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18 bypassers show apathy to a struggling injured girl in China

Updated on October 23, 2011

The accident

Over the past week, one accident sparked anger among chinese netizens. The story goes like this: a 2 year old little girl got hit by a van in a narrow hardware market. A surveillance camera in the market caught the entire footage. The driver did not get out of his van to help her out in such a busy street but stepped on the gas and rolled over her body. Dozens of people paased by her but no one offered help. Another van came and also choose to ignore it and rolled passed the body. In 5 minutes, 18 people in total passed by the victim but no one was willing to help. Finally, a refuse collector found the girl and called her mom. Her mom came and took her bloody daughter to hospital.

Netizens anger

They not only condemned the 2 drivers but their main focus was on the 18 bypassers show apathy toward the injured girl. How come the society could have gone to such a cold hearted degree that no one is willing to offer help? They question the root of the accidents and many came to a conclusion that peoples morality have deteriorated in such a materialistic society. If there is no love between people, how could the society contnue to develop?

Now the 2 drivers got arrested but the apathy remaind in peoples memory for a long time. Many people established a connection to another incident. A man named pengyu was accused of harming an elderly woman while he was actually trying to help her up from a fall. When we denounce those bypassers, we should be aware that those people are among us, how to clean up this morally corrupted society and show people some hope of love?

The footage and the interview


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