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13 Poor Countries Many People Do Not Know About

Updated on March 15, 2018

Our World Today

Since the beginning of democracies Nations have witnessed contrasting fortunes when it comes to wealth and revenue. Many countries have experienced success on both levels while some have consistently recorded poor results. In February 2017 the Global Finance Magazine conducted a research ranking countries according to their gross domestic product, and this is based on purchasing power per capita. The criterion for doing this research was looking at countries political climate, the competence of the leaders, the countries resources, and relationship with other countries, inflation rates and cost of living among other factors.

A majority of these countries are predominantly from Africa where a lot of countries are unstable, and their leaders rule with impunity. The continent has a lot of natural resources which on paper makes them rich beyond other nations, but the scenario is different. A country like Somalia has experienced civil war for more than twenty years meaning the environment cannot allow for things such as trade and tourism making the country extremely poor. Here is a list of twenty poorest countries in the World

1. Rwanda GDP per Capita $1,905

Rwanda is a small country located in Eastern Africa. It is a little country with a population of about 12 million people as per their last census. The nation was rocked by civil war in the 90’s which had a significant impact on the country’s economy. Poverty is still rife in the country, and money households live under a dollar a day. Though the country is in a rebuilding process after the genocide, Rwanda has a long way to go to become stable economically.

2. Kiribati GDP per Capita $ 1,820

Kiribati is a largely unknown by many people in the world. It is a relatively small State located in Central Pacific Ocean and has a population of about 110,000 citizens. Due to its location, illiteracy levels and lack of access to a lot of resources the country is predominantly poor. Many people lack employment and inflation levels keep rising in each passing day. Its remote location and the scarce population is also a disadvantage to them because many investors hesitate to start investments in the country because the market and skilled labor is low.

3. Burkina Faso GDP per Capita $1,790

After the Demise of their leader, Thomas Sankara in 1987 Burkina Faso has experienced a relatively weak growth as a country. Sankara was focused on building Burkina Faso through communist ideology and was mostly successful. After his reign the country descended into chaos economically, Sankara’s projects were done away with and in came corruption and abuse of power by the leaders. The nation now is characterized by poverty, illiteracy and food shortages which have adverse effects on the country’s economy.

4. Haiti GDP per Capita $1,790

Haiti is a country known to many because of the numerous natural disasters that occur in the country and the effects they have on the civilian population and the country’s economy. The country is poor, and its economy is not enough to sustain the needs of all the people. Majority of the citizens in the country move to neighboring countries in search employment leaving the country with a lack of skilled labor, and according to the World Bank, the country depends on aid and donors to operate.

5. South Sudan GDP per Capita $1,670

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world after its secession from the Larger Sudan. The country has experienced civil war in the Last five years which has had adverse effects on its economy. It has led to unexplained poverty and an economy that is on the brink of collapse. Its citizens depend on aid from the United Nations, and many have fled to neighboring countries to seek employment opportunities. Illiteracy levels are high because educational institutions cannot operate amidst constant fighting ranking it among the most unstable countries in the world.

6. The Gambia GDP per Capita $1,670

The Gambia is a relatively small country situated in the Western part of Africa. It was under the rule of their former President Yahya Jammeh who was a tyrant leader for over 25 years and destroyed the country’s economy by grabbing wealth and mismanaging the county’s institutions. It has led to the country being poor and many services unavailable to its citizens. Poverty is rife, and employment opportunities are scarce causing people to seek employment in neighboring countries. The country cannot generate revenue due to this making crippling many institutions which are essential to the people.

7. Sierra Leone GDP per Capita $1,651

Sierra Leone is a country that has been plagued by civil wars in the past. The battles were as a result of the country’s vast deposits of diamond, and every powerful person wanted to control the sell and mining of this mineral. The result is an unstable economy which cannot sustain the functioning of the Nation and its citizens. Inflation rates have skyrocketed within years, and many people are suffering as a result, and the leaders are putting less effort to correct this matter.

8. Guinea Bissau GDP per Capita $1,568

Guinea Bissau is a small country located in West Africa and has a population of about 1.8 million as reported by the World Bank. The state is a tourism hub because of its beaches and wildlife. The country though is experiencing poverty and high levels of illiteracy because of the poor running of the country by its political leaders. An average Guinea Bissau citizen finds it hard to provide for their families because of unemployment. The state depends mostly on imports which makes revenue for development scarce.

9. Togo GDP per Capita $1,545

Togo is country characterized by widespread corruption and impunity. Leaders in the country strive to destroy the country’s economy by acquiring things illegally. This has had a negative impact on the country’s economy because of lack of employment and essential services to the country’s population. The nation depends on aids and donors because its revenues are not sufficient to enable the country run smoothly.

10. Comoros GDP per Capita $1,529

Comoros is an Island off the South African coast that has a population of less than a million inhabitants. Its remote location and its embracement of their traditional values have made the country’s progress slow. Illiteracy levels are high, and the majority of the population depend on the government for survival. The government, in turn, cannot satisfy all population’s needs making the country poor. The division of the country along ethnic lines has contributed to the unequal share of resources and contribution to the country’s economy.

11. Eritrea GDP per Capita $1,321

Eritrea is located on the Horn of Africa with a population of about 4.5 million according to the World Bank. The country is under a dictatorship rule and citizens are deprived a lot of things which they rightly deserve to enjoy. The government uses taxpayer money to satisfy their interest which has crippled the economy. The living conditions in the country are unbearable because of the few employment opportunities and the unequal sharing of resources. The unconventional killing of men has also deprived the country of labor making many institutions crippled and others dead.

12. Liberia GDP per Capita $882

Liberia is a country that has been characterized by civil wars in the past. The fights were due to conflicting political ideologies by their leaders, and they had adverse effects on the country. Many people fled the country, and the country’s economy came to a standstill. It is why the state is among the poorest in the world. The emergence of the deadly Ebola disease also affected the country negatively because of the number of deaths recorded as a result. Their population is characterized by poverty and under development. The gap between the rich and the poor is extensive, and it will take years and good governance to reduce it. Unemployment is rife, and many people depend on unconventional ways to make ends meet.

13. Burundi GDP per Capita $818

Burundi is also experienced civil war in the past and in recent times. It is a small country located in East Africa and just like their neighbors Rwanda it’s divided along Ethnic lines that have held the country back in years. Its leaders have also been oppressive rulers who rule with impunity regardless of the rule of law. In 2016 the current President Pierre Nkurunziza refused to give up his seat, and the country experienced tensions. This has led the country’s economy to fall substantially and a lot of government institutions crippled. Poverty is rife in the country, and education quality is poor. Many citizens have fled the country to neighboring states where life is a bit favorable. Corruption and abuse of power in the country is rampant, and efforts to calm political tensions in the country have borne no fruits. In 2016 the East Africa Community provided findings showing how the country’s economy is on the brink of collapse

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