed, just like when you were a kid. Is there a better feeling than that? I don't think so.

#4 Plenty of room on the plane

While others are trying their hardest to get comfortable in their plane seat, we've got plenty of room. We can sit back with our legs criss-crossed on the seat while we watch the person next to us try to figure out the best angle to put each leg so they don't end up with a bruised knee cap before the flight ends. When the person sitting in front us wants to lean back in their seat, it doesn't phase us. We can remain comfy and watch other people cringe because they are now permanently trapped in their seat. Some airlines wanted to charge extra for larger people boarding the plane because they take up more room, maybe we should get a discount!

#3 We can always find a guy taller than us

I remember having a friend in middle school who was a foot taller than all the guys, she hated it. She had to wear flats to all of our school dances. Plus, all the guys eyes were the same height as her chest, so that's where they were looking. We want a guy who is taller than us, one who can wrap us up in his arms and make us feel safe. We want to be able to cuddle on their laps without our feet touching the ground. We don't want to feel like we're crushing our boyfriends. Being short, we never have to go looking for someone taller than us, because everyone already is.

#2 Working around the house is a workout

Can't make it to the gym? No problem, just spend a few hours cleaning the house.Whether your diving head first into the wash machine, climbing up and down the stairs with your little legs, or jumping onto counters to put dishes away - you are bound to burn some calories! A tall person just reaches up and places the dishes in the cabinets. I have to get a running start, jump onto the counters using every leg muscle I have, then jump back down when I'm done. And it's much cheaper than buying a gym membership - I'd say that's a bonus.

#1 We can wear shorter skirts without looking slutty

Shorter legs means shorter skirts! If one of my taller friends wears a mini skirt, she's going to get some looks and they're not going to be good ones. When you have that much leg showing there's a very fine line between slutty and stylish - and it's very hard to get it right when you're tall. Being short means our legs are shorter and even though we may be wearing a mini skirt, it won't appear that that much leg is actually showing. (Because let's face it, we don't have that much leg to show.) Slutty for tall gals can easily mean stylish for us petite ones.

Be Proud of Your Height

There's a saying for short people, "God only lets people grow until they're perfect, some of us didn't take as long as others." Let's pretend that's true and be happy with being vertically challenge. Swing your legs on the airplane, get your workout done at home, and strut that mini skirt proudly!

Short girls; You gotta hand it to us, because we usually can't reach.


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      VationSays 2 years ago

      "I'm not short! Am compact!" it! It's a good read.