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10 Ways to Go Green and Save

Updated on February 21, 2010

Going green is actually quite basic and easy but does require vigilence because old habits are hard to break. There are many ways in which one can save money and reduce their own carbon footprint on the planet. The list below are just some basic ways that do not require a huge amount of money to implement, like, installing solar collectors, which on average costs $20,000 or more.

1. Drive less or buy a hybrid

2. Have your meals home cooked

3. Eat veggies

4. Work from Home

5. When not in use, turn off electricity

6. Conserve water

7. Install ceiling fans

8. Unplug any plasma TV when it is not on

9.Use cold water to wash clothes

10. Air dry clothes when possible

11. keep flue in chimney closed when not in use

12. Use low-flow water devices in bathrooms

13. Keep your freezer at 0F and the fridge at 35F


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