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100 Stupid Questions to Google About Women

Updated on September 9, 2019
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Krzysztof is a 10+ year YouTube researcher who spends hours researching, analyzing, and uncovering YouTube trends, challenges, and media.


10 Stupid Google Questions About Women

What are the 100 dumbest Google questions people about women?

That question tells us that gender issues are still at large despite technological advances. Even with our progression from the stone ages into a tolerant society there's much ignorance to be had.

Below are 10 common questions people have googled regarding female stereotypes and women in general:

  1. Are women evil
  2. Are women equal to men
  3. Are women more emotional than men
  4. Should women be allowed in combat
  5. Can a woman ask a man to marry her
  6. Can a woman be president
  7. Can a woman knock out a man
  8. Can a woman kiss a man first
  9. Why are females so dumb
  10. Why are females inferior

So what question jumps out at you from the start?

I know feminism has been getting a bad rap, but there's no question that women have a lot to fight for. There remain doubts about how strong women are, physically and mentally, and how equal they are to men.

That's not to say that men don't get a bunch of negative comments thrown in their face either, but women have had it rough for a long time and still do.

But there are 90 more dumb Google questions to be asked, so please continue if you wish to see how society views women in and around the 21st century.

Should women be pastors
Can a woman ask out a man
Can a woman change a man
Can a woman divorce her husband
Can a woman donate a kidney to a man
Can a woman emotionally abuse a man
Can a woman lead prayer
Why can't a woman succeed like a man
Can a woman make love to a man
Should a woman work

Women and Careers

There are still questions asking if a woman should be working, which sounds like something out of the 1950's.

We could immediately see a pattern, in this set, about women's relation to man. That is very obvious when things like whether or not females can make the first move (dating wise) are asked.

It's a bit insulting because I thought we were going forward with gender relations, but then again, questioning a woman's success brings us back to square one.

Can a woman pick her engagement ring
Can a woman raise a man
Can a woman run for president
Can a woman ride a mans bike
Can a woman say I love you first
Can a younger woman love an older man
Could a woman beat a man in tennis
Could a woman beat a man in a fight
Can a woman teach a boy how to be a man
Should a woman change her last name

The Battle of the Sexes

Since fighters like Ronda Rousey have become popularized, I think individuals are more interested in whether or not a female could beat up a male.

Theoretically any female is capable of beating a male in any mental or physical competition, but that's all relative. For example the most gifted male athlete is likely to defeat the most gifted female athlete in the same sport because of biological mechanics.

However this doesn't mean women are weak physically because a strong woman could certainly defeat the average (or above average) man in almost anything.

Can a woman infect a man with hiv
Can a woman legally hit a man
Should a woman be on the 20 dollar bill
Could a woman give birth to an animal
Should a woman call a man
Should a woman choose a man
Should a woman cover her head
Should a woman ever pursue a man
Should a woman ever initiate contact
Should a woman fix a man's plate
Should a woman fight for the man she loves
Should a woman forgive a man for cheating
Should a woman get married
Should a woman give a man her number
Should a woman hit a man
Should a woman have authority over a man
Should a woman initiate text
Should a woman stand up when shaking hands
Should a woman wait for a man
Should a woman visit a man first

Women and Marriage

Despite the divorce rate continuing to rise, society still expects the majority of us to marry. I think females have it worse because societal expectations dictate she needs to get married and have kids (sad but true).

In fact this entire set of Google questions deals with male and female relationships with everything pertaining to interactions. These questions make the "marriage" subject stand out more because of its linkage to the male-female connection.

You know a woman can survive without a man; I guess a lot of people didn't get the memo.

Should a pregnant woman visit someone in the hospital
Should a woman wear pants to church
How do women make love
Do women shave their arms
Is a woman always fertile
Is a woman always right
Is a woman a mammal
Is a woman's brain smaller than a man's
Is a woman considered a minority
Is a woman cutting her hair a sin
Is a woman entitled to half
Is a good woman hard to find
What is a woman's role
Is a woman safe after menstruation
Is a woman unclean during her period
Why can't a woman be more like a man
Why can't a woman have two husbands
Does a woman choose a man
Does a woman ever deserve to be hit
Does a woman get loose

Female Menstruation

When I was looking through Google questions about women, there were so many topics on periods and menstruation.

A few of them stood out because of how ridiculous they sounded. The two biggies were: if a woman was safe after menstruation and her cleanliness during the period. I don't know what people meant by "safety", but it sounds idiotic.

I hope those questions are directly related to female health because otherwise we should be more worried about other's intelligence than before.

Why is a woman jealous
Does a woman know when a man likes her
Does a woman need a man to be happy
Does a woman produce sperm
Are female drivers bad
Are female athletes more likely to be gay
Are female uber drivers safe
Can a female sign the birth certificate
Can a female virgin get pregnant
Should a female join the military
Why do females talk so much
Why are females easy
Why are females emotional
Why are females insecure
Why are woman's rights important
Why are females promiscuous
Why are females so complicated
Why are black females unattractive
Why do females play games
Why do females have attitudes

Female Pregnancy

If the topics about women aren't about periods, then they're definitely about pregnancy. Seriously if you go on Google and type in "female" or "women", then you see scores of questions regarding pregnancy.

There's nothing wrong with asking health questions, which is why they're not on this list, but a few of them showcase a total lack of understanding. The ones that stood out was whether a woman produces sperm and if a female virgin could get pregnant.

Maybe there's some medical knowledge that I don't know about, but I've never heard of women that produce their own sperm.

Oh and yes guys and gals, just because you're a virgin doesn't mean you're safe from getting pregnant, so please wear protection unless you want to be on "16 and Pregnant".

Female Comedian Ellen DeGeneres, CC-BY, via flickr
Female Comedian Ellen DeGeneres, CC-BY, via flickr | Source
Why are females not funny
Why do females act crazy
Why do females act the way they do
Why do females exist
Why do females play hard to get
Why are female comedians gay
What should a female teacher wear
Can a woman wear white to a wedding
Can a woman visit the grave
Can a woman's virginity grow back

Women and Comedy

Out of all the comments I ever see regarding women, the "funny or not" topic always comes up with female comedians.

It doesn't matter who the comedian is; there will be comments saying that women aren't funny. First of all, do they know how many unfunny male comedians there are.

Actually given the fact that there are more male comedians then technically male comics are more unfunny than female comics by default. For every Chris Rock or George Carlin, there are thousands of nobodies that are not funny at all.

It sounds to me that guys are trying to keep up those "macho" stereotypes and pretend that women aren't funny even if they are.

A lot of these Google questions play up those stereotypes, which is what makes them dumb and ridiculous. Not every question is stupid on its own, but they becomes idiotic in the correct context.

Well there you have it, these are the 100 dumbest Google questions about women stereotypes; I hope you guys learned a little extra and note we have ways to go to change everyone's perceptions about women.

Your Turn!

Do you adhere to your gender stereotypes?

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