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1O Reasons America Needs A Dictatorship

Updated on April 1, 2015
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Denis is a freelancer addicted to football ('s not soccer!). He thinks POLITICS and REALITY TV were invited to dumb us down.

US Congress
US Congress | Source

Ever since the Bush administration made a mess of the post-9/11 agenda, Americans have slowly lost faith in their leadership. For decades, America’s leadership has been the envy of the world (excluding the occasional scandal like Nixon’s Watergate mess or Clinton’s failed White House threesome appeal to Hilary).

How times change. Now, the American voters are experiencing lean times when it comes to credible candidates. Throw Congress in the mix and even the democratic ideals that drove America seem like a fading dream.

What Americans could do now with a strong hand at the helm? There are obvious issues with a dictatorship – like the extreme dislike for constructive criticism, or any other form. However, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Here are ten reasons why a dictatorship would look attractive in the American political landscape.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart | Source

10 Put an end to the immigration debate

There are countless of ‘illegals’ flocking into the US from as far south as Honduras even as the immigration debate rages on. These refugees (or invaders, according to some) seem undeterred by the dangerous journey into America or the hostile reception they get on their arrival.

Why is that? Maybe it’s because they’d rather evade a self-appointed border patrol agent with a beer gut than face a drug gang with bullets to waste. Alternatively, it could just be that they watch actually Telemundo’s coverage of American politics. US politicians certainly need to stop throwing around phrases like ‘land of the free’ and ‘the greatest country in the world’.

A dictatorship would certainly deter any immigrant from crossing into the US. Why escape the clutches of the cartels and into the full grasp of the ‘Gestapo-like’ police! That democratic atmosphere that attracts them would be missing.

9 To earn back the world’s respect

America lied its way into Iraq, allowed Wall Street to mess with the world’s economy and spies on its own allies as well as the enemy. No wonder George W. Bush nearly stopped a shoe with his face!

Once the liberator of Europe from Nazi Imperialism, America became the country everyone wants to blame for his or her problems. After all, it’s easy to blame the US after the messes in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and even Libya.

America’s brand suffers even more when the president and Congress wash their dirty linen in the clear view of the world. This is not the 19th century, when it took three days to discover that your fiancé had dumped you. Some like Russia and China must be laughing their heads off at the free entertainment.

8 To protect Americans at all cost

Undeniably, Jack Bauer rocks as an efficient anti-terror spy. However, would this fictional character fit into the America of today? His take-no-prisoner approach would certainly put-off the anti-torture brigade. He definitely wouldn’t mind the ‘Enemy of the State-like’ surveillance program terrorized Will Smith’s character.

In today’s world, terror-mongers have overshadowed the once revered ideals of freedom fighters. They rarely discriminate when planning violent attacks. Moreover, America and the west seem to be their favorite target.

Thus, a certain level of hardiness is required when dealing with them. Certainly, the American reaction to the NSA’s spy and the government’s drone programs exposes America’s inability to understand the threat out there. Sadly, America clings on to its democratic ideals as it tries to protect the privacy of the porn-addicted 30-year old still mooching of his grandmother.

7 To bring back some semblance of American unity

Without doubt, there is an extremely polarized atmosphere in the US. On one hand, we have the conservatives - in love with their guns and believe that big government will turn America into a Stalinist dystopia. On the other hand, we have the liberals who still can’t get over the fact that Al Gore lost to George W. Bush and, constantly experience nightmares about the day Hillary Clinton loses the presidency to Sarah Palin.

Somebody should have warned the founding fathers about the downside of giving people ideological room to maneuver. Now, even the conservatives are divided into moderates and those guys heckling ‘invaders’ at the border.

At this point, the fake sense of oneness that a dictatorship inspires seems a better choice. At least the public will have a unified viewpoint – the good old days when I could criticize the government without fear of the hangman’s noose!

Barack Obama
Barack Obama | Source

6 Help in curbing unemployment

The free market atmosphere has encouraged companies to be innovative and inventive. However, it has also left a few loopholes. Why should a company worry about employee insurance in the US when the can offer the same job to cheap labor in Bangladesh?

The same company might argue that outsourcing makes their products more competitive on the open market. Unfortunately, that won’t really matter to an unemployed American who can’t afford that same product!

With a dictatorship, at the very least, the word ‘nationalization’ can put some fear into these conglomerates.

5 Guns! Guns! Guns!

Gun control is another issue that can easily get politicians dumped from office. The pro-gun movement is so strong that even liberal politicians fear them. Gun lovers (nuts) say,’ we have a right to bear arms in case our government turns into a military dictatorship or we are invaded by an axis of Iran, North Korea and Russia’. That did actually happen when the North Koreans invaded. Ohh! Wait…that was a damned movie with all those brave teens that accomplished what the ‘the best military in the world’ could not – repel an invasion from a country that still uses military gear from the Korean War!

First, the US has a better chance of winning the soccer World Cup than of turning into a despotic haven. Second, the US has one of the worst gun violence rates in the developed world. It is hardly surprising that every so often some nut-job ‘stumbles’ upon a gun and decides to headline the evening news.

With government and Congress unwilling to p**s of the National Rifle Association, the American people need leadership that sees no upside in arming the public. A dictatorship will definitely only arm the right people - the secret police and the military!

4 Lets not pretend the US is a democracy!

They say that a democracy stands for ‘majority vote rules’. Thus, can we really call the US a democracy when a majority vote doesn’t guarantee one a presidential win. Moreover, can we call America a democracy when the swing states seem to hold the most value?

In all honesty, Americans should look in the mirror before calling Russia an oligarchy. Money seems to buy influence in US elections and eventually, Congress.

The man-on-the-street definitely has no chance in a political environment influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups. Not to say that dictatorships aren’t corrupt, but they don’t pretend to be what they are not.

3 Stop being the world’s savior

The US needs to develop a certain ‘don’t care’ attitude that seems to serve the likes of Russia and China so well. Half of the time, the US isapologizing for what it has or hasn’t done in some small corner of the world. While the rest of the time, they are on a mission to spread peace and democracy to people who don’t particularly care. The result is an ungrateful bunch blaming the US for their own leadership’s corruption while gleefully burning the American flag!

Why should the US care whether Uganda persecute gay people or Egypt tortures its prisoners? Why should the US apologize for trying to supplement its own oil reserves? Only a weak leadership hanging on to its democratic ideals cares about what the world thinks of it. They should probably spend more time cleaning up the mess on American streets before arming Middle East rebels who will probably end up using the sameweapons against American forces.

2 Free speech and expression is a curse!

This curse has taken a while to start giving. It’s all well and good when Americans can speak freely without fear of a firing squad or getting stoned (not in the good way!). However, when nut-jobs and clueless extremists hijack the narrative, free speech doesn’t seem so appealing.

On one hand, democrats have to listen to conservatives call soccer ‘the tool liberals use to sneak in European ideals like socialism’. On the other hand, Republicans have to endure the constant mockery of their leaders by the likes of Jon Stewart and John Oliver (an English immigrant…Conspiracy?).

1 Congress needs to go!

Democrats and Republicans disagree on about everything under the sun, but there is one conclusion they have both come to - that the US Congress sucks! Certainly, at this point, it does seem like a camel has a better chance of squeezing through a needle’s eye than Congress has in getting anything done.

Sadly, politicians are using the halls of Congress to sell their souls to the highest bidder. Lobbyists and special interest groups are having the time of their lives while the American voter suffers. Furthermore, right now, the president seems to have as much political influence as the queen of Britain.

The founding fathers must be cursing themselves for not establishing a simple form of government. You declaring George Washington the de facto and leaving him to make the hard choices. It would certainly be a less murky way of achieving results.


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    • profile image

      Freedom 23 months ago

      Your article is disgusting, you have a massive misunderstanding of how the world is and what it should be.

    • profile image

      Kausik 2 years ago

      Yes! That's true! Not only these reasons, there are other reasons:

      1. Stoppage of obesity: The McDonald's and KFC has controlled America! If a dictator realizes, then he would put strict punishment on being fat and ugly!