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10 most awesome animals to dream about and what they mean

Updated on September 20, 2010

Some of the Coolest Dreams Are About Animals

Animals in dreams are almost always powerful indicators of our current situation. Wild animals especially evoke our primal subconscious and can give a great deal of insight into ourselves. Here are the 10 most awesome wild animals to dream about what a dream dictionary might say they mean.

Important factors for interpreting the dream

- Is the animal tame or wild?

- Is the animal friendly or aggressive?

- Is the animal close or far away, and what is it doing?

- How does the animal make you feel?


Alone or in packs Wolves are powerful, beautiful, and dangerous

To dream of a wolf, shows that you have a thieving person in your employ, who will also betray secrets. To kill one, denotes that you will defeat sly enemies who seek to overshadow you with disgrace. To hear the howl of a wolf, discovers to you a secret alliance to defeat you in honest competition.


Tigers are feared man eaters. The Champawat Tiger was responsible for 436 documented deaths.

To dream of a tiger advancing towards you, you will be tormented and persecuted by enemies. If it attacks you, failure will bury you in gloom. If you succeed in warding it off, or killing it, you will be extremely successful in all your undertakings. To see one running away from you, is a sign that you will overcome opposition, and rise to high positions.

Polar Bear

The Polar bear is the largest land carnivore alive, weighting twice as much as a Siberian tiger and standing up to 8 feet tall.

Polar bears in dreams, are prognostic of deceit, as misfortune will approach you in a seeming fair aspect. Your bitterest enemies will wear the garb of friendship. Rivals will try to supersede you.To see the skin of one, denotes that you will successfully overcome any opposition


Don't think sharks are animals? You tell him.

To dream of sharks, denotes formidable enemies. To see a shark pursuing and attacking you, denotes that unavoidable reverses will sink you into dispondent foreboding.


In some places lion attacks are on the rise and lions have killed or injured 871 people in Tanzania in the past 15 years

To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you. If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement. If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful attacks of enemies. To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition. To see a man controlling a lion in its cage, or out denotes success in business and great mental power. You will be favorably regarded by women.


Elephants may weight up to 6 tons but they can run about 25 miles per hour. Combine that with a nasty temper and its no surprise they kill around 500 people a year.

To dream of riding an elephant, denotes that you will possess wealth of the most solid character, and honors which you will wear with dignity. You will rule absolutely in all lines of your business affairs and your word will be law in the home. To see many elephants, denotes tremendous prosperity. One lone elephant, signifies you will live in a small but solid way.


Crocodiles kill hundreds of people each year as they fish, bathe, and work in Africa's rivers.

As sure as you dream of this creature, you will be deceived by your warmest friends. Enemies will assail you at every turn. To dream of stepping on a crocodile’s back, you may expect to fall into trouble, from which you will have to struggle mightily to extricate yourself. Heed this warning when dreams of this nature visit you. Avoid giving your confidence even to friends.


Fun Fact: Vultures have very sharp eyesight and can spot a three-foot carcass even from four miles away.

To dream of vultures, signifies that some scheming person is bent on injuring you, and will not succeed unless you see the vulture wounded, or dead.For a woman to dream of a vulture, signifies that she will be overwhelmed with slander and gossip.


50,000 to 100,000 people die every year due to snakebite

To dream of snakes, is a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages.To see them wriggling and falling over others, foretells struggles with fortune and remorse.To kill them, you will feel that you have used every opportunity of advancing your own interests, or respecting that of others. You will enjoy victory over enemies.To walk over them, you will live in constant fear of sickness, and selfish persons will seek to usurp your place in your companion’s life.If they bite you, you will succumb to evil influences, and enemies will injure your business.


A rhinoceros can run thirty to forty miles per hour and weighs 3,000 to 4,000 pounds.

To dream that you see a rhinoceros, foretells you will have a great loss threatening you, and that you will have secret troubles. To kill one, shows that you will bravely overcome obstacles.

Dream Dictionaries on Amazon - See the Sidebar for my pick

Every dream dictionary is different so please read the excerpts and reviews on Amazon to pick the one that is best for you. Also keep an eye out for my upcoming reviews of the different dream dictionaries that I use.

A Note on Dream Interpretation

Getting an accurate dream interpretation is never as simple as flipping open a dream dictionary and looking up the key symbols. While dream dictionaries are able to get you going in the right direction they will never get you more than part way there. Dreams speak to us in a language of symbolism and those symbols vary in meaning greatly depending on context, emotional state, and hundreds of other factors.

If you are new to dream interpretation I strongly suggest visiting a forum or seeking out someone who provides dream interpretation services. You can also read my other lense on how to get started with dream interpretation or visit my website at to get started.

Best of luck


Sorry I forgot to add this, I'm still trying to figure this thing out. Please leave any comments or suggestions, I love to hear what everyone has to say.


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