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12V On-Solar Fluorescent Lamps and Bulbs for Home and Garden

Updated on December 23, 2011

12V Fluorescent Lamps and bulbs E27 & B22 great for home and garden solar projects!

High quality 12V DC CFL & CCFL / Fluorescent Lamps. These specially made, low energy lamps can be used for all manner of projects including Home, Remote Location, Off grid, Caravanning, Solar PV, Marine Boating including Narrow Boats & Barges and Farming to name but a few. Available in a variety of useful wattages to suit indoor and outdoor use.

Using high efficiency, low energy fluorescent lamps direct with a 12v dc power supply gives maximum light output with minimum power consumption. Using high efficiency low energy fluorescent lamps with your 12V DC application can make lighting options viable almost anywhere - the difference between night and day! The globe of the 3W cold cathode is just 55mm across and so will fit into most available light fittings and lighting units.

The new breed of low energy 12V DC CFL & CCFL lamps are extremely efficient and can provide a very powerful, high quality light source for general domestic and other lighting applications where either mains AC power is not available or where it is preferred to use a low voltage 12 volt DC power supply. Take a look at the link below to see the UK's finest low voltage compact fluorescent lamps. Available in powerful 11w and 20w which make great near equivalents to regular 60w and 100 watt incandescent light bulbs

OnSolar lighting products are full compliant with UK & EU regulations.

See our range here: 12V CFL Fluorescent Lamps

One of the best things about using OnSolar brand lamps is that almost any regular domestic Bayonet or Edison screw (E27 or B22) light fitting can be used including table lamps, standard lamps, reading lamps, bedside lamps and both indoor and outdoor fittings of the appropriate 'IP' rating.

DC lamps as so much more energy efficient when used directly with a DC power source. There is no energy wasted converting AC to DC or dropping voltage from the huge 240V mains supply down to a voltage suitable for a lamp. Convert your outdoor and garden light fittings to 12V DC simply by swapping out your old AC lamps for our special OnSolar lamps and use with a 12V DC power supply. We recomend using a solar PV panel and simple regulator to charge your battery; run all your exterior lighting from the power of the sun!

12v cfl and ccfl low energy lamps
12v cfl and ccfl low energy lamps Specialist UK Supplier of 12V Low Energy lamps

We have developed our own 12V DC CFL Lamps especially to our own standards

yourFor many projects running on low voltage, a very important factor is good power efficiency to preserve battery capacity. With this in mind, we have spent several years searching for and developing a range of special 12v DC low energy lamps which meet and exceed our exacting standards!

See 20W lamps Here: 20W OnSolar CFL Lamps.

Some of our key customers now enjoying the benefit of high quality, energy efficient lighting include: Off Grid Solar PV & Wind power users, Narrow Boat owners and Caravaners. A single 20W CFL (see above) is near equivalent to a regular 100w incandescent and is able to illuminate a large room with excellent quality, near natural light. Ideal for more demanding uses such as reading and hobby work. For smaller or 'average' sized rooms, our 11w CFL lamps will be more than adequate to provide good quality light.

Our range of 12v DC CCCFL (Cold Cathode) now in!

We have stock of 3W & 7W CCFL available in both Bayonett Cap and Edison screw (B22 & E27) base fittings.

Hot Off The Press!!!

These little beauties are brilliant for high efficiency lighting right where you need it. Ideal applications include Reading / Bedside Lamps, Outdoor fittings for security and welcome illumination. Also, being very compact, are perfect for Narrow Boat, Caravan and camping where these highly economical lamps will give high output, easy on the eye illumination.

See 3W Lamps here: 3W OnSolar CCFL Lamps.

Or 7W Lamps here: 7W OnSolar CCFL Lamps.

We constantly perform research in our special field of interest to ensure we supply you the very best products! - We want to serve your needs perfectly!

We believe our 12v CFL lamps to be of the highest standard currently available. We have developed our products so that they can be used in almost any 12v lighting application and give a useful light output which is easy on the eye. With your help, we can better serve your needs...

What would be your ideal wattage / colour 12V CFL lamp?

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Tell us what lamps you would prefer to use in your project

What colour rendering would best suit your needs?

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Why not tell us about your special 12v dc lighting project? With your help, we can better serve your needs!

Yes, there are some who are fearful that the colour rendering of 12v compact fluorescent lamps is a rather nasty super white or bluish colour. I am happy to report that OnSolar lamps are a very nice neutral white, useful for almost any application indoors or out.

New 30W LED Floodlights now available - YES, 30 Watts!! Take alook right now: 12V 30W LED Floodlamps

The long awaited LED lamps have started to arrive at!! see here:

Click here to see the NEW LED lamps right now!

New products will be introduced in the coming weeks and months - We would love to hear your comments!

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    • profile image

      outsource123 7 years ago

      Great lense guys!

    • davis66 profile image

      davis66 7 years ago

      I am waiting for the color of light that these bulbs emit to improve a little. Hopefully it will be soon.

    • greenerme profile image

      greenerme 8 years ago

      Welcome to a Million Ways to Go Green!