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Two White Women To Be Sentenced, In The Killing Of A Black Man, James Craig Anderson

Updated on April 10, 2015

Sarah Adelia Graves and Shelbie Brooke Richards.

All Racism Is In The Past?

If you’re one of those people who think all racism is in the past. Well tell me how you account for this story.

Two young white women, and a group they were part of, went on the prowl, like a pack of wolves, all around, Jackson Miss, which they called, “Jafrica,” looking for black people to attack. The women’s’ names are Sarah Adelia Graves and Shelbie Brooke Richards.

You may have heard or read about this incident. It happened in 2011.

Prowling For Black Victims

After prowling the city of Jackson looking for a black victim to attack. Graves and Richards who were riding in a truck, driven by one of their co-conspirators, Deryl Paul Dedmon, spotted their prey, James Craig Anderson, whom they beat and ran over with the truck they were riding in. Anderson was killed. During the assault shouts of “White Power” rang through the air! They were successful in their quest and happy as a pack of predators, who had finally found their prey. Fortunately all of the members of this human wolf pack were caught.

Graves pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and faces up to five years in prison. Richards pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to the police about the crime, and faces eight years in prison. Six of their white male co-conspirators, have already been sentenced to prison terms, ranging from four years to 50 years. Two more are waiting to be sentenced. (Halleluiah!)

They Attack!

Graves and Richards admitted that they helped recruit people, at a birthday party, to go on this “fun” adventure to find black people to attack or kill. Richards told Dedmon to attack Anderson when they saw him in a hotel parking lot. Richards shouted n***er at Anderson and told Dedmon to run over Anderson when Dedmon returned to the truck, which of course he was happy to do. (What an upstanding group of young Americans!)

James Craig Anderson And His Killers

Hotel Surveillance Video

The Associated Press, obtained hotel surveillance video, showing the Ford truck, the wolf pack, were riding in, as it runs over Anderson. Anderson's shirt can be seen in the truck’s headlights right before it runs over him.

Richards, also acknowledged, that she lied to Jackson police detectives, about the incident and her participation in it.

Upstanding Americans

These human predators, confessed, that they had also participated in other racially motivated attacks against blacks, including the beating of a black man near a golf course, attacks on black pedestrians using beer bottles and a slingshot, and an an attempt to run down another black man. (Yeah all racism is in the past!)

These upstanding, brave Americans, usually only, attacked, black people who were homeless or drunk. So far, these black victims have not been identified.

Anderson's Memorial Serivice

Black People Complaining About Nothing!

The killing of Michael Brown, the choke hold death of a black man in New York, the recent shooting of a black man, in the back, multiple times, as he was running away, by a white police officer, caught on video, and numerous other similar incidents. Really makes one think that all racism is In the past doesn’t it? And that black people are just complaining about nothing, and they are the ones, who are keeping racism alive and well, by complaining about, and that the best way to end racism, is to, stop complaining about it. Yeah right! Lol!



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    • vveasey profile imageAUTHOR

      VC L Veasey 

      3 years ago from Detroit,MI

      Eric on that we agree!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Wow, what truly sick individuals.


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