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10 things I hate about India

Updated on July 24, 2012

Before you start sending me hate mails after just reading the title of this hub, let me make it very clear that I am also an India and no less patriotic than anybody else. I love my country and I am very proud of being an India. However being an Indian its my duty to find the shortcomings in society of India, its culture and its people so that we can collectively correct that and make this a better country for our future generation. The list I am going to produce is not about little problems, but these are the fundamental problems which have kept us from progressing from a third world to a developed one. These are the iron chain in the legs of every Indian who want to sprint and catch the rest of the the world.

I just don't want you to read this list and move on. I want you to think about it, find a solution and fix it. So here goes the list of 10 things I hate about India..


1. Corruption

This is the biggest curse to this country which is wiping out all the hard work of common man. From being a part of the system in 60's and 70's, it has become the system now. Everyone starting from politician to a peon is corrupt. Everyone blames other of being corrupt but they themselves don't miss any chances of taking bribes. It started when we were blindly following the communism in our early days of independence with tight regulation, red tape ism and license raj. However now it has spread it roots so deeply into the society that even though we are now more open economically, corruption is getting bigger and bigger. Recent 2G, common wealth scams and lot others are so big that they are comparable to GDP of some small countries. Billions and billions of money are being looted in daylight and we have now simply stopped reacting. It may be deep rooted in our society but if we don't find a solution to this problem soon then it will not take much to make us slaves again.

Double Dip Recession 2012

2. Deep rooted casteism

India with largely Hindu population is plagued with deep rooted casteism which has been a part of society for more than 5000 years. Hinduism is one of the most beautiful religion on this earth and I feel proud of being a Hindu. However as all other religions, Hinduism is is also not free of its shortcomings. Hinduism broadly divide people into broadly 4 categories based on the work they do. Brahmin does all the worshiping, teaching and rituals, Kshatriya were warriors, Vaishya were merchants and Shoodra were people who used to serve others. But these divisions were never meant to discriminate anyone. However these divisions got more finer and finer, Shoodras got discriminates and exploited and Indian society were a mess till we got independence. In current day modern Indian society, that discrimination and exploitation has not almost gone, but the caste divide is as strong as it was before. Modern day politicians use this caste divide to rule us and hide their ill doings. For example, even a most educated person will not vote for a honest person if he is from different caste but will vote for most corrupt person from his caste. Election tickets are not distributed based on competencies but on caste equations. From marriages to elections to friendships, everything is based on caste. Unless this casteism is uprooted from its very base, a real growth in terms of social equality and harmony cannot happens.

Regionalism and Languagism in India
Regionalism and Languagism in India

3. Regionalism and Languagism

India is a country full of diversity comprising many religions, culture and hundreds of languages and dialects. In some way it is good for the country but in current scenarios its proving to be more harmful and giving any benefits. We talk about unity in diversity but that unity is nowhere to see. As if caste divide was not enough, regionalism and langaugism are also adding to the misery of Indian unity. I will give you an example of how it works. A person from Maharashtra will hate a person from North Indian especially from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. This same person will hate another person from Maharashtra itself if this person is Maratha and the other person is Brahmin. And the same person will also hate another Maratha if this person is from Mumbai and the other Maratha is from Nagpur because Mumbai generate most of the taxes which gets distributed among the whole state and the divide goes on. The list of diving factor goes on and on. Non Hindi speaking states don't consider Hindi as their national language but they don't respect other regional language as well. and if you mix politics into it then the mud gets more murkier. Tamil Nadu is a classical example where hating Hindi is a political status.

Indian soft image
Indian soft image

4. Soft Target Image

India is probably one of the few countries which never invaded any other countries but were itself invaded hundreds of time. We were ruled by Moguls for 1000 years and then by Britishers for another 200 years. Even after independence, Pakistan attacked us 4 times (49, 65, 71 and Kargil) and China in 62. Its hard to imagine a country like Pakistan which had no real army and no money at all, captured one third of Kashmir in1949 and they kept attacking us after every 15-20 years. We had terrorist attack on Parliament and then on Mumbai and we didn't fire a single bullet even though we know who has done it. Whats the use of having nuclear bombs and missile. Its looks like Pakistan is using the threat of its nuclear bombs better than India and they do these terrorist attack every now and then and are assured that India will do nothing fearing a nuclear war. Can Indian politician answer how they punished Pakistan for planning such a bloody attack on our financial capital. Last time I heard was that Pakistan is yet to start court cases against the suspects picked up in Pakistan. The conclusion is that we are a very soft country and we have no self respect left for ourselves. These attacks are not the last on our country and there will be many more unless we shed this soft traget image.

Lazy attitude coutsey:
Lazy attitude coutsey:

5. Sense of Laziness in our attitude

We all remember how Japan was totally destroyed after the World war 2 and we also know how it gathered itself from the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and established itself as the world's second largest economy within 30 years. Till 1980, China and India were at the same start line of economic state and looks how far China have left India. And the examples are countless, from Singapore to South Korea to Taiwan and Malaysia. All these countries except China are much smaller in size, less fertile land much smaller populations. Only reason why they have moved past us is that they have worked hard and harder to make sure that their future generation will not face the hardship that they have faced. While our people were taking a nap in offices, they were working day and night to build their nation. I currently work for a leading bank in United Kingdom. Even a country like Uk where they have all the luxury, peple come to office at sharp 9 AM and work without taking break till 5 PM and leave. On the other hand, people from my company come at 10 AM, keep working till 9 PM but 10 breaks in between and then complain of overwork. What I mean to say is that we as a nation are not doing enough to make ourselves competitive against Chinese, Korean or Japanese. If we want to see our country at the top we have to work like Japanese where CEO of a company comes first and goes last.

15 Aug at Red Fort
15 Aug at Red Fort

6. Lack Of Vision

When Germany was defeated and humiliated in first world war, it decided to take revenge and by the start of Second World War, it reestablished itself as the strongest nation at that time and then almost captured whole of Europe. Whatever Nazis did was good or bad is a different topic for debate. Even after second world war, Germany was again razed to the ground and divided into 2 parts. It again reunited and became a developed nations and world leader in machinery. When Japan was totally destroyed after Second World War, it raised again to become a economic superpower and first developed nation in Asia. How were they able to do it? Answer lie in the fact that they knew what they have to do. They had their vision. Germany had the vision to be strongest nation in the world. Japan wanted to become economically strong. China wants to be the number 1 superpower. What do we want to do? What is our vision? Unless the masses don't know in which direction they have to move, what is their aim, what they have to achieve you cannot expect that nation to progress. People running this country need to give some sort of targets to achieve in short and long term duration. In fact the country vision should be a mandatory part and input to any plan we make in this country. Every single or big decision should be made considering how it will help to achieve the country's vision. Remember the Gandhi's Talisman that we read in our text book in schools. This vision should be used as that talisman to guide people as well as government in the right direction.

Budhha, creating his own path
Budhha, creating his own path

7. Following than creating own path

Gautam Buddha was a Prince with a palace, a beautiful wife and a country to rule over. He could have followed what his ancestors had done and live his life peacefully. Yet he choose to follow a new path which he didn't know about. He found his knowledge under the Bodhi tree and created a new religion Buddhism which is followed by more than 1 billion people over the world. Subhash Chandra Bose could have followed the path of Gandhi as he was a part of Congress, yet he chose to walk on a new track and founded Forward block. If he would have not died, he could have probably freed India before 1947 and we could have been living in a different world. There have been hundreds of examples in Indian history where people have chosen an entirely different path and rewritten history. Why cant we have people like them in modern India. Why we always look toward others to lead us. In our population of more than 1.3 billion people, if we can have just one percent of leaders who can create new paths, new ideologies and new thinking to follow, we can have more than 2 millions such leaders. If India have to make its own position in the world, it will need its people to think differently from rest of world. Its time not to follow but make your own way and this can not be possible till India have not just a handful of leaders but hundreds and thousands of them.

If you are not happy with one political party then instead of giving vote to another party which is just slightly less corrupt, start a new party and fight election. Give more option to the people to chose leaders from. Instead of working for Mukesh or Anil Ambani, create your won Reliance. Write your own book, start your own banks, bring another white and green revolution, produce your own electricity and write your own future. Instead of waiting for someone else to do something for you and then blaming them later for not doing those things, do it yourselves. In the process of doing so, you will rewrite the future of India.

Vasunshara Raje poster in Goddess form
Vasunshara Raje poster in Goddess form

8. Worshiping Human more than God

India is a land of millions and billions of God and Goddesses, hundreds of religions and followings. Yet, we have time and capacity to worship human beings as God. Some people in Rajasthan are building a temple of Vasudhara Raje for worshiping. They have already created an Goddess like idol of hers. Although it yet to be found if she have any feature like goddess or even a feature of common human being. Dalits worship Mayawati even knowing she would give a tough fight to even the most corrupt politicians for being the epitome of corruption. Same is the cases with other politicians like Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa, Lalu yadav and so on. Its just not the politicians, people even worship Cinema actors like Amitabh Bachhan, Rajnikanth and cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar. These people may have done a great job in their fields but they have been suitably rewarded for what they have done. Why is the need of worshiping them like God? If we slightly go deeper, we may find the answer in history of India. Indians have always been forced willingly or unwillingly to worship or to see kings like God like figure. From Raja Raja of Cholas to Kushans and from Ashoka to Akbar, all of them were either seen as God or God like creatures on Earth. But these people I mentioned were from the golden age of India where the common mass was happy and content. But today's era is no golden age then why are we still following the same tradition? Its something hard to answer and I am still searching an answer to that

Mahmud Ghazni in Somnath Temple
Mahmud Ghazni in Somnath Temple

9. Always satisfied with what we have

Somnath temple in Kathiawad of Gujrat was the richest temple in the world in around 850 AD. It was looted several times by Mahmud Gazni and its generals. Not only they looted the temple, they destroyed the whole regions, killed people and took Hindu women with them. And this was mot done once, twice but several times. Its not just one story, India was invaded thousands of time by Mougals and European countries. India must be the only country in the world with all its richness, powerful kings and great army but never ever invaded any part of the world. We were always content with what we had. We always worked hard to create wealth to be looted by some one else. We always have forgiven others for whatever they did to us. At the golden period of Indian history, India used to control more than 25 percent of world's trade, now we have less than 1 percent. Yet we are satisfied. Our politicians loots us everyday in tune of billions and billions of rupees, yet we are satisfied. Nobody want to speak a word as we have accepted this as our faith. If Thomas Addison would have been satisfied with the oil lamp, we still would have been reading this hub under an oil lamp and not the fluorescent light . If Alexander Graham Bell would have been satisfied with letters and wire, then I had to write this hub on a paper sheet and post to all of you as there would be no telephone and no internet. So if you want to revive the golden era of India, you want to live a life as people lived in time of Chaddragupt, Ashoka and Raja Raja, then don't be satisfied. Go and conquer the whole world no matter what path you may have to follow because people remember Alexander the Great as a king who ruled the world but not how he conquered it. If Romans, Mougals and Europeans had their time, then it should be our time. Don't be satisfied!!!!!!!!

Gandhi - Addressing a ralley
Gandhi - Addressing a ralley

10. The way we got our Independence

While writing this hub, I was confused where should I put this point. I wanted to put it on the top but the decided to put this last not because it is the least priority thing I hate about India, my country, but this is something which is a summary of all the problems which our country is facing. I personally just hate the way we got our independence. Looks at the condition of a country when you get independence by begging and when the ruler give it to you because he is tired of beating you. We as a country are so used to be slaves that we have forgotten how to raise our voice. If you want to see the example, look at how United States got their independence. They didn't get it, but they snatched it by beating the hell out of British. Look at the great revolutions of countries in Europe like France, Germany and Russia. People in these countries know what is the meaning of independence because they have earned it and they will not allow any politicians to ruin it because when you earn something by violence, you know its value. If you have shed blood to to earn it then definitely you will shed blood to protect it. But when you are given independence by some one else as the case with our country, then people don't understand the value of it. Look the way politicians are looting our country but we are silent because we are so used to it for more than 1000 years. We were slaves and we will be slaves until we rise do something to protect our motherland.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

I personally believe, if we had got our independence not by following Gandhi but by following Netaji Subhash, then not only we could have got our independence earlier but we must have known its value. I also have a great respect for Gandhi ji as he was honest about his thoughts and intentions, but perhaps he thought that next generations of politicians will be as honest as he was. But that didn't happen, and we are now at a place where now we need independence from out own elected politicians. Honestly current situation is not as bad as you might deduce from this hub as we economically growing at a pace of 9-10% per year which is among the highest in the world. However the rate of corruption and inflation is also growing at the same rate. And economically not everyone is growing at the same pace. High economic growth in only for the upper 10% of the population. For the 50% of population which is below poverty line, inflation rate is higher is what they are earning. That means, they are getting poor and poor and rich are getting richer. And if the corruption goes at the same rate then that would means the government will not do sufficient to keep the disparity at manageable rate and one day the fuse will go off. And on that day, same thing will happen in India which is now happening in middle east, public revolt. I might be going too much over the line, but who knows.. I will be happy if nothing of that sort happens which I have written above. But to prevent any possibility of happening such things, we have to do something. From 'We', I means all the young, educated, middle class and all those people who have brains to think and off course all those patriotic people who love mother India and want to do something for our beloved country. Elect correct leaders and if there are none, then yourselves join politics. Don't let corruptions happen near you, support the weaker section of society, stop believing in castism and any kind of religions differences. Save more that you earn, pay taxes, be honest with whatever work you do. Every single act of yourself can make a difference.


Conclusion is that India need us more that it ever needed. We as a citizen have same responsibilities towards the country as politicians have. If they are corrupt then we are more responsible then them because we elect them. If we have terrorist attacks in our cities then we are responsible because we are not able to protect ourselves. If a farmer does suicide in Maharastra or Andhra Pradesh then again we are responsible as we have not been able to get farmers their value for their crops and hard work. Anything which happens to our country, good or bad, we are only responsible for that.

So instead of blaming others, we have to start taking responsibilities and fix the problem. Always remember one thing that we cannot ever change our past as past is not in our hands. But we can always change our future and we are responsible of our future and we have the capacity and right to change our future. I know after reading this hub, you will have lots of thought, comments and ideas in your mind. Please use the comment section below if you want to share them. If you want to write me personally, my email id is

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    • athulnair profile image

      athulnair 3 years ago from India

      Great hub. Highlights most of the facts which we face in India.

    • profile image

      female-traveller 3 years ago

      Great post, made me think. What about Nepal? In Nepal people say India stole Nepali lands. Like where Buddha got enlightened it used to be a part of Nepal, but now it's in India. And yes, there are hardly any independently thinking leaders in India. Two women come to my mind, but the problem is.. firstly, they're women; secondly, they oppose the grabbing lands of huge corporations and Monsanto, and that's not making Indian government happy. These truth fighters are Arundhati Roy and Vandana Shiva. God bless them.

    • mksvalue profile image

      Manoj Kumar 3 years ago from New Delhi

      last point, you hate the way we got independence , there are many way to got independence, if you really wanna kill people and want independence, how other country got their independence doesn't matter ,but we got our independence with love and respect without heart anybody. You hate 10 things about india, every country has few negative points and who create that point , we . we are the reason behind all this, just writing about i hate 10 things about india is not matters, let improve all these 10 things and we can proudly say that i love my india and i proud to be an indian. these days most of good talent just go abroad for earn more and more and nobody care about india, if all good talent go from country who will improve it, same thing happened time if indepence , if all freedom fighter just leave our country because they wanna earn money , we can take example of Gandhi Ji, who helped us gave freedom without fight and if gandhi ji also leave country and never fought for freedom ,then. all these things easy to say we hate , your all point correct but don't say YOu hate the way we got Freedom.


    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 3 years ago from Southern California USA

      What an interesting hub. Thank you for sharing your insights from an insider. I used to view India differently, seeing it as more of a spiritual place than the country it is. How naive.

      I disagree with only one of your points. If India would have achieved its independence in any other way than non-violence, it would not have remained an independent country for long. India gained worldwide notice and respect for its non-violent resistance and thus now has the rest of the globe's respect and backing now and in the future. Compare that to any other small sovereign nation that has to continually defend itself against intruders. India could never have stood alone in its fight for independence and never will be able to. It simply lacks the military might and there is so much religious infighting among its own population that organizing a stable fighting unit would prove futile. I'm speaking of having to resist a major overture, not just having a small army to invade a defenseless nation like Nepal.

      Ghandi achieved alone what an army never could. And there was bloodshed. His and many, many others. Somehow, there does seem to be a requirement of sacrificial blood when there righteousness is restored from evil. (Just an observation.)

      World peace will be established when every country realizes that it is a part of our global village. Cooperation instead of warfare. We all need each other. If this planet is to survive, we need to pool our resources.

      One thing I really do not like about India at this time is the pollution of the Ganges River. To me, the waters are a reflection of those around it. Once a beautiful, sacred river, it has been desecrated by the vileness of its people. I am speaking in generalities, of course. There are many wonderful Indian people everywhere.

    • profile image

      Pratik Sigdel 4 years ago

      I mostly agree with your points but still want to say something. As you mentioned that India never invade other countries but was invaded by others (Pakistan, China). So, what do you think about the small Indian neighbor Nepal that Indian SSB and Indian people are encroaching land towards them and consider them as their small part of India... Mind it, Nepal was, is and will always be an independent country but India always want to keep it under Indian influence. This is the most thing that I hate about India, being a Nepali. But still there are lot of things that India is keeping an eagle eye on the overall development of Nepal, a sovereign state. you guys have to watch after it..

    • profile image

      A Hindi speaking guy who lives in south for the past 3 years 4 years ago

      "Non Hindi speaking states don't consider Hindi as their national language." Please get your facts right! Even our constitution does not consider Hindi as the national language. It is only the official language for Central Government. It is because of Hindi speaking people like you who dream and think of Hindi as the national language that the other states revolt against Hindi. We would never have had linguistic problems if Hindi speaking people could have respect for other Indian languages which are older, stronger in terms of vocabulary and have better literary traditions than Hindi.

    • profile image

      Ravi Teja 5 years ago

      very much inspiring..... keep on encouraging us through your writings. thank you so much.

    • profile image

      Ravi, Texas, USA 5 years ago

      We are the generation(30-50) that has to do whatever we think ought to be done to make lives better for the next generation.

      No point bemoaning, we just have to get together, bring the common people together and push for it. Everything bows against people power!

    • profile image

      From Arabia 5 years ago

      Hellow ! I m Not Indian But I m friend of Indians. I Like India too Much because of Your moderinaty. I Pray to Almighty that May India Grow More and More as a Develop Country and as a Powerfull Country. Also, India Help the Other Weak Countries of Asia ( Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan and Myanmar etc) .

      Almighty Bless India.....

    • profile image

      kanu Boro 5 years ago

      I completely agree with you. Thanks for making me understand those problems. I do want to work something for the society which will whole change the my India.

    • profile image

      Motiram 5 years ago

      if small and resourceless israel can alonely fight with their all neibour hostile countries then why we can't. it was policy of nehru and gandhi that only because of them whole of the kashmir is not the part of india and that's why boarder of india and afganistan does not touch each other and its opposite china and pakistan touch each others boarder. Gandhi and nehru never sleep on ground in prison and never beaten by police and british by stick and always sleep on foam beds and in electric fen who was only bhagat singh, netaji subhas, veer saverkar and many others who weresleep in grond beaten by british, never given food and even water for drinking and so many probelms they were faced because of these persons we geted independence

    • profile image

      Yashwan 5 years ago

      India is a Land with Many Religions and Languages.

      Punjabi, Bangla, Bihari, U.P, Marathi, Gujrati, Rajasthani, Malaylam, Tamil r the Most Popular Languages of India. Even u See Many of These Languages r Spoken in 2, 3, 4 States of India.

      For Example: Bangla is Spoken in West-Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Orissa.

      Punjabi is Spoken in Indian-Punjab, Himachel Pardesh, Haryana, New Delhi. Uttar Pardesh, Bihar, Madeha Pardesh, Uttar Arunchal Spoke 89% Same Language.

      So Tamils r also an Indian Not different from India.

    • profile image

      Guru 5 years ago

      Indians should not expect Tamils to learn Hindi. Because Tamils dont expect others to learn Tamil. Tamils don't need Hindi. We wont accept it as national language. vaazhga tamil

    • profile image

      Anu 5 years ago

      I am not so expert in the history.But there are many good points.What do we need to do on a daily basis to keep things in place.Few things people don't care on daily basis and that's making India more unorganized.I remember one incident in my life when I was about to throw a chocolate wrapper one of my friend told me not to throw it on road and keep it in handbag.I did that and from then I never threw a single paper on road.This happened to me at 16.Some people say that you should know certain things as you grow up.But many people are so programmed by their surroundings.You will see some parents or friends saying "Nothing will happen if I throw a paper on road","What if I break the traffic signal?"..People's attitude should change a lot.

      Somebody should list the things not to be done and propagate them.

      These are my views.It might feel silly to some people but I strongly believe that..

    • profile image

      Adnan from Saudi Arabia 5 years ago

      You Should NOT Hate India. Because without India the World is Uncomplete.

      It is Very Glad to Hear that India is Growing up as a Develop Country and Soon it Will become Powerfull Country in Asia.

      I Like India Because of its Ancient Hindu-Buddhist Civilization and I Also Respect India for Having Many Religions in its Land.

      Indian People Can Finish Corruption, Terrorism from India By Making Strong Unity and Become Faithful Nation.

      Here in Arabia I m Supporting Indian Communities for Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunchal Pardesh, Assam. I Also Consider these areas as Integral Part of India.

      May God Bless India and Indian People.

    • profile image

      resham 5 years ago

      i can't believe you dint mention gender discrimination... or is it dt you dnt hate dt??

    • profile image

      Nandan chauhan 5 years ago

      realy great

    • profile image

      Sajal Kumar 5 years ago

      I am quite convinced with all your points.......all are true regarding india and indians....but you are doing the same thing as others are doing....Try to understand this ..."bhagat Singh janm le leking hamare ghar nahin tumhare ghar"...WE WANT TO IMPROVE INDIA BUT WE DON'T WANT TO TAKE THE INITIATIVES(SACRIFICE ANYTHING).....COME TO INDIA AND DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY.....AS WE ARE DOING HERE...

      Sajal Kumar

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I accept all point except one point. Author mentioned Hindi is not accepted as national language. It is not an issue. All languages are equal. Tamilian will learn hindi when he comes to hindi speaking state. Similarly hindi speaking people can learn tamil when they come to tamilnaad.I think hindi people expecting other to know hindi is a issue.

    • profile image

      Soumya 5 years ago

      Well said , gives motivation ..

    • profile image

      ishita 5 years ago

      I agree with this hub. All the points are true. But our country will not understand like this. We have to do something to stop it.

    • profile image

      Vetri Vella 5 years ago

      yes sir , you are very, India choose Gandhi, his way were really not in sync with the times, SC Bose was the right man, i agree with you for regional languages can live hand in hand with Hindi as a National Language, just like Mandrian in China, It galvanises and make the Chinese as one, Indians are fractured in Caste, Languages, race , Mordern feudalism

      My great grandfather was a Tamil who migrated to SEA , support your view and India needs to get it's act together,

    • profile image

      shaleen 5 years ago

      see yup i agree wid uor points n they are all true .......

      u know i know my nation real aim it was so differen from another nation yup it want to be a powerfull n develop country now its 5th power of the world ...... [ u know by military power only ] but its real aim was '' to live and let the others live '' but i am agree wid u in all the points..... that india HAS TO IMPROVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      hfsasa 5 years ago

      yup agree

    • profile image

      hari prasad 6 years ago

      All the 10 points are good.

    • profile image

      Abhishek Gupta 6 years ago

      india is not just bad its actually useless. Anyone who compares India with the US especially the education system will definitely agree.

      I study in one of the so called good engineering institutes in india IITK and let me assure you that you would agree if you were in iit

    • profile image

      Sap 6 years ago

      I completely agree with you , very good points and this is very commonly exeperinecd by atleast in every millisecond of India's population. I feel shaeat time to say I belong to a place where at one go politicians make promisses and at that very instance to help seeker they turn their face. I along with my family now suffering very badly because of this. Any help ?I dont want to be victimised I want o reach out .

    • profile image

      Ujjwal Shorewala 6 years ago

      There is an error in the fourth last line of the first point(Billions and billions are money are being looted in daylight)

      Please correct and yes a very good article

    • amithak50 profile image

      amithak50 6 years ago from India

      I like your points very much ,I think we should develop the quality of snatching rather begging if someone attack on us

    • profile image

      200bc-forever tamil 6 years ago

      you're as a tamil i got nothin but HATE FOR YOU HINDI SPEAKING NORTH INDIAN guys are f*king sickos

    • profile image

      MOtai baduu 6 years ago

      i agree Nikhil Roger

      i live in tamil nadu,jayalalitha and karunanidhi are corrupt but they helped a lot of people specially in the rural areas...i think madras

      has lesser slums than mumbai

    • profile image

      Nikhil Roger 6 years ago

      democracy and liberty are just fancy words for Chaos....

      .......Communism is going to make China the most dominant power.....they say communism failed in the USSR but where is the success of democracy in Africa and Asia?.

      vote for the communist party next time !!!!

    • profile image

      Joseph 6 years ago

      I can agree to all but the last, because freedom fought and won need to be protected with arms and weapons. Freedom was our right and true it was denied for centuries but the British too understood very late that it was the right of the millions of people. Gandhiji showed the right path and people have to follow ahimsa...

    • navneetjha profile image

      navneetjha 6 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Thanks Shampa and everyone else.. If my hub is able to ignite even one Indian heart to do something for India, then I will think that I have done atlest something for my country..

    • profile image

      pratik hore 6 years ago

      sorry navneet iwhen i read this i am very angey because of some points but your hub is ver good sorry again but i am alwys thinking about how to lead our countery as a superpower and i ma also overpatriotic

      if u are satisfy email me at

    • profile image

      pratik hore 6 years ago

      appropriate points you listed here but also list 10 things thats u like about our grt india and are u real indian?

      Why u are working in u.s not in india

      u r not indian i think suggedting only what our problems not solutions

      and it is easy to talk but hard to do understand u better understan

      ur hubs have been read by all world u foolish what u r doing do only good things which is neccesssary for us not for britishers and u donot talk about our independence

      u forgot about ur bhagatsingh and many freedom fighters

      hub writing is easy than freedom fighting understan

      jai hind

    • profile image

      sunshine 6 years ago

      i'm agree with u more than 3 or 5 points ...........

    • profile image

      sad 6 years ago

      i like ur point whater ever u said happend n happning but our country biggest virus is politician we cannot change our IPC, if we have a rules like gulf countrys it may b a big change we can expect.......

    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 6 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      Voted up and awesome.

      The points you have raised are very appropriate. It is true that being an Indian if we are unable to analyse ourselves then how can we develop. We need to understand our demerits and must have the guts to address them. Hopefully, your hub will encourage many Indians from raising their voice against the demerits of our country.

    • profile image

      Aj 6 years ago

      I truly agree with your points and the major problem with us Indian is, we are reluctant in taking responsibilities, we blame others for our mistakes (politicians,judiciary),but do nothing to improvise it. Even though we are the largest democracy, but aren't the strongest one. It is often stated that in democracy the goverment is [by the people, for the people and of the people] but in reality we dont even trust our government(for an ethical reason). So if we really intend to bring back India's golden era, then we need to change our own perspective.

    • profile image

      Masood 6 years ago

      well i want to say something..

      you sad Pakistan attack five on India. this disinformation not correct..

      Like 1947-1948 india-Pakistan first conflict goes to start when indian army capture invade in kashmir..

      yes 1965 Pakistan did army invade in kashmir than india open attack on Pakistan.. 1971 every one knows india starts war on invade on bangal.. in kargil u and me never say it war because it's again Kashmir ..which according indian government lead to un resolution but never obey.. as it's act as state terrism in long we say old typical mind set views.. that shows us we are from south asia..

      we have many issue common why not we talk about that??

      now i would like say add something what dilip he sad somehow right.. that is main reason that pakistan still in war zone by nato-US due bordering transit route for china ,Iran,central asia.. as china Iran and russia want pakistan stable and peace to support thier route interconnect russia new states states rich energy fuel oil gas and leading middle east ,central asia to europe turkey ..key importance for china and iran growth they just need pakistan ports ss ..

      but infact realty is that more common and natural bording nation pakistan have india ..india is growing ..needs cheap energy from iran and central asia like china and also need to make trade route tranist with pakistan to middle east ,iran turkey to eu..

      But usa uncle already keep indian government keep quite by giving them peace of cake in the form expensive nuclear deal.. on return cancel iran pipline project by india to make US Happy happy..

      RT-NEWS indian most trusted friend and pakistan enemeny history in US- cold war.. what they say new name to pakistan pipeistan ..why they know Gold bird truth behind.that why making pakistan situation so bad day by day funding dollars to groups in paksitan and supporting Corrupt government ..

      wat I see next 5- 10 years situation very fine day by day..but next 1 year situation more worst..

      sorry all you because my english not fine i know thier must be mistakes.. as english is not first language but hope so that u people can understand ...thank you

    • profile image

      dilip 6 years ago

      i am agree w/u about pakistan,but they know how to fight and china is now there best friend.,and also iran ,turkey. how is w/us.if we see carefully india is sournding w/enemies,china,pakistan and arab countries,are u thinking is easy to fight for us,just think.when amerca will left afganistan/this country will like pakistan and china just think. i like india more then everybody

    • profile image

      dilip 6 years ago

      i agree with u dude thats y all d indians are supporting anna hazare!

    • profile image

      mahavir prasad 6 years ago

      very correct analysis some extent.Actually indians mainly hindu philospy,live life with satisfaction in every condition assuming present situtaion due to our past live work(KARMFAL),all the things are false except So called GOD,so do not run after(not make efforts) all these physical objects,only try to live life to get MOKSH .This philospy made us lazy,careless to our envionment,people etc.Whenever some one is found involve in any type of wrong activity,we ignore saying that God will give him/her result of his doing.secondly,in my view we are called largest democracy in the world but it is not true in reallity due to some features of our electroll process.Ist,only 50% to 60 % people cast theire vote and thus elected person gets only 30% to 35% of total votes,leaving rest of the population either opposite to him or neutral about his idology and this creates negetivity about govts every activity due to non attachement of masses and person elected does his work in favour of only for some of his followers,caste .2nd thing,the phenomena of reservation in election,services etc.rather than developing the ability of person Reservation policy created castism so strongly than ancient time.some other point later...

    • profile image

      Jai Deo Tiwari 6 years ago

      well written meaningful points...Its really important to understand the major causes for backwardness of the Bharat(India).

      "Hum Shudharenge Jag Shudharega,Hum Badlenge Yug Badlega"

    • navneetjha profile image

      navneetjha 6 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Thanks AlkaGl..I cannt agree more than what you have said..It was not Gandhi or Congress who go freedom for us.. It was the circumstance and the new world order which paved the way for freedom for not only India but many other countries.. But decendents for Nehru and Gandhi are still ruling the country and distroying the country from within..

      Kerlyn: India in growing not because of government but again due to lot of other factors including globalisation.. India is only shining for people who are rich..Poors are still finding it very difficult to get food.. India still have got the highest number of poor and under privelaged people in the world.. India is not at all shining.. You have to be a Indian to know this..

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      How I can relate! Most of the things in your "hate" list is also true for my country, Philippines. But then again, India, right now, is making waves. Quite impressive.

    • profile image

      alkagl 6 years ago

      Your concerns are genuine and deep reaching to roots of conscience.But India may not be understood in the limited sense of its present international official boundaries.We need a vision to apprehend that India is a type of community that extends across Hindukush to Malaya,and that all remained one nation,upon some time in history.It were Nehru and Gandhi,who had in haste of fulfilling their personal ambition of becoming ruler of this vast land had rejected Churchill's offer of home-rule,instead they inclined for a Division of land on very basis of Hindu-Muslim,instead they trying to foresee,where in future such conditioned independence would lead us to.

      I am hard to agree,this is Gandhi who brought us independence.This was the Time factor itself which to credit goes to for effecting this hailed independence.

      All the common wealth nations received independence since '47,no Gandhi remained behind behind such other

      Freedoms.We should learn to be grateful to the Britishers who not only taught us the meaning of FREEDOM,

      but an ordinary person in British India had used to enjoy

      far more a better quality of personal rights,as compared

      present days we have.

    • profile image

      Domain name registration 6 years ago

      I am totally agree with you and all of these are the major problem for this country...

    • profile image

      Yashpal Chopra 7 years ago from Mumbai, India

      I agree with you. However, will like to add, most of the problems we are facing are inherent in our culture and upbringing.


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