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10 Reasons Why I Think George Clooney Would Make a Great President

Updated on March 29, 2016
Young George Clooney. You can already see in his eyes that he has a great future in acting ahead of him.
Young George Clooney. You can already see in his eyes that he has a great future in acting ahead of him. | Source

What is going to happen

Either when you finish reading this piece you will think me near-insane or asinine or before you read the first word of this personal offering that has taken me a long time to compile. But this is mostly for "our" benefit as voters of America, not necessarily for me, HubPages member.

Amal and George Clooney  at Hail Caesar opening.
Amal and George Clooney at Hail Caesar opening. | Source

I give you my word as an American

Personally, I think that George Clooney would be the ideal candidate for President of the United States. Laugh if you want, but all of the heckling and heckle-based comments (on this hub) will not cause my opinion to stray. Clooney, to me, is the man for the job that is being so desperately sought by Hilary Clinton; Bernie Sanders; Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. And that's it. No word from the Libertarian or Independent Parties.

Here's proof that George Clooney can be sensitive to others' needs as well as being a terrific leader

Clooney's political prowess

Clooney meets  German Chancellor,  Angela Merkel.
Clooney meets German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. | Source

I ask you, "doesn't this shot of George Clooney just look so Presidential?"

George Clooney  mug shot.
George Clooney mug shot. | Source

The reasons are obvious why Clooney is right for the job of President

Simple. Just look at his qualifications. You might consider this funny, but compared to the rest of the Presidential candidates, Clooney's background makes as much sense as the other candidates. I know that I will not include "every" achievement Clooney has reached or award he has won, but take a look at these "plus" points for Clooney:

  • Clooney is very popular with both men and women. A man (or woman) who can command such attention everywhere they go, is the one we need running our country.
  • Clooney is very popular overseas. (See photo of him meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel). Can you say that about Trump, Clinton, Sanders, or Cruz?
  • Clooney has an extensive background in theater and acting. This talent will pay off in high dividends when Clooney has to face an angry Congress and Senate to get one of his bills passed (as President) to save our environment.
  • Clooney knows more about the military than the other four Presidential candidates. Do you remember his movies, "The Monument Men," and "The Peacemaker"?

These are but four reasons why I think George Clooney should kick-off his own Presidential campaign funded by the ultra-powerful movie studios of Hollywood. His list of supporters would be a list of "Who's Who" of the entertainment industry. Harrison Ford; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolene; Alec Baldwin; Jimmy Kemmel; Geena Davis and many more. This, my friends, is both power and history in the making.

If the Presidential Election were held today, who would be your candidate?

See results
Selfies at Hail Caesar opening.
Selfies at Hail Caesar opening. | Source
Kelly Preston and  George on couch.  Photo shot Dec. 1, 1988.
Kelly Preston and George on couch. Photo shot Dec. 1, 1988. | Source
Hail Caesar  Photo call Feb 11, 2016.
Hail Caesar Photo call Feb 11, 2016. | Source
Hail Caesar  Photo call  shot Feb 11, 2016.
Hail Caesar Photo call shot Feb 11, 2016. | Source

So to further cement that George Clooney is right for the job of President, I give this hub the title:

10 Reasons Why I Think George Clooney Would Make a Great President

10.) Good Looks - - counts a lot to being President. A lot of his adversaries, if any, are women. Think of that. Compared to Barack Obama, well, out of respect for our current President, I am withholding my thoughts about his looks.

9.) Entertaining Crowds - - is a definite "plus." Clooney, if elected, would be at ease at many fundraisers for those of his political party as well as all of the press conferences he would be expected to hold to answer questions from the press like: "President Clooney, why did it take you only two weeks to solve the nation's economic woes?"

8.) Well-Spoken - - you have to admit that Clooney can handle himself when it comes to public speaking. And if that doesn't convince you, look at some of the scenes from any of his hit movies and you will realize just how many lines of dialogue he had to learn.

7.) Award-Winning - - could be Clooney's nick name. Name the award and if Clooney hasn't won it, he was in the running for it. Clooney has received eight Academy Award nominations, winning two, Best Supporting Actor in 2005 for Syriana and as co-producer of 2012 Best Picture winner, Argo. Clooney is the only person who has been nominated in six different categories.

6.) Sense of Humor - - has to have its place in any Presidential candidate's portfolio. Clooney has a sharp sense of humor. See some of his key scenes from his "Oceans 11," trilogy. Wouldn't you agree that our country needs to be taught how to laugh again? Clooney can do that.

5.) High-Ranking Contacts - - I should not have to explain this reason for liking George Clooney for President.

4.) Public Image - - yes, again, you have to admit that George Clooney has a near-spotless public image. Have you ever seen or read about him being involved in a nasty scandal? Or on trial for taking the life of his wife? (e.g. Robert Blake, O.J. Simpson). No. That alone should be worth a few million votes.

3.) Kids and Animals - - love George Clooney. I have watched him wave at or give kisses to little kids who were in the throngs of fans who wanted to just get a glimpse of him as he walked down the Red Carpet to present or accept another monumental award for his film work.

2.) Environmentally-Conscious - - George Clooney is the first to make a stand against water and air pollution and countries who violate basic human rights of their citizens. Oh, I wish the Presidential election were held tomorrow. You can guess whom I would vote for.

1.) Great Portrayal - - as Batman. George Clooney was, in my opinion "the best" of all the actors who have been the Dark Knight. Now can you image any of the other four candidates being so versatile as to play Batman? Nope. None of the four could pull that off.

There. I have made my case for why I like George Clooney for President.

Now. If I could only find him a suitable running mate. I wonder what Chris O'Donnell is doing?

Political/legal disclaimer: This hub was not endorsed by actor, George Clooney or by any of his entourage, management or friends. This is the comical work of HubPages member, Kenneth Avery, me, and I am responsible for the laughs and giggles it will generate. (Kenneth).

Tilda Swinton and  Clooney at a  Hail Caesar  Photo call.
Tilda Swinton and Clooney at a Hail Caesar Photo call. | Source


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Dana Tate,

      I could have said, Hi, Dana, since I do not see any other Dana's on this hub and you would have understood.

      I agree with your thinking. If we see billionaire Trump as a serious candidate, why not Clooney?

      I guess Bernie Sanders could be "our" Harry S. Truman, huh?

      Peace to you, Dear Dana.

      Write me anytime.

      Love, Kenneth

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      I will take giggle all day long. Thank you. I know that Clooney has the dough to finance part of his campaign and shucks (rural exclamation) I would like to listen to his State of Hollywood speeches.

      Now I am getting hysterical when I should be serious about our next President.

      Thanks, tsmog for your comments.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Hey, if Donald Trump seen as a serious contender than any rich person can give Presidency a shot.

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 

      2 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Giggle + giggle . . . got to admit your Style Kenneth ;-) rings through the article. You got my vote . . . why not? Maybe next round he will be another Reagan in stature while open and compromising with policy agenda? I dun'no . . . as I am not as knowledgeable about those other four ;-)


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