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15 Ways Your Name Affects You

Updated on February 7, 2016

Names are a very, very common thing. Most people have never even given their name a second thought, since they have grown so accustomed to it over their childhood years. But, according to many collegiate studies of correlation, your name has a pretty big impact on your life. Your name can affect what career path you take, whether or not you do well in school, what people think of you, what you think of yourself, and much more. Here is a compilation of how your name affect you from all over the internet.

1. First Impressions

When you meet someone, the first information exchanged is usually your name. Obviously, this is so you know how to properly address the person in your following conversation. When you hear someone’s name, you automatically make assumptions about them. For example, if the person’s name is Bob, and you have known several Bob’s that have been extremely gentlemanly and generous, you may subconsciously make the assumptions that this Bob will have the same qualities. The same works the other way. If the name is Lisa, and you have met three ill-tempered Lisa’s, you will think this Lisa to be the same.

2. Self Confidence

If you have a name that you like, you are more likely to be optimistic and generally cheerful. If you don’t like your name, you are more likely to be pessimistic or engage in crime. Your name is a big part of your life, and you hear it too many times a day to count. If you feel negatively toward your name, you will be surrounded by negativity.

3. Bad Reference

If your name is associated with a threat, you are more likely to be judged. For example, if you have the same name as a terrorist group, people will be quick to shun you, and may question your loyalties. If your name sounds menacing or powerful, you are more likely to be feared.

4. Easy on the Tongue

If you have a common name that is easy to pronounce, you are more likely to connect with people. If someone you meet can’t pronounce or remember your name, they will have a hard time keeping the conversation going. If you have a name that is easy to pronounce or remember, people will tend to be more open toward you.

5. Common

If you have a common name, you are more likely to be hired. A boss will find it easier to deliver instruction to a common name, and customers will be more likely to ask the employee for help if they know and remember their name. Someone with a more common name can also be given more credit to his or her work through the customers.

6. Youngster

Uncommon names are uncannily associated to juvenile crime. This is most likely a coincidence, but it is proven by correlation. It is also possible that people with uncommon names are more likely to be made fun of in their youth, making them more insecure.

7. Womanly

If you are a woman with a very feminine sounding name, you are more unlikely to have a career in science. This is probably because of the impact stereotypes have in our society. In the past, woman have not been allowed to be educated or pursue the same careers as men.

8. Lots of Letters

If you introduce yourself including your middle initial, people will think you are smart. Traditionally, many of the world’s smartest individuals have used their middle initials. Putting your middle initial into your name also makes it sound more professional.

9. Stereo-typical

If you have a name that sounds “white”, sadly, you are more likely to be hired than someone with a “black” sounding name. Once again, this is because of those unfair, ever-present stereotypes practiced in colonial times.

10. Long and Accomplished

Correlation says that most successful women have long names… So, if you are a woman with a long name, your odds are increased to become successful.

11. Abbreviation

If you are a man with a short name, you have increased chances of becoming a CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

12. Tomgirl

If you are a boy with a feminine-sounding name, you are more likely to be suspended from school. This is probably because many boys with such names are made fun of.

13. Unpopular

If you have an unusual name, people may think you aren’t very smart. Many smart people in history have had very basic names. For example, Benjamin Franklin, Ted Roosevelt, and Albert Einstein (popular in his time), and Stephen Hawking.

14. A+

Correlation shows that people who’s names start with a letter in the beginning of the alphabet are more likely to get into good schools.

15. Shoppers

Finally, correlation also says that people with names that begin with letters at the end of the alphabet are more likely to be big spenders.

So, there you have it! 15 ways your name affects you. Tell me in the comments whether or not any of these have come true for you!

*This article was not intended to offend anyone! If you are irritated that these are true, work to prove them wrong, and don’t get caught in the trap of accepting stereotypes!

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