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Missing 10- year- old Winter Griffin has been LOCATED.

Updated on March 29, 2017

Winter Griffin has been found.

10-year-old Winter Griffin has been located and safe.
10-year-old Winter Griffin has been located and safe. | Source

Winter Griffin has been found safe and sound by police.

Washington, D.C. Metropolitan police were desperately searching for 10- year- old Winter Griffin, who was reportedly last seen on Tuesday around 8:30 a.m. in the 1400 block of Kearny Street located on the Northeast side of D.C.

The original reports read "Police have described Winter as a black female, with a medium completion, brown eyes, black hair with a patch of gray in the front. Winter was last seen wearing a white shirt, blue pants, a pink and gray North face style jacket, and a book bag. Police are asking for any information to be directed to investigators at 202- 727- 9099".

14-year-old Mayeli Rachel Fuentes-Pineda is missing as of 3/28/17

14-year-old Mayeli Rachel Fuentes-Pineda
14-year-old Mayeli Rachel Fuentes-Pineda | Source
Missing Shiniah Boyd
Missing Shiniah Boyd | Source

Three teenagers in DC are still missing as of the date of this writing.

Young Winter was located by police on Wednesday, roughly about one day after she went missing. However, Three teenagers remain missing, one of which was reported on March 28, 2017.. 14-year-old Shaniah Boyd,17-year-old Chareah Payne, both of Washington D.C. 14-year-old Mayeli Rachel Fuentes-Pineda, last seen 3/28 in the 1300 b/o Randolph St, NW. Police urge that you call 202-727-9099.if you have any information regarding the disappearance of these three teenagers.

Less children remain missing in the United States in 2017.

Although I have been emailed hundreds of missing children's posters, dozens from the Washington DC area, nearly all of them have been reunited with their families in a relatively short period of time. It has been said that police, media outlets, and others have ignored the disappearance of these young children, but that's simply untrue.While some cases seem to achieve a higher level of attention than others, it is understood that it is the mitigating circumstances in each case that determines the amount of resources that are needed in order to solve the case.

When teenagers are reported missing, it is important for law enforcement officials to determine if they are actually missing or just simply have run away or left on their own accord. Issuing an amber alert is tricky as the missing person must meet certain criteria in order to qualify. Law enforcement officials need to establish that a crime has actually taken place, such as an abduction and such, which these cases seemed to lack.

Nonetheless, it's said that there are three missing teens in the DC area, while there are only about 22 open cases of missing children out of the 501 reported within the United States. Now, this doesn't account for the closed cases that authorities have stopped working on, but nonetheless more than 400 children have been reunited with their families in the 4 months since the year began.


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