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Are We Living In The Last Days ?

Updated on October 5, 2015

10 Ways The Earth Will End

Life on Earth sometimes feels as if it will last an eternity, as if the mutilation and damage that we've done to it will just scar over. Is the mind of man fooling itself or is there another agenda, one that we as humans may not have written for ourselves but will play out none the less.

While watching the Science Channel today I came across what I saw to be an interesting synopsis.We live in a world where man believes that he is in control. But what happens when he looses that control. Sometimes we walk around with our eyes wide open but do not see, there are things before us that only appear small yet have great strength. Let us walk through those things together, let us see if we agree with what is said about the count down of "10 Ways The World Will End."

Asteroid Hitting Earth

The countdown begins

10. Doomsday Asteroid

There are tens of thousands of asteroids and many more to be discovered, we are still in the mist of searching the skies and discovering them. What if a large one came our way today, it would be as if an atomic bomb hit the planet. There would be huge explosions upon the surface of the Earth. Rubble and ash for miles would fill the skies. An area the size of Virginia would be flattened. Massive shock waves would take on a path all their own. Global earth quacks would tear the earth apart. Thousands of people would die in an instant as the atmosphere burst into flames killing all carbon life form. Or maybe it would slow the chaos down with climate could become toooo hot or tooo cold. WHAT IF!!!

Nanobots the size of a mustard seed

nanobots as small as a mustard seed
nanobots as small as a mustard seed

9. Robots Inherit The Earth

Every day man is coming up with another way to allow machines to make his life easier or sometimes just for the sake of keeping more money in his pocket.... Machines that are designed to lift our so called heavy burden of daily chores. They are quicker than us, more efficient and incapable of human error. If it is true and the power of micro-chips double every two years then we can only reason that soon machines will be smarter than us (their creator). What happens as they get smarter and start getting tired of their weak minded masters. What if they decide to go bad and change life as we know it.

8. Volcanic Eruption

The Earth is a big ball with a gooey center just waiting to erupt. Scholars state that supervolcanic eruptions happen every 600,000 years, the last one happened 640,00 years ago which sounds like to me that we are due one. It is a well known fact that beneath Yellow Stone Park brews a super volcano waiting to happen. What if it POPPED today...there would be widespread destruction. It would produce a sound that our minds could not conceive and our ears have never heard. Vast lava flow covering hundreds of miles would incinerate all that it came in contact with. Poisonous gas and ash would fill the skies and killing all man, animal and plant that it came in contact with. And if that isn't bad enough what about the chain reaction that would come about when the first one blew. We would no longer be called planet earth but planet destruction. The gases and ash would blot out the sun and change all that we know.

7. Alien Invasion

There was a time when we thought that all that we could see with the naked eye was all there was in the visible universe. There are hundreds of billions of stars in our milky way, our galaxy. It wasn't until the 1920s that we realized that there were other galaxies. The telescope has brought about a new why of thinking. Are we the only occupied planet in the universe, could there possibly be others and if so could they be friendly. Could theblack-holes in the sky be a kind of portal;one that could be used as a gateway to take you from one universe to another.

One thing that scientists know is that our universe is dying, it is expanding out of control. One day our sun will turn cold and the skies dark, all that is us will die. Where else could we go to escape this end but to another universe that hopefully is connected by that dark hallway called a black-hole. What if there are aliens out there who are thinking the same thing. Aliens who's technology could allow them to make that jump today or tomorrow.Would they be friendly visitors or conquerors.

Flood of destruction

after the flood
after the flood

6. Ice Age

There has been eight ice ages in the past, it is believed that there could be another.Some say that it could be triggered by global warming. With the melting of the Arctic ice peaks the North Atlantic is becoming less salty which in turn could possibly affect the flow of the great oceans currents. The dense salty water falling to the bottom is the fuel that feeds the flow. Without it there would be a shut down of the great currents. With the trickle down effect it would in turn cause a sudden climate change triggering a new ice age.

5.Invasion Of The Gray Goo

Re-engineer nature through nanotechnology, what a thought. The physicist Alex Drexler forewarned about nanotechnology, he saw them as tiny little robotic assemblers. Capable of being programed to roam the blood stream, dissolve clots or kill cancer cells. Being too small as an individual they would be of little help. It would take more of them to be successful. They could be programed to go about grabbing on to atoms to recreate themselves. But once they start how do you stop them, there are no turn off switches. Would they continue to go about eating up all matter in it's path to recreate itself turning all matter into gray goo. The final envelope is in the hands of man.

Disease upon the innocent (smallpox)
Disease upon the innocent (smallpox)

4. Nuclear War

M.A.D. stands for mutual assured destruction. During the cold war America and Russia pursued this to make the world a safer place. Nuclear armament on a great scale came about because of this. The U.S. has over two thousand warheads and Russia has their share. We have thus far escaped the need to push the button. But with that kind of power in the hands of man, all it would take is someone having more than a bad hair day or mentally unstable to push the button. These warheards are always in a state of readiness. The winner would be he who pushed first. There has been near misses in the past linked to false radar readings. Destruction and war could be as easy as a mistake.

3. Plague

Chandra Wickramasinghe (astronomer) believes in the possibility of a new strain of virus being delivered to us by way of outer space.He believes that every new strain of virus or bacteria has a space connotation to it.That it could quite possibly be delivered by way of an asteroid, one that we have no knowledge of, a killer plague from outer space.

Let us not forget about the Bio-Weapons that are being created in a lab somewhere as we speak. They are cheaper to make than an atomic bomb, but just as deadly.With the use of bio-weapons you don't have to worry about rebuilding the city. It could spread from person to person in matters of seconds.,or sprayed from the skies like crop dusting.All it takes is one mistake to release it from it's controlled environment.It could even be a well meaning terrorist.

DNA Manipulation


2. Genetic Engineering

Man has been able to isolate the genes that contribute to certain defects in the human body, be they physical or mental. All things are made up of DNA and if you can read the map, you can manipulate it.While watching the show I was taken by surprise when they discussed how the gene in jellyfish that gives them their glow can be isolated and placed into a mouse, giving it the same glowing effect. If they can do it with a mouse it is a given that they could do it with a baby (of course they said they would never do that).Imagine if you were pregnant and found out that your child would be born with a mental illness, one that could be fixed;that would be a good thing wouldn't it.There is nothing under the sun that contains DNA that couldn't be introduced into man.

What about the new parent that wants the ultimate child,one that they design. Blue eyes, blond hair, short, tall....etc. A child without ailments, a smart kid who won't suffer the embarrassment of being a slow learner or too weak. Is there anything wrong with that. Would this child, the fruit of our loins and genetic design always love and trust us or will they outgrow us. Being stronger,faster and more intelligent than those that came before why would they follow.They would be as super humans, the human race would have a division.There would be two separate species of humans on the planet.The thing about the genetic field is that there are no fine lines. In justifying one action are we justifying another, where dose it all stop.Or will we one day be the sub-race of humans with our new genetically enhanced children as our masters.

1. Orbit Shift

It is a known fact that Uranus is the only planet that is tilted on it's side, all other planets are tilted on their axis. It is also believed that this tilt came about by Uranus being hit by a huge asteroid sometime in it's past. The Earth is tilted on it's axis, maintained by the balance of opposites (the push pull effect). What would happen if our planet was hit by some huge asteroid. There are tens of thousands of them out there and we do keep a look-out for them. If we were hit our orbit would change. We could quite possibly be drawn into the sun. The ice caps would melt causing floods in one place after another. There would be earth quakes and volcanic eruptions sending people to flee, trying to escape the inescapable. The world as we know it would burn up and be mere fuel in the eye of the sun. We would be no more and it would be as we never existed.

At the moment these are mere thoughts and ideas in the mind of man but could they really happen.

Do you believe that the planet will last forever ?

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© 2009 loveofnight


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