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11 Years Remembered 09/11/2001

Updated on January 18, 2013

11 Years Remembered (09/11/01-09/11/12)

I will never forget that dreadful morning when my dad woke me up, and rushed over to the TV to watch as the second tower was struck. I didn't know anyone in the towers or have any loved ones around the area when it happened, but I saw people around me that did, and saw the pain and grief they went through. I saw our distraught nation cling to a God that they previously believed did not exist. We all focused on what the government would do next in response. We went to war we fought we lost a lot of our men and women. Today we remember back to all of the images that will forever be in our minds of the police, firefighters, and other hero's that ran in and helped when their own lives were in danger. We thank them for all they did whether we see it's impact in our lives or not. Every American alive on or after 09/11/01 is impacted in someway, our freedom was compromised, loved ones lives were taken, and the nation united. The nation has since grown apart. That cling to God has dissipated. I personally miss the unity that we had. I would not wish another instance like what occurred on that fateful day to happen again in any nation, but that level of relying on each other was amazing. If you come across someone who has served for our nation in any way please remember to thank them, and always tell your loved ones how much you love and cherish them any chance you get.

Happy Browsing,

Josh Dempler


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