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100 days of Trump

Updated on May 9, 2017

As the 100 days have passed, the administration of US President Donald Trump has never been short of events and controversies. Firstly, the immigration policy laid out by the President clearly proposes a mass deportation of illegal immigrants who reside in sanctuary cities and so far had arrested thousands of them even those who have absolutely no criminal records against them. It’s tantamount to consider that being in the country illegally even with innocent intentions is considered, under Trump’s eyes, as equivalent to being a criminal. Mexico is the biggest target for Trump’s immigration agenda. Mexicans, as per what Trump views, are mainly crime lords and drug cartels who intend to cause violence and drug smuggling businesses inside the states. Trump proposed for a massive deportation for Mexicans out of the States. It is clear at the present moment, Hispanic people in the United States are wrongly viewed as criminals who are intentionally causing mischief while there are many who despite having entered legally or illegally who take up jobs and endeavor to earn an honest living. At the same time, Trump wants to build what he calls a beautiful wall surrounding the US border to essentially solve the problem of illegal immigration from entering the States and initially stated that Mexico should pay for the wall to which Mexico obviously refused to do so. If anything, it has severely dented US-Mexico relations to an all-time low.

Sir Mo Farah, the Olympic gold medallist who is a British citizen and born in Somalia was living in America for past 6 years. He is actively against the ban which he felt was unfair and racist.
Sir Mo Farah, the Olympic gold medallist who is a British citizen and born in Somalia was living in America for past 6 years. He is actively against the ban which he felt was unfair and racist.

Although currently it is still unknown as to what is the current situation for the wall, the estimate for the price of the wall would probably be around $12-15 billion.

Then was the infamous travel ban which had caught a lot of headlines in newspapers for barring entry to Muslims from 6 countries: Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Initially, Iraq was in the list but since it would be detrimental to US interests, it amended the initial proposal so it would be removed from the list. Even those people who visited these 6 countries were not allowed in the States.

Immigrants are strongly against Trump's policies which sparked hate and encouraged racism
Immigrants are strongly against Trump's policies which sparked hate and encouraged racism

Ultimately, the Supreme Court has ruled out the travel ban that had kept thousands of people who were barred entry from the US. This clearly shows we are seeing a political divide in the US government where one side is the President who seeks to make his words the law and the other side being the Constitution and Congress who are at loggerheads with Trump on several of his executive orders.

The relations between Trump and Russia were also being the most talked about news. According to some US intelligence agencies, it was speculated that Russia had rigged the US elections in Trump’s favor to which FBI launched investigations to crack open potential links to Russian hackers to which Trump himself calls it ‘fake news’. Paul Manafort, who was Trump’s campaign manager had been secretly working for a Russian billionaire to which he denied the allegations.

Donald Trump has claimed that he had conversed with Vladimir Putin a few times but was adamant on improved US-Russia relations
Donald Trump has claimed that he had conversed with Vladimir Putin a few times but was adamant on improved US-Russia relations

Trump did manage to come into an understanding with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin when it came to the matter of the Syrian bombings which is probably his first military action in his first 100 days. He agreed to work alongside Putin to maintain a cease fire into Syria as he hopes that this could possibly mend some relations between the US and Russia. While Trump claims to have spoken to Putin only once or twice, he has always stressed upon improving US-Russia ties. However, the relations between China and the US have been hostile when it came to the matters of international trade. Trump threatened to induce heavy taxes on Chinese produced goods up to 45% to which China retaliated with threatening low sales on US automobiles and iPhone products which could induce a possible trade war between the 2 countries.

Going back to the immigrants issue, there are restrictions that Mr. Trump intends to place on H1-B working visas which did pose a scare for the Indians who have been working there and Indian companies like Wipro, TCS and Infosys. But this also affected the tech supergiants Apple, Google and Facebook especially since they also employ workers from outside. While Trump intends to put heavy restrictions just for the purpose of getting American jobs, this however would put a certain downfall in skilled manpower. US firms and tech companies have always employed people from outside mainly because of their skill.

One of the other main issues in Trump’s agenda is to remove Obamacare which he claims is a disaster in his eyes. Just recently it seems the US House of Representatives have approved the repealing of the Obama Healthcare and replacing with Trump’s own plan which is known as the American Health Care Act with 217-213 votes with the majority in favor of the new health care plan. So far this is now one of the things that Trump did manage to fulfill in his campaign manifesto and he counts this as a victory for both the Republican Party and himself. All that remains is to wait and see how this plan would affect the Americans and if it would be better than Obama’s healthcare plan.

Mr. Trump also stated that he is open to negotiations with the hostile North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un especially since they have undertaken several nuclear tests to make an open intimidation of their strength to the world and may as well initiate World War III. The Trump administration nevertheless has increased the military funding so as to improve its own arsenal in the event of war.

At the present moment, Trump’s tenure as president has by every means been extremely eventful but of course his tenure is filled with uncertainty and unpredictability. His disapproval rating has reached a high of 52% which is the lowest approval rate of any US president. There can be no telling whether what he plans on doing next but one thing is for certain, the world is on extremely high alert and war might just be a possibility in the future.


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