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19 year old with schizophrenia and PTSD strapped to table by police

Updated on December 13, 2019

Valentina Gloria was detained at Maricopa County's Lower Buckeye Jail in February of 2019 for over 6 months.

Valentina’s stay in jail began in February, when she was arrested for allegedly assaulting a medical health professional while experiencing an episode at an in-patient facility she’d checked into that morning. The hospital Valentina was at called authorities, and deputies took her to Lower Buckeye Jail where her arms and legs were restrained with handcuffs and her body was stretched out like the letter X on a bed to limit her range of movement.

Obviously there are some very terrible people in jail for heinous crimes, but Valentina is not one of them. She deserved to be treated better and she deserved to receive medical treatment for her mental problems.

Days pass and Valentina was still in jail. It was New Year’s Eve 2018. Her mother described a confusing and tiresome process of interacting with the Maricopa County criminal justice system while seeking information about Valentina’s case.

Valentina Gloria talks at Lower Buckeye jail on July 29. She has a cut on her head.
Valentina Gloria talks at Lower Buckeye jail on July 29. She has a cut on her head.

Her mother Vangelina joined with others demanding the release of Valentina who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, paranoia, depression, schizoaffective disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to court documents which also indicate she is a survivor of sexual abuse.

This can be a huge problem especially for someone like Valentina considering sexual misconduct and sexual harassment isn't uncommon in prison.

Valentina Gloria ended up spending her 20th birthday in the Lower Buckeye Jail in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lower Buckeye Jail
Lower Buckeye Jail | Source

Valentina's mom showed concern with her daughter’s safety while she was incarcerated in the MCSO jail system.

“I want her to receive the proper services that anybody should be able to have,” she said. Valentina's mom told her daughter's story at Puente Human Rights Movement headquarters.

“I'm out here because that's not ok for anybody, not for my child, not for anybody to be treated like that. And I don't understand how the system allows that to happen, but yet it continues to happen everyday because she still remains there,” Vangelina said.

The question many other disgusting crimes like this are being committed in the prison system all over this country? Probably a lot.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for human trafficking and he served about 13 months in custody and was allowed to leave jail for up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, on a work release program. Brock Turner was caught by witnesses sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and he ended up serving only 3 months in jail. When you compare stories like this to what Valentina Gloria faced, it's disturbing to see stuff like this just keeps happening, and it probably won't change anytime soon. It seems like the justice system will just continue protecting evil people unless someone takes charge and does something.

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